October 16, 2014

Hair Salons Richmond VA: [Secret] How To Fall In Love With Your Future


Hair Salons, At last…

Someone Has Unlocked The Secret Of
How To Open Your Own Salon
and Fall IN LOVE With Your Future…


What if YOU could make it as an OWNER?

Take a deep breath and think for a second or two
about what your life would be like if –

  • YOU set your own professional atmosphere to express your creativity and values…
  • YOU NEVER had to ask permission to take time off…
  • YOU get to choose the best schedule for your clients, your family and YOU!

Sound like a Dream Come True?

If You’re Like Most Hairstylists, You DREAM of Opening Your Own Salon

If you think you have what it takes… or maybe you’re just curious for now and think you might like to OWN IT down the road…


  1. Come to our Open House at White Oak Richmond VA to check out our beautifully furnished and equipped private studios
  2. Take a tour and be entered into a Drawing for Gift Cards and Prizes
  3. Print out this post, or just the image above, and bring it with you to this event…

You’ll receive and extra week of FREE Rent

Visit us in the White Oak Village on Tuesday, October 21 from 10:00 to 2:00  (of course, there’ll be some good eats!)

What’s more important –

You’ll meet our Community of Salon Professionals who already own their own successful shop.

Salon Plaza, White Oak Village
4501 South Laburnum Road
Richmond, VA 23231
Tuesday, October 21 from 10:00 to 2:00


Salon Ownership isn’t for Everyone!
As an ambitious cosmetologist, you’ve got the skills, you have the experience… but remember –

You can’t keep a salon open without a steady flow of paying clients!

If the salon where you work now is within 20 minutes of White Oak Village in Richmond, and you have enough happy clients to keep your book fairly full, then there’s a good chance you’ll make it on your own.

As a Member of Salon Plaza, you’ll be in business FOR yourself, but never BY yourself. Our community of salon professional are generous with their guidance, support, and encouragement of other Members.

Want To Keep Your Clients When You Move?

To boost your confidence, check out these secrets revealed…

7_salon_owner_secrets_cover5 Loyalty Secrets From Our Successful Members: 

Check out how our top Members kept their clients when they moved to their own shop:

1. Tell them all about it!

Before you make your move, let your clients know you’ll be starting your own business. Tell them the BENEFITS they’ll be enjoying at your new space – like the easy parking, flexible hours, and PRIVACY at your studio

2. Offer a bonus – for FREE!

Since you’re asking them to change a where they go to get their beauty service, give a reason to follow you to your new shop. Something they would value but not set you back much, like a shoulder and neck massage or small bottle of polish in their favorite color.

3. Give them a way to remember your move

Print your new location on a flier or note card they can hang on to. Include your new salon name, give directions, mention the bonus gift or special service, and what’s in it for them… more parking, more privacy, better hours…  more one-to-one attention.

4. Beef up your skills

To build trust and command top fees, you must be willing to invest in yourself as a professional stylist and stay up to date with your training. That way you can compete with service,
NEVER on price. What’s more, you will attract—and keep—top clientele who happily refer you to their friends and family.

5. Ask for referrals!

Opening a new shop is EXCITING!

Ask your clients share the excitement and tell their friends about your move. You could offer a “Bring a Friend” new client special – both get 50% off when they book together… or something of that nature.

shadonna_jordan_salon_of_elegance_richmond_va_white_oakAs a skilled salon professional, if you no longer want to build another cosmetologist’s DREAM – then maybe it’s time for YOU to step out and

Open Your Own Space For Prosperity

Here’s what one of our prosperous Members at White Oak has to say –

“I’ve always been a salon owner. I choose Salon Plaza because there’s less stress and it’s maintenance free. I lock my door when I leave. It’s easy sailing.”  ~ Shadonna Jordan, Salon of Elegance

Want to know what to expect BEFORE your make your next move? Get Salon Plaza’s FREE Video, “7 Secrets to Open A Salon”

If you’re even thinking about owning your own place, watch this video FIRST – it will save you from making some big mistakes!

Find out how to get from where you are now to where you want to be – In your career as a beauty professional, and in your life.

Get All 7 Secrets At Once!

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