November 15, 2017

Rudy Matthews: Master Hairstylist and Photographer

Hair by Rudy hairstyle photo shoot

Who Else Wants To Get An Updated LOOK and PHOTO SHOOT All-in-One Day?

Help us to congratulate…

Rudy Matthews, owner of HAIR by RUDY and Rudy Matthews Photography in Laurel MD

A dual entrepreneur with multiple talents, Rudy is Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month!

A full service salon, HAIR by RUDY is chic and modern while being warm and welcoming. A trendsetter in style and design, Rudy is savvy with all textures and looks. Rudy will work with you to create a design unique to you, then indulge you in the art of the shampoo, amp up your color and revolutionize your tresses.

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Here’s Rudy’s story of why he opened HAIR by RUDY at Salon Plaza Laurel:

Hair by Rudy Matthews

Before moving to Laurel, I rented a booth as a hairstylist in Silver Spring. At the time, Laurel looked like an up-and-coming place. It’s walking distance to everything you want and a fun place to live. Wanting to grow and enjoy the good life, I moved there and started building my world around it.

Everything fell into place.

As soon as I rented an apartment at Cross Creek, I discovered that right next door was Salon Plaza. I’d heard about this opportunity to open a salon and wanted to know more.

Toni Crowder signed me up – and that was 10 years ago!

Still Serving My Very First Clients

My HAIR by RUDY studio salon is just 15 minutes away from where I used to work. When I moved to Salon Plaza, I kept all of my clients. They all just came with me.

They like my new place. My guests tell me it’s more intimate and personal. We can control the environment with private TV, private music and private conversations. A lot of them enjoy that.

Get Your Therapy ON

When you’re the only stylist, your personality comes out more. This has allowed me to get closer to my clients.

At Hair by Rudy, we can carry on personal conversations that might not happen in a large salon.

What Makes Rudy Unique

Being a straight guy doing hair is a powerful thing. I do what I do well, and I love it. The fact that I love to create means I can deliver. I use only top products.

My joy is to bring out my guest’s beauty. Conversations flow easily about what they want. I’m on board with making everybody happy. There’s lots of love, hugs and happiness in here.

Although most of my clients are women, I’m also a barber and do a steady group of male clientele — some of the women’s husbands, even their entire families.

Another strength is that I use my time well and book according. My guests are in-and-out, with no one waiting. When you are self-employed, you can run your schedule to suit you and your clients.

Get Your Hair Done & Your Photo Shoot in One Day!

HAIR by RUDY offers appointments Wednesday through Saturday and photography in between appointments. Since I own both businesses, I get to control the booking on both ends.

My favorite thing to do is to offer a package to get your hair done and a photo shoot on same day. With a house large enough to have a fully-equipped photo studio in it, we get your hair styled at the salon and then go to my home for the photo shoot.

Anytime that happens, it’s amazing.

You can discover more about this package deal at Style & Shoot.

How I Keep My Book Full

Not the shyest person in the world – really, I’m outgoing. I’ll approach a person anywhere and say,

“Hey, I can fix that, I can help you.”

It’s what I’ve been doing for a long time.

Google Finds Me!

The most important thing online is to pop up on Google when someone searches for your name or what you do. You’ll find Hair by Rudy and Rudy’s Photography with Google search and quite a few of the directories like yelp and yellow pages.

Hair by Rudy review on yp

On Facebook you’ll see Rudy Matthews Photography and Rudy’s Hair or check out my photography website.

Salon Plaza Can Change Your Life

Running my salon out of a Salon Plaza Studio put me through photography school at Boston University and also paid the bills while that was happening. Being both a photographer and a hairstylist has made it possible for me to buy a house only 10 minutes away from my salon.

Absolutely, I make more money now than I did before. I provide a wonderful service and charge accordingly.

Always Looking to Grow

For the future, I aspire to continue to be successful. My goal is to…

  • keep things going.
  • make more money and
  • be a better hairstylist…
  • to be better at everything

Already, I’ve gotten a lot done. I have a beautiful home, and I’m always looking to grow. At my studio salon I have the flexibility I need to run both businesses.

Have never wanted to fit in someone else’s idea of what to be. It’s important to me to create my life on my own terms, which I’ve done. Because I love both of my professions, it’s almost like I’m never working.

It’s a good day when I go to the salon, create a hairstyle, then go home and shoot it.

I’m all about commitment. As a stylist, you spent a whole lot of time behind the chair. Here, my happiness is important; here my smile matters.

Advice to Salon Pros Who Want Freedom and Income Growth

Hair by Rudy studio salonMost places want you to fit in the square. Salon Plaza eliminates all of that. You’re the salon itself – you are the product. At Salon Plaza, no one tells you what you can and cannot do.

You have full control over what happens, when and how you serve your clientele.

My advice is to stay away from places that tell you when to come in, what products to use, and when you can go home at night. You’re in a bad situation when someone tells you what to do and you are the person paying.

If you are a salon professional who wants more out of life, Salon Plaza is the place to be. You will grow in your understanding of yourself and what you do. Just like you transform your clients, Salon Plaza will transform your life!

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