August 11, 2021

Find Beauty in Giving this September

Help us make a difference for those who need it most during our annual fundraising event for childhood cancer awareness month in September. How can you and your clients contribute to this great cause? No matter how big or small you’d like to participate, we’ve put together the ultimate playbook with Members’ best fundraising ideas to get your suite involved in promoting this charitable event. Our community goes far beyond the walls of our suites. And we want all of our Suite Elite Members to help us make the whole world a little brighter.

MY SALON Suite and Salon Plaza 2021 Mission

The L in FLAIR stands for loving; it is our mission at MY SALON Suite and Salon Plaza is to show love by giving back! Utilize this playbook to guide your fundraising efforts and find beauty in giving.

3 Ways to Donate

  1. Suite Relief Page Link
  2. Text CURES to 626262
  3. QR Code 


Fundraising Ideas:

  • Post our St. Jude fundraising link on your social media accounts:
  • Purchase jars to place on your station to collect spare change
  • Connect with your beauty distributor sales rep/stores – Request a gift basket to raffle to clients
  • Review other ideas that may work for your community
  • Create a social media photo frame and feature all clients who donate
  • Partner with local businesses or vendors that you work with and request donation matching, hosting a change jar in their location, donating goods or services that can be raffled
  • Hosting a program to match donations or give a % of a purchase made on certain days
  • Choose one day of the month for a group effort with suite mates, for example:
    • Offer conditioning treatments at $5-$10 of which 100% or 50% goes to St. Jude
    • Give complimentary product samples to clients that donate $10 or more (ask distributors for sample product donations)
  • Ask everyone you know to donate items for a sale or raffle—family, friends, neighbors, and service guests who may own businesses. Reach beyond your immediate connections.
  • Remember your local merchants! They may be willing to contribute items you can sell/raffle as well. 
  • Advertise and put up plenty of posters. Post notices on your social networking sites. Ask everyone to repost and share with you. 
  • What do people like in the morning, afternoon or evening? Coffee! Ask local grocery stores or coffee shops to donate coffee, cups, cream, and sugar, and sell it at your sale. 
  • What else do people like in the morning, afternoon or evening? Donuts! Approach local donut shops and ask them to donate or sell you the donuts at a reduced price. 
  • Sell raffle tickets for 50/50 drawing on busy days at your location.
  • Put up signs and posters to let people know your location is having a Fundraiser. 
  • Put out a donation jar and invite people to donate
  • Food is always a hit. How about having your group cook and serve a buffet lunch to for $5 a plate?
  • Art sale, craft sale, bake sale . . . whatever you can think of! 
  • Weekly raffles to clients for products or services. 
  • Sell branded, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and anything else you can put a logo on.

Get Social!

  • Post on Instagram, Facebook and any other social you love
  • Create a personal thermometer for your clients to see your progress
  •  Share with your family, friends, clients and followers!

Incorporate one of these ideas into your suite or use your own FLAIR! Do you have a great fundraising idea? Let us know by emailing:

Questions about your donation? Please review the information from St. Jude and consult your financial advisor or tax consultant.

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