Hair Replacement at "Miracles Beauty and Barber Salon" in District Heights MD

Hair Replacement at “Miracles Beauty and Barber Salon” in District Heights MD

Stevie Wonders Hair Replacement Miracles SalonStevie Wonders: Member of the Month!

Master Barber and Hair Replacement Specialist at Salon Plaza

Congratulations to Stevie Wonders Dickens, Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month. Owner and operator of Miracles Beauty and Barber Salon in District Heights, he has truly earned the name “Stevie Wonders.”

His entrepreneurial spirit and ability to create and innovate is nothing short of miraculous.

How Stevie Wonders Earns His Name

Specializing in non-surgical hair replacement, Stevie Wonders is a Master Barber with over 30 years of experience. Not only is he certified in custom man unit and custom beard unit, he creatively takes the latest innovative techniques to the next level. In short, he creates miracles.

Let’s hear from Stevie:

Stevie Wonders Hair Replacement Miracles Beauty and Barber Salon

Lending all my innovation, creativity and heart, I love serving people. As a young man, I was an artist who loved to draw. I thought to myself,

“What would be better than cherishing people by doing hair?”

At the start of my salon career at the tender age of 19, I worked for myself in someone else’s barbershop. Ten years later the barbershop shut down, so I went to work in another shop. When THAT shop shut down, a friend and mentor asked me,

“Why do you keep working for someone else? You need to open your own shop.”

Miracles Beauty and Barber Salon

That’s when I decided to open up Miracles on H Street in Washington, DC at just 29 years old.

Scary? Not all. For years I had been managing other people’s shop without getting paid – collecting rent, cleaning up and closing down for the night.

Always an innovator, in 2002 starting from scratch, I took over a previous salon space and got a SBA loan from the government. I renovated it and built it up with the atmosphere that reflected my personality.

Miracles Beauty and Barber Salon Stevie Wonders Salon Plaza District Heights MD

I’m not trendy; I have my own style.

Being creative and innovative puts me in a position to do what I do. Eight years later, I opened my second salon, Miracles 2.

Then one day when a guest was getting a haircut, he asked me,

“If you like helping people, have you ever thought of cutting hair for the government? You can get full benefits and serve others.”

That got me thinking. It would be a chance to give back to the community. And when a job position opened up in the Department of Behavior Health, I began cutting hair for individuals in care for 40 hours a week.

Once I started working full-time in the government, I needed to find a good manager to run the salons professionally. Without good management, I couldn’t do both – I couldn’t work 40 hours each week for the government and run my two salons. Not without good management.

How Stevie Wonders Found Salon Plaza

Miracles Beauty and Barber Salon Stevie Wonders Hair Replacement

One day when I was at the gym working out, I started telling a lady about my dilemma. She was a stylist at Salon Plaza and invited me to stop in and see for myself – It just might be perfect for me, she added.

Salon Plaza was in the same strip mall as my gym. When I walked in to see it, I immediately felt –

“I love it. That’s my goal and future.”

I see myself owning a Salon Plaza franchise someday in the DC area. Salon Plaza doesn’t have any Plazas in DC itself, so I wouldn’t be competing with them in the future.

No Hiring / No Firing

Finding Salon Plaza when I did was perfect timing. I shut down my two salons and downsized to a studio salon at Salon Plaza. My current Miracles Beauty and Barber Salon fits perfectly with the other work that I do and allows me to be as innovative and creative as I want to be.

At Salon Plaza I can keep my own hours and set my own atmosphere. Everything is included in my rent – utilities, wifi, maintenance and more. Running my Miracles Beauty and Barber Salon out of a Salon Plaza studio has proven to be the right choice at the right time. It will be 3 years in November.

Stevie Wonders’ Advice to Salon Pros

“A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men.”

– Proverbs 18:16

Your talent will take you to the top, but only your character will keep you there. If you don’t have good character, you won’t stay where you want to be. I love barbering and take pride in my work. At Miracles Beauty and Barber Salon, my clients get the best experience every time.
Stevie Wonders Miracles Beauty and Barber Salon Plaza

Ownership is the best thing you can do – to be your own boss and invest in yourself. If you are a Salon Professional who wants to grow in your career and your life, ask me about my Mentoring and Coaching Services. Call me, Stevie Wonders, at (202) 599-2811.

Start Living the Dream

And if you think you might be ready to open a studio salon with Salon Plaza, request a tour now –

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