Hair Salon Owner Success: 4 Proven Ways To Turn PROSPECTS Into LTV's

Hair Salon Owner Success: 4 Proven Ways To Turn PROSPECTS Into LTV’s


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Hair Salon Owner Success

These Two Truisms Will Make You Prosper:

Truism 1: Great service is basic to prosperity

Since you’re reading this, let me guess something about you. You’ve worked hard to become a skilled cosmetologist. You give excellent service. Your relationship with your clients is based on trust and you WOW them with your service.


You’d like to have a little (or a lot) more hair salon owner success and income prosperity to meet the challenges of the times.

Sound Like YOU?

Then if you read nothing else today, read this –

Truism 2: Ideas are worthless without action

You must take action to turn your prospects into high-valued, long-term clients. Otherwise, you are missing out on future revenues, big time. The prospects you attract along with your existing client base can become your “Acres of Diamonds”

If you make the right effort.

Russell Conwell tells this true story in his book, Acres of Diamonds:

A farmer sold his land to search the world for diamonds and died in rags. The man who bought the property met with the surprise of a lifetime – He discovered the land contained a rich source of diamonds, right within reach. He became fabulously wealthy.

The MORAL of the Story –

You have everything you need within you to create prosperity. As a skilled cosmetologist committed to service, your Acres of Diamonds lies in your skill of turning new prospects into high Life-Time Value (LTV) clients.

Don’t leave your income to CHANCE… Instead, actively convert prospects into clients. Then encourage those clients to come in more often, request more services and products, and keep them loyal longer.

Are you likely to prosper as a salon owner? Stop rolling the dice and…

Hair Salon Owner Success Quiz

Salon Plaza’s advice on how to…

    • Convert prospects to clients
    • Increase frequency of visits
    • Increase average ticket per visit
    • Keep them loyal to you

First, The BASICS:

Your prospects: Do you capture their email, phone, and address? Look for my next blog post on how to do that.

Your clients: Do you reach out to them in multiple ways to make them feel special and served?

How to Convert Your Prospect Into High Life-Time Value (LTV) Clients

In a word, “Follow-Up”!

4 Proven Ways To Find Your ‘Acres of Diamonds’

1. Call Them!

Hair Salon Owner Success Salon Plaza callThe follow-up call is highly valuable and often overlooked.

Your prospects: First, you must capture their phone number – learn how in my next post. When you reach out to them by phone, have a New Client Special in mind and ask for the appointment.

Your clients: Of course, you can confirm appointments. Beyond that simple step, if you are keeping good records, or have a sense of who you haven’t seen recently, make a few calls every day to clients who haven’t come in for awhile.

Have a special in mind – and keep the call short. Sure, there is an investment of time and energy involved, but the relationship-building = income-boosting benefits make this worth your time, effort and nerve.

2. Write to Them!

Your prospects: Again, you must capture their address and give them a reason to come in. Use Send Out Cards or hand write a postcard or letter and drop it in the mail. This is especially effective nowadays when most people rely on a phone, email, and social media to keep in touch.

Your clients: The message is the same as you would say in a phone call, just put it in writing – your appreciation, specials, new services, and products… Give real value and you will be pleased with the results.

3. Email Them!

Your prospects: Create a series of emails to encourage them to come in for the first time. Include a few photos of your work, links to your website / social media sites, and the benefits of choosing you. Provide a few hair care tips and overcome any objections in advance. Include a ‘Call to Action’ – always ask for the appointment.

Your clients: This series of emails should acknowledge them as clients, give good advice, offer specials, and nurture the relationship.

Hair Salon Owners Success with Salon Plaza

4. Invite Them to an Event!

Your prospects: An open house is a great way for prospects to build a bond with you. Have a reason for them to visit.

Your clients: Honor your clients with a special event. You could give a demonstration of a new technique or give healthy hair care tips. Combine this with a ‘bring a friend’ referral offer and double your return on your efforts.

All 4 of these methods depend on capturing contact information and creating messages that engage, inform, and showcase your expertise.

Your Turn!

Do you use one of these methods to grow your revenues, or something else I haven’t mentioned? If you have a question about turning prospects into high LTV clients, let us know in the comment box below.

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