March 23, 2013

Hair Salon Laurel MD: 3 Key Building Blocks in EVERY Business Success


Hairstylist in Laurel MD Salon Plaza Business SuccessIf you want business success with your own salon, there’s no better way than to learn from the best.

Meet Izola Green, owner of Izola Hair Care in Laurel MD. She has a heartfelt story to tell any aspiring stylist who wants to own a salon and keep it simple, easy and prosperous.

“You can call me Mrs. Z. I’ve been a salon owner for more than 19 years.”

For two and a half years now I‘ve run my shop out of Salon Plaza Laurel – This is what I’d been looking for all these years. Life is so smooth for me now.

But it wasn’t always this way…

My first salon was a traditional one with 4 chairs. I kept it small because when you work with too many stylists, a lot goes on if you know what I mean.

Carefully choosing my booth renters, I did not have anyone in my shop that wasn’t all about business success. I never put up with any drama.

It’s hard to get everyone on the same page with the same values, attention to service, and work ethic.

That’s why I say, ‘Always try to get your own salon.’

I used to live in South Carolina. Back then when my husband was on active military duty, we were reassigned to Maryland – right about the time I went on maternity leave.

It made me realize how much I love doing hair.

I missed it so much I had to start up again. That’s when I found Salon Plaza. Normally when you start up a salon you have to have money to invest. This time there was no down payment. And I didn’t have to buy salon chairs, hair driers, and all the necessary furniture.

Salon Plaza comes fully loaded –

It’s such a benefit to be with Salon Plaza. You just grab your tools and go to work.

On slow days I bring in my two-year-old. I don’t take that for granted. Salon Plaza is not a day care. But they don’t say you can’t do it.

That’s the advantage of being your own boss at Salon Plaza!

It’s not every day because I run a professional shop and I can’t concentrate on her and do what I need to do for my clients.

Even if some other place costs less money in the short run, it’s not worth leaving to save a few dollars. Who knows what other problems will crop up!

You have to look at net profits, not just costs…

With Salon Plaza Laurel, I’m satisfied and content. They make it easy for me. I’ll never leave.

I want to support you in your business success. Let me get you started off right.

Here Are the 3 Key Building Blocks To My Business Success:

1. Have Positive Habits – Be on time. That’s the number one thing. Be available. Time is very valuable to people. I practice what I preach. If you have an appointment with me, I’ll have you in an out on time.

Another positive habit is to be a good listener. Really care for people. Remember this is a service you are offering. There are so many salons out there – hundreds and hundreds. Don’t take your clients for granted.

2. Keep a Positive Focus – Each time I’ve opened a salon, it has grown steadily. Since I’ve come to Salon Plaza I’ve changed studios 3 times, each time to a larger space to accommodate more clients. I can see myself growing even more and needing a double studio soon.

Since I’m dependable, I can depend on my clients to be there.

My secret is that I expect good things to happen. I appreciate what I have and thank the Lord for all that’s come my way.

3. Use Positive Self-talk – Being a positive person, I have a positive impact on others. Since I know who I am, I focus on my clients. This a passion for me. It all starts with thinking good thoughts about myself. That carries on to seeing and bringing out the beauty in others.

My clients are my number one priority in my business – without them, I wouldn’t have a business!

The key to success is to focus on developing positive habits, positive expectations, and positive self-talk. Then nothing will stop you from creating your life on your own terms – the life of your dreams.

Salon Plaza is a Great Place to Get Started and Keep Building…

If you had the keys in hand to your own salon, would you succeed? Find out with our Salon Owner Success Quiz:

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