October 9, 2015

Hair Salon in Sterling VA: “Dare to Dream” Gets Chosen For Top Honor


Hair salon in Sterling VA Dare to Dream

Announcing Salon Plaza’s October Member of the Month…

Hair Salon in Sterling VA: Dare To Dream…

For the first time ever, we chose a duo team – newlyweds who own one of the top hair salons in Sterling, VA.


Let’s congratulate them as they head off to their honeymoon in beautiful Costa Rica! We’ll share more of their story after they return.

Until then, a brief introduction and description of their hair salon in Sterling VA is in order.

You’ll get a link to their Dare to Dream hair studio, videos of how Rory creates masterpiece hair-art, and much more.

If YOU are an enterprising barber or hairstylist…

You absolutely MUST see their tips on getting ahead in the beauty industry!

Dina Hyman is a Paul Mitchell educator who divides her time between teaching and working behind the chair. She knows how to build a close relationship with clients!

Located in Studio 102 in the Salon Plaza in Sterling, VA, Dare to Dream Hair Studio provides a broad range of services. Dina’s high volume of chemical services let her passion for color shine through.

Sharing Studio 102 is her husband Rory Sevajian. A master barber, he gets the power of the client consultation. He travels all over the country educating hair stylists and to cut men’s hair perfectly. His attention to detail and amazing straight blade shave keeps their salon in a constant buzz!

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Rory also owns FADED INC. You can see more of Rory’s fabulous work on Instagram

Hair salon in Sterling VA Rory_Sevajion_Salon_Plaza_videoClick here for a video of an amazing hair design and a quick view of Rory himself.

Click to see more of Rory performing his perfect men’s cuts

How did Rory’s journey in barbering and the beauty industry begin?

22 years ago at the age of 14, Rory picked up his first set of clippers and began to cut hair for his family and neighborhood friends.

Three years later he joined the Navy where, during his off hours, he became the preferred barber in his ranks.

After completing his Navy tour, his GI Bill enabled him to attend the Parisian Beauty Academy. While attending this academy he got started as a Paul Mitchell Future Professional. He must have been pretty good even back then because only one month later he entered the Professional Beauty Association’s BEACON Contest.


This is truly exceptional because he was the ONLY barber selected. A turning point in his life, this recognition, and networking opportunity changed Rory forever. He met many of the top beauty professionals, such as Vidal Sassoon, John Paul Dejoria, and Winn Claybaugh, among many other talented artists.

These industry icons opened Rory’s eyes to the power of the beauty industry to transform lives.

Hair Salon In Sterling VA Rory_Sevajion_Salon_Plaza_video_2Relocating to Virginia in 2006, Rory became a learning leader at Paul Mitchell The School at Tysons Corner. Working backstage at events like Signature Gathering and Caper, he developed his abilities as an educator.

Four years later he became the director of a Paul Mitchell focus salon. Here he discovered the business behind the art of hairdressing. By working on platform events, fashion shows, and editorial shoots, his knowledge and skills for hair fashion and design continued to grow.

Hairstylists & Barbers in Sterling VA…

Click to check out another before and after video of Rory at work

Not one to linger too long in any one role, in 2012 Rory returned to the Paul Mitchell School. He became a member of Paul Mitchell’s Advanced Academy Men’s Cutting Team.

With the Team’s Annual “FunRaising” and Caper events, today he focuses on inspiring a future generation of hairdressers all over the world.

After the newlyweds return from their honeymoon in Cost Rica, we’ll share Dina’s journey as a salon professional. You will hear their advice for enterprising young hairstylists and barbers who want to become leaders in this fabulous world of beauty.

Contact Dina and Rory at Their Hair Salon in Sterling VA…

Both Dina and Rory work off of appointments only. Call…

  • Dina at 703-489-2099
  • Rory at 571-228-3532

But wait until after they return from their honeymoon in Costa Rica!

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