Groupon Laser Specialist in Woodbridge: Eva Pritchard is FLAWLESS!

Groupon Laser Specialist in Woodbridge: Eva Pritchard is FLAWLESS!

Groupon Laser Specialist Woodbridge Eva Pritchard

From Employee to Business Owner:

How’d She Do It?

“I knew it was going to be successful”

Salon Plaza interviewed Eva Pritchard, owner of FLAWLESS Laser Clinic and Skin Care, to share her success story as a business owner and laser specialist.

Click to see the first part of the interview where Eva describes how she became a groupon laser specialist in Woodbridge.

Salon Plaza: Once you opened your clinic, how did you build your clientele?

Eva: Right from the start, I knew it was going to be successful. Being a manager and doing the marketing, I just know what to do. And it helps that my loyal clients followed me here. I have clientele from everywhere who come to me from my old job.

In addition to this, my big advantage is Groupon. From January to August, my first 8 months, I gained 930 new clients using Groupon laser specialist. You have to know how to deal with Groupon. For starters, new guests at Flawless are restricted to purchasing one voucher per person and can only choose one area, such as the upper lip.
Groupon Laser Specialist Woodbridge Eva Pritchard

Turn a $59 Purchase into a $500 Sale

With a $59 voucher, Groupon takes half. The secret to success is that you must be prepared to upsell them. Truly, it’s your job to upsell. That’s how I’ve maintained 75% retention of my Groupon laser specialist clients. They are happy and want to do the rest of their body. And they come back. The next thing that happens it that a $59 purchase turns into a $500 sale or more.

Another plus, Groupon advertises my website and Facebook page for me.

To make Groupon work FOR YOU, you have to be smart about it. For instance, my receptionist offers the caller a 10% discount over the Groupon rate if she purchases directly from us. Groupon the perfect way to advertise your business – it has helped me a great deal. The key is you have to manage it right.

How to Get 5 Star Reviews

Groupon Laser Specialist Flawless

Online reviews are another key. If you take a look, my reviews are 5 stars. People tell me,

“I Googled you and you have 5 stars. That is the reason I’m coming to you.”

Nowadays, a lot of businesses have only 2 or 3 stars. My secret? I treat everybody the same, and that is why I get 5 stars. Day in and day out, my commitment is to help my clients achieve beautiful, healthy, silky smooth skin. When it comes to my clients’ confidence, this is a real booster! When you come in for an appointment at FLAWLESS Advanced Laser & Skin Care, I will help you achieve the skin you deserve and love the skin you are in!

Salon Plaza: You are totally dedicated to serving your clients. What’s the best part about running your laser clinic out of a Salon Plaza Studio?

Groupon Laser Specialist Woodbridge Eva Pritchard

Eva: It was a good decision to be at Salon Plaza. It definitely helped me financially. For starters, I didn’t have to put in any money up front.

Double the Size!

In the beginning I spoke with Julie and let her know that I wanted to lease 2 rooms: a treatment room and a nice cozy sitting area. I have an in-and-out waiting room with a receptionist who sits at a small desk. Clients book appointments and check out with my receptionist. We’ve gotten so busy that I now lease a third studio space!

It’s the best decision to open my laser clinic at Salon Plaza. It’s working out very well.

Salon Plaza: I’m so glad to hear that! Do you get and give referrals to the other Members at the Plaza?

Eva: Yes, all the time. This is a place for beauty. You can do anything here you need, all at one place. Hair, nails, waxing, even barbers for the husband while he’s waiting. It’s a good thing. We can recommend each other.

We’re very diverse – offering Black and Asian hair specialties. For instance, I don’t do waxing or eyebrows. If I notice their eyebrows are messy, I refer them to the waxer.

Salon Plaza a Good Network…

Salon Plaza: Do you have any advice for salon professionals who want to be their own boss?

Eva: My best advice is, don’t be afraid to take a risk. For those of you who want to own your own business, you don’t need to have a lot of capital to be your own boss. To actually have Salon Plaza behind you is the biggest plus. With Salon Plaza’s support, you can be a success.

It’s incredible! I really thank Salon Plaza for giving me the solid foundation to launch my business.

Groupon Laser Specialist Woodbridge Eva Pritchard

You Have to Take a Break!

Last month I flew to Venice and took a Mediterranean cruse with my sister – because of Salon Plaza! I wouldn’t have been able to afford this trip if I did not start my business with them.

Really, this is my second vacation – a few months ago, I went to Hawaii. When I worked for someone else, I worked so hard and didn’t save enough. When you work for someone else, they take such a high percentage. You are never your own boss, that’s for sure, without your own business.

Are YOU Ready to Be Your Own Boss?

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