Hair Salons in District Heights MD: Salon Plaza Studios Available Now

Hair Salons in District Heights MD: Salon Plaza Studios Available Now


Salon Plaza District Heights Penn Station Member Andrea hair salons in district heightsAttention Salon Booth Renters:

If Owning Hair Salons in District Heights Would Be PERFECT for YOU

Then here’s how to

Reawaken Your Dream To Own A Salon

To Suit Yourself…

Without Disrupting Your Current Client Base!



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Congratulations on your career as a salon professional. Here’s a toast to your creativity and commitment!  Hi, I’m Toni Crowder, Area Leader for Salon Plaza Studios in District Heights, MD.

You know, the best time to look at your career with fresh eyes is when you know you want to make a change for the better. Because now with our Hair Salons in District Heights, MD you can add 3 very important qualities to your life…
1. Freedom
2. Prosperity
3. Community
There are lots of hair salons in District Heights, but NONE like us.
At Salon Plaza Studios we’d love to help you explore how you can make your personal
Salon Haven be as perfect for you as you are for your clients. Let me reassure you…
You CAN find Freedom, Prosperity & Community in your next career move… without “
DISRUPTING” Your Client Base!


Salon Plaza Penn Station District Heights Member Rico hair salons in district heights

The #1 REASON Why You Should Consider Running Your Business from a Salon Plaza Studio…

If serving clients is your first priority, you’ll be perfectly delighted with a
District Heights / Penn Station
Salon Plaza Studio. Because here you can create the atmosphere, schedule, and pricing that suits you and your clients best.We provide everything you need to meet your clients’ needs in your own private salon space.
If that describes your top priority, then let me share with you why I believe you positively should set up a tour at the District Heights Salon Plaza. Our expertly appointed studios:
• Lend a “wow” factor to your shop
• Include a sense of privacy and comfort
• Allow you to combine tradition and trends to suit yourself

If YOU are a salon booth renter in MARYLAND or VIRGINIA then you owe it to yourself to



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Being a Member Salon Owner at a Salon Plaza Studio Provides Many Benefits: 


Salon Plaza Studio Member Benefits hair salons in district heights md


This is absolutely the EASIEST way to open your own shop and create your “Salon Haven”.

Don’t accept anything less – Nowhere else has all the benefits of a Salon Plaza Studio!

Imagine yourself in control of your future in a community with like-minded salon professionals.
To get the biggest boost to your sense of Freedom, Prosperity & Community, take a tour of Salon Plaza at Penn Station in District Heights.
And if someday you open your own salon in one of our studios, your clients will find the privacy of your personal salon space more desirable than the chaos of a traditional salon.

Your Salon Plaza Studio:

• Accommodates your busy lifestyle
• Eliminates the major headaches of ownership
• Offers the full support of our Member Community
This is our single best idea for independent salon pros who want more Freedom, Prosperity & Community in their lives.

Fast-Action Incentive – Special Offer!

Don’t WAIT!

That’s not all… We have a special offer for you – to get you off to a FAST START, you’ll get 2 Weeks FREE RENT! The only “catch” is that you must request a tour quickly. Set up your tour at Salon Plaza at Penn Station in District Heights by September 15 – only a few studios remain!

(Most of our other Plazas are absolutely FULL

these few remaining studios are Going Fast!)

Isn’t it time YOU created your Salon Haven? If you rent a salon booth in MARYLAND or VIRGINIA then why not…

Call me, Toni Crowder, at (301) 908-9349 to set up a tour or CLICK HERE:

Request A Tour of Hair salons in district heights click here

“Helping Salon Professionals Like YOU Gain FREEDOM and

PROSPERITY in a Like-minded COMMUNITY of Salon Professionals”

P.S. Watch a FREE video of why our Members choose Salon Plaza and the difference it has made in their lives…