September 28, 2012

Hair Salon Owner Success – 5 Tips to Attract Clients Like Crazy


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Ready To Attract Clients Like Crazy?

In your own mind, do you have a “JOB”, or do you own a business?

As a talented beauty professional, if you want to reach your full potential and prosper, realize that you already own your own hair salon. Even if right now you simply rent a chair in someone else’s dream salon, you own your skills, creativity, and spirit.

Whether you have a single chair or many chairs to keep FULL, as a hair salon owner, you must get REALLY GOOD at the ONE Magic Power of Successful Salon Owners!

You can SERVE anyone…

But who should you market to? Because your resources are limited, you must spend your time and money MARKETING only to your “ideal” clients. By having a clear message that attracts the people you want most as clients, you will create marketing that works.

You’ll have the right reasons to advertise.

What are the “wrong reasons” why you might advertise?

  • Someone shows up and sells you advertising.  As the owner, you have no strategy or plan in mind.  All this does is put money in the pocket of the agency that sold you the advertising. This just won’t work.
  • Your want or NEEDS customers.  But the marketplace does not care about your wants. Successful marketing is not about you, it’s about your customers.

That’s why you need a real reason to advertise.

If your salon is for everybody, it’s for nobody. You must have a message that relates to a specific group of people who are interested in what you have to say. A great message is compelling. It answers the single most important question of all:

“Why should I choose YOU rather than any other
stylist (including choosing no one).”

To become the “Preferred beauty salon of choice and attract clients like crazy…”

Make Your Business ABOUT Something

Look at what other salons are saying and doing, and do it differently. What problems do you solve? What dreams do you help to make possible? What transformation can you bring about in someone’s life?

Make Your Business FOR Someone 

The best way to get more clients is to understand who your “ideal clients” are. Who are the people you can serve the best?

They are your “target market.”

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5 fantastic tips to find YOUR perfect clients:

  1. Think about a particular, favorite client. Someone you want to serve and have more of — just like him or her.
  2. Who are they? Characteristics like age, male or female, type of hair, preferred services, and lifestyle are important factors for finding your target market.
  3. People get personal services like hair, nails, and skin near their home and work. Take an afternoon and drive through the neighborhoods and business parks near your salon. Where do your preferred clients live, work and shop?
  4. Who do you know? What associations do you belong to? Your church? Your school? Your neighborhood? Your activities? People in those groups who live, work, or shop near you is another source of new clients.
  5. You can attract these prospects with your marketing materials – fliers, postcards, letters, and much more.

To succeed as a business owner, what you really need is to…

“Get good at doing a few services well – and GREAT at marketing those services to your ideal clients.”

Who else wants a steady stream of new clients coming in their door?

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