Fredericksburg Beauty Salon Gives Local Cosmetologist A New Lifestyle

Fredericksburg Beauty Salon Gives Local Cosmetologist A New Lifestyle


Fredericksburg Beauty Salon - Salon Plaza

Best Fredericksburg Beauty Salon…

Right here with Salon Plaza at Cosner Corner…

“I sincerely wake up sometimes, and someone has to pinch me because I feel like this can’t be real.”

Hi, I’m Tait Schneider, owner of Fredericksburg Beauty Salon – T8 Salon.

I’m so enthusiastic about the beauty industry. Where else can you get such instant gratification that turns a frown upside down?

Now that I own my own salon – I’m smiling more too! I get to decide for myself what days I work and take time off without having to ask permission.

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Let me tell you my story of how I wound up running my own Fredericksburg Beauty Salon in VA…

Originally I’m from the west coast. In my early 20’s I started as a makeup artist for Paula Dorf cosmetics and then moved on to Mac. I wanted to get a cosmetologist license, but with my husband in the military, we moved around a lot.

Finally, about 6 years ago with my husband’s help, I put myself through the Champion School of Cosmetology in Palm Springs, CA. It made financial sense because someone always needs to get their hair done wherever you are in the military. Plus, having a license gives me more credibility as a makeup artist.

My husband and I moved to Fredericksburg in 2009. Back then I worked as a commissioned employee in a nearby salon with 8 other stylists. It was a good experience. I loved interacting with fellow coworkers and learned a lot from them.

But I really needed a lifestyle change. I wanted to decide for myself what days I worked and get time off without having to ask permission.  

Some of my clients are teachers and want to come in at 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning. Also, I travel a lot. I must have the flexibility to meet their needs and mine.

My decision to venture out and start on my own was a quick, last minute decision. I wanted to be sure I could follow through with my lease commitment with Salon Plaza. And more importantly, with my clients.

To my surprise, everything fell right into place. It was then I knew I had made the right decision. 

Nearly all of my clients stayed with me. They really like the aesthetics and privacy of my new place. At the Cosner Corner Salon Plaza, we have two masseuses and a nail tech, so it’s a one-stop shop. Clients love it.

If it weren’t for my clients, I wouldn’t be in business, end of story.Beauty Salon Owner Salon Plaza Member - Fredericksburg beauty salon

I am grateful for them. I’ve gotten the majority of my new book through client referrals. How I thank them is to give back with extra services or a discount. Right now I’m getting a referral process set up and running.

Next year I’ll focus on getting my name out there more consistently with low cost and free marketing tools, such as launching my Facebook business page.

I’m looking forward to using Salon Plaza’s new marketing system, which is free to Members.

You know, the beauty industry is constantly evolving. Before opening my own single chair Fredericksburg beauty salon, I was concerned about falling behind on creative concepts. What would I do when I wanted another professional opinion?

But I don’t have that problem here. I can invite a Member to come and add their perspective. Clients are thrilled because it shows you really care. It’s fantastic. I know every Member at the Cosner Corner Plaza, and we help each other. I just treat everyone like it was one salon. We have the same mentality that we’re all helping each other. If a walk-in comes in and I’m busy, I’ll introduce them to another stylist.

Anyone here would help the others in a heartbeat.

The most important thing I want new Members to know is that you are not alone here. Everyone at Salon Plaza has been where you are. If you have the drive you can build your book and make it happen. Don’t doubt it – just go with it. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can make it happen.

If you want your own Fredericksburg beauty salon, it’s here to take. What are you waiting for?


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