December 29, 2014

Goal Setting for Salon Professionals: Live Your Values by Design


Goal_Setting_For_Salon_Professionals_2015Attention Salon Professionals:

Ready to do some Goal Setting?

Will 2015 Be The Year To Set Fire To Your Life?

Plan on having your best and most fulfilling year ever. Here’s how to make it happen with joy, passion, and excitement –

When you want to do better than ever before, you must challenge your long-held beliefs about achievement.

Begin by asking yourself…

How do you accomplish goal setting?

You might be someone who just thinks about what you want to do, and keeps it in your head.

Or you might have learned to write your goals down as SMART goals –

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

But you know as well as anyone – some of the most important things in life can’t be measured and made specific. And after the initial rush to make it happen, how do you stay motivated? What happens if you don’t reach your goals? What if you reach them quickly?

What if circumstances change and your stated goals no longer serve you best?

For instance, industry trends could shift, a new opportunity could arise, you might have a family emergency that shifts your priorities… you can imagine many situations outside your control that could make your stated goals out of touch with reality.

Is there a better way to create the life of your dreams?

Yes! Goal setting for salon professionals has taken a new twist…

Make life give you want you want with RITUALS

The secret is to live intentionally, based on what you value most. You MUST write down what you want and how to get it. However, instead of SMART goals – Live according to your values. Intend to do the best you can in the areas of your life that are most valuable to you.

3 Steps to Live an Intentional Life based on Your Values:

1. Define your values –

Get out a pen and paper and list your answers these questions:

  • “What do I value most?”
  • “What is truly important in my life?”

Understand the WHY behind the what

Categories to consider are health, relationships, money, and your spiritual connection. Discover the WHY behind what you want. Ask yourself…

  • “What do I value most about my health?”
  • “Which relationships are most important to me?”
  • “In what ways does my spiritual life matter?”
  • “What does happiness look like for me?”
  • “What does financial prosperity look like for me?”

Let’s say you want to be healthy, be an excellent mother, and have a spiritual connection to God.


2. Identify how to live your values

Now you must consider how to live these values day to day. How do you know that you are living this value? How will you know you are healthy? An excellent mother? Feel connected to God?

  • “What are 3 basic actions I need to take on a consistent basis to live each of my values?”

For instance, to be an excellent mother, perhaps the 3 most important things to do are to spend time with your children, ask questions / listen, and be an example of who you want them to be, such as by showing kindness so they to learn to be kind as well.

Finish this step before you go on to the next.

3. Create Rituals

Salon_Professional_goal_setting_live_by_designA ritual is a group of habits that help you to live your values automatically. Rather than relying on your willpower, simple rituals performed daily have more staying-power.

To live your intention to be an excellent mother, you might create a Bed-Time Ritual that includes asking 3 questions about your child’s day that helps him/her to reflect on how he/she treated others and felt about him/herself.

  • Who did you help today?
  • What could have done better?
  • What did you learn?

Then let your child choose a story book on the shelf – only offer books that reflect the values you want your children to live. Don’t forget fun and silliness among the joys of living!

Design a ritual, and then live if for 30 days just as you imagined it. Then make any adjustments you need to make. If you miss a day or two, don’t be hard on yourself. Simply get back on the ritual.

Suggestions to get started with goal setting:

By adding
ONE new value-based ritual per month, at the end of the year, you’ll have
12 Rituals to support you in goal setting and creating an intentional life based on the values you hold most dear.
The key is to do your best and let go of the results. Well past January 1, you will be able to sustain your drive and motivation. When you live by design what is truly most important to you, it doesn’t require willpower.

Plan on having your most fulfilling, productive year ever!

By creating value-based rituals, you will fill your life with joy, passion, and excitement. Is FREEDOM on your list of values?

Then don’t wait to find out…

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