Hyattsville, MD

Hyattsville, MD

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Salon Plaza Hyattsville Asks Beauty Professionals, “Are You…

Tired Of Building Someone Else’s Dream?

Ready For Your “Suite” Spot of Ownership?


As a licensed cosmetologist, you’ve made it. And yet, if you’re like most independent salon professionals, something is missing. Is it the chance to be your own boss and run your own salon with Salon Plaza Hyattsville?

If In Your Heart Of Hearts You Hold A Greater Vision

Get Ready To Do Something Extraordinary With YOUR Life…

Salon Plaza Hyattsville makes it possible to own a salon – without all the start up costs, employees to manage, and overhead to worry about.

Located on East West Highway in the Metro shopping area, Salon Plaza Hyattsville is across from Prince George’s Mall and directly in front of the Prince George’s Subway. You’ll find us on the 2nd floor over the Staples and next to the Bally’s Fitness Club.

And the best news?

Salon Plaza is Open in Hyattsville!
Metro Shopping Area across from Prince George’s Mall
Don’t Miss Out – Space is LIMITED!

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Our Members tell all about why they choose Salon Plaza: Let’s hear from…

Michelle Renee, Owner of Elegant Styles Salon at Salon Plaza Hyattsville

Salon Plaza Hyattsville MD - Open a salon for prosperity!Michelle is irresistibly positive, always professional, and truly supportive of other Salon Plaza Members –

A real team player, she’s helping to build our community of salon owners. Here’s her story of how she become a salon owner…

“What I love most about Salon Plaza is having privacy in my business. When I worked in a traditional salon, my business was everyone’s business and everyone’s business was in mine.”

Before opening my own shop, I worked in another owner’s space for eight years, part time.

My full time job was as a resident property manager. That situation ended about the same time the salon I was working in went out of business.

That’s when I knew I had to make a change

Some people are born with a knack to do hair, and I was blessed with that knack. As a part time licensed cosmetologist I had enough clients to be doing hair full time. So that’s when I decided to focus on my career as a beauty industry professional.

I took a look at Salon Plaza Hyattsville MD, which was located right next to my previous salon. But it was different than I was used to, with higher rent to pay, so I passed on the opportunity. Instead, I rented a booth at a nearby traditional salon for less money –

I only lasted there 3 days! I can’t tell you all the crazy things that happened, but you can read all about here: 5 Ways to Create a Great Atmosphere at Your Salon.

As my husband reminded me, “Cheaper isn’t always better”

That’s when I went back to Salon Plaza Hyattsville. They still had the vacancy, so I took the plunge. I did what I’ve always wanted to do an opened my own salon, naming it Elegant Styles Salon.

I LOVE Salon Plaza!

It’s been four years now and I’ve never looked back.

A Word to the Wise:

Your business will become what you make of it. You set the atmosphere. What you project into your salon matters.

Attention Salon Professionals:

Salon Plaza Studios offers salon professionals a way to open a salon that’s easy, profitable and FUN! If you’ve been dreaming about being your own boss…

Independent salon professionals choose to run their salon out of a Salon Plaza Studio because they love the freedom and privacy it gives them. Their clients enjoy the difference!

Could This Be YOUR Space for Prosperity?


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