April 17, 2013

Hair Salon Professionals in Richmond VA: What’s A Client Worth?

Salon Plaza - Save $10 on $50 Have you seen our home page lately?

The Coupon Promotion for New Customers is now LIVE!

This is Salon Plaza’s newest effort to help our Salon Owners grow their client base and keep their chairs full. Right now we are inviting new customers to come in to Salon Plaza for a great new look and Get $10 OFF Any Beauty Service of $50 or more

You can find out which stylists, nail techs and estheticians are participating by visiting our Salon Plaza Website.


Salon Plaza gets over 12,000 visits to its website EVERY MONTH!!! This coupon offer has the potential to make a difference.

This is just one of the many outstanding things Salon Plaza does every day to help our Members grow. On line we keep an active web presence that sends visitors to our cosmetologists’ personal web pages.  

In the “OFF LINE WORLD” we provide great locations with excellent signage… and so much more.

If you’re a salon professional who is seeking to grow your clientele, help US help YOU by being an active participant on our Facebook Page. Visit us and be entertained, discover something new – and tell us how we can help you best. 


As a salon professional you may be wondering, is it worth it to give $10 OFF just to get a new customer?

To answer that, let’s determine the value of a new customer. To use the coupon, he or she must have spent $50 with you. At the very least, you’ve made $50.

Let’s say the new customer likes what you do, connects with you, and wants to come back. What is the lifetime value to your salon business?

How to figure out the LIFETIME VALUE of a new customer:

1. How much do clients normally spend on services and products in a visit?

2. How frequently do they come in?

3. How long do they stay with you?

4. How many referrals might they give you?

For example, if your typical client spends $40 on services and $10 on products – that’s a total of $50. Let’s say they come in every other month – that’s $300 a year. And if they stay with you for 2 years, that’s $600. 

Many of our Salon Owners have clients who have been with them 10 years or more!

Now for the part that’s often overlooked – REFERRALS!

If that $600 client gives you 1 referral a year who also becomes a regular client, now that initial service of $50 has turned into…

$600 client + $600 referral + $600 referral = $1800!

So you tell me… is it worth giving $10 OFF for services of $50 or more?

That depends on how much you’d like to keep your chair full. And how good you are at turning first time visitors into long term clients!!!


If you are a hair stylist, barber, nail tech or esthetician who lives in Maryland, Virginia or D.C., why not come in to Salon Plaza for a Tour? That’s the BEST way to see what we’re all about and if we are right for you.

salon plaza own a salon richmond vaAre you right for Salon Plaza?

You know… you were born with an extraordinary potential for success and happiness.

Fact is, you could not use your full potential if you had 100 lifetimes. No matter what you’ve accomplished up until now, it’s only the beginning of what is truly possible for you in the future. 

Successful people think about the future most of the time.

They think about where they are going, rather than where they have been. They image what they could be, do or have in the future.

And they think about the steps they can take today to make their life the way they want it to be tomorrow. 

People who focus on their future have a very special way of looking at life

They believe that the happiest moments and their greatest achievements are still to come. They believe that no matter what has happened in the past, the future is only limited by their imagination.

Their favorite word is HOW

The only question to ask yourself is,

“What action could I take right now to create my future reality?”

What you’ve achieved in the past is only the beginning of what’s possible for you in the future. If there’s something you want to do with your life, only ask yourself HOW, not whether.

If you want PRIVACY, FREEDOM, and CONTROL in your future, the best action YOU can take is to discover how to run your own salon.

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