March 25, 2013

Hair Salon Richmond VA: Cat vs Dog Personality Styles of Salon Owners


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Personality Styles of Salon Owners

There are dog people or personality styles and then there are cat people or personlity styles. Sometimes the preference for one or the other is quite intense.

Which do you prefer, dogs or cats?

And does your preference for dogs or cats reveal underlying personality traits? If so, how can you use this knowledge about yourself to play to your strengths and build your salon business?

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“Research suggests there are significant differences on major personality traits between dog people and cat people.”

~ Sam Gosling, psychologist at the University of Texas

Read this post and then comment below. Do you agree – or take issue???

Let’s Start with Cats

What were felines like before they became pets?

In the wild, cats are usually solitary hunters and active at night. They tend to be invisible during the day, appearing in the evening or when being fed. Cats do play with people and other animals, but after a few minutes they often lose interest and wander away.

What About Dogs?

Active during the day, canines in the wild are sociable pack animals. Likewise, a dog seems lost without a master and family. They chase away loneliness by seeking company by playing games like fetch for hours at a time. Unlike with the cat, usually the person tires of the game first.

Read on about the “likely traits” of cat vs. dog owners, based on two recent studies.*

The Cat vs. Dog Findings:

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You sensed it already-

Cat lovers have distinctly different personalities from dog lovers.

Most people who own only a cat do not want to own a dog, while people who own a dog wouldn’t mind owning both. Another way of saying this is, people who own both are a lot like people who own only dogs.

“Being married, living in a house, and having children living in the home are all factors that are more likely for people with dog owner personality styles than cat owner personality styles.” “A single woman is the most likely individual to have a cat.”

Personality Styles of Cat People: (who don’t own dogs)

    • Introverted
    • Cool
    • Self-contained
    • Non-conforming
    • Spontaneous
    • Open-minded
    • Adventurous
    • Unconventional
    • More likely to be bashful and shy
    • More likely to live alone in an apartment
    • Probably didn’t grow up with a dog
    • Prefer one-to-one in social gatherings
    • Trusting – obliging, modest, and straightforward


Personality Styles of Dog People: (may also own cats)

    • Extroverted
    • Warm
    • Agreeable
    • Interactive
    • Stand out in social settings
    • Conscientious
    • Self-disciplined and achievement oriented
    • Able to complete tasks
    • Likes to plan
    • Conventional and traditional
    • More likely to be married with children
    • More likely to have a dominant personality – forceful, assertive, persistent, self-assured and self-confident


If you are a “Cat Person” – What are the most natural ways to build your clientele?

Preferring to work with one client at a time, you will be open to their ideas and sensitive to their values. You will form a close bond based on a deep understanding that goes beyond words. As a Salon Plaza Member, you will enjoy having PRIVACY in your salon.


  • One-on-one rapport
  • Handling upset customers
  • Open minded and able to appreciate the beauty in others
  • Able to build trust on values such as integrity and responsibility



  • Difficulty in getting and keeping motivated
  • May overly rely on personal contacts to make things happen
  • Feelings may get hurt


Recommended Business-Building Strategies:

  • Ask for referrals
  • Market on the web
  • Use direct mail strategies like postcards
  • Develop your tagline and unique message


cat dog lap - personality stylesIf you are a “dog person” – What are the most natural ways to build your clientele?

Your best strategy is to get out in the community and meet people. As a Salon Plaza Member, you will enjoy connecting with other salon owners and the hustle bustle of the Plaza. You’ll love having several people in your salon at the same time and may want to consider getting one of the larger studios.


  • Talent for networking
  • Superb presenter
  • Naturally driven to build and maintain contact with customers
  • Huge potential to upsell your products and services



  • May talk too much
  • Too nice sometimes
  • Crave acknowledgment


Recommended Business-Building Strategies:

  • Learn to present well
  • Develop your “elevator pitch”
  • Focus on selling products and additional services
  • Learn to overcome objections when they say “NO!”


To win in business and in life, play to your strengths!

Your inborn strengths make you unique. Learn who you are, believe in yourself and make the most of your natural abilities.

Discover what works for you, and focus on doing more of it. Practice, repeat and polish your strengths… and watch your weaknesses fall by the wayside.

Let me ask you a question…

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Beauty Salon Owner Success Quiz - Personality Styles

Note: The two studies are by Sam Gosling, a psychologist at the University of Texas in Austin, who conducted a study in which 4,565 people participated. And Stanley Coren, Ph.D. author of, "Why We Love The Dogs We Do," who studied 6,149 dog and cat owners, aged 16 to 94.

Now tell me about your personality style –

Are you a cat lover or a dog lover? How are you similar or different to the traits described? Comment below:


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