January 20, 2018

5 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips for Salon Pros in 2018

Attention Salon Pros on Facebook:

Are you up-to-date on the hottest client-attracting Facebook advertising tips and techniques? Well, in about ten minutes, you WILL BE!

This blog post is for you if you are a salon professional who already has your Facebook page set up. Truth is, Facebook changes so fast that staying on top of their latest and greatest advertising techniques is a real challenge. That’s why Salon Plaza has put together these 5 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips for Salon Pros.

Let’s begin!

Facebook Advertising Tip #1: Your Expertise is in the Ads

Facebook advertising tips for Salon Pros

Behind many successful salon pros are a few highly effective Facebook ads. These ads make it easy for you to attract new clients and build relationships with your loyal base. We recommend creating regular News Feed Ads that are visually pleasing and demonstrate a clear objective.

To get your intended audience to notice and click on your ads, include your:


A = call-to-ACTION

C = reason to CONNECT

  • Your PROMISE is a 4 to 5 word headline that speaks to the wants and needs of your potential clients designed to get you clicks. You can create urgency with time-sensitive words such as “Now” or “Today”
  • Your call-to-ACTION is specific and doable. The most popular Action is “Learn More”
  • You CONNECT with customers by enticing them to find out more, such as, “Check out these 5 Salon Products NOT available in stores”

Remember to P.A.C. your ads for more customer-clicks! For more details on the Anatomy of a Profitable Facebook Ad, look for our next post, coming soon.

Before you can put these Facebook advertising tips to work for you, you must have a Facebook Page.  If what you have now is your personal Profile, click to discover How to Set Up Your Facebook Page.

Facebook Advertising Tip #2: Facebook Business Manager is Your Best Friend

Imagine having a way to manage all your ads, clients and pages in one place, with no hassle! Facebook Business Manager lets you do exactly that.

Facebook Business Manager also gives you the option to organize your clients based on demographics such as age and where they live. And when you use the Custom Audience feature you can target certain groups to very specific content you wish to promote.

Remember that not every ad will appeal to every client. Business Manager helps you target your audience like a pro.

Facebook Advertising Tip #3: Upload Your Email List to Facebook

Facebook Advertising Tips for Salon ProsThe Keys to more Freedom and Prosperity are already in your inbox!

Have you noticed that it’s 10x easier to do more business with current clients than to find new ones? Why not form deeper connections with the base you already have? Good news: Facebook allows you to upload your client data and create a Custom Audience.

You can do this under Facebook’s Ads Manager.  Once you’ve uploaded your customer list, you can separate it into target groups. This allows you to promote the right ads for the right clients.

Facebook Advertising Tip #4: Install Facebook Tracking Pixel

First, the basics. If you have a website, be sure to link to your Facebook Page to your website and vice versa. For example, you can add your website URL (http://yourwebsite.com) to your ABOUT section. And most website platforms allow you to add a Facebook icon button that is hyperlinked to your Page.

Here’s the advanced step. How many times have YOU browsed the web while logged onto your Facebook profile or page? The Facebook Pixel tool tracks all visitors to your website who are also logged into Facebook at the same time.

In a nutshell, installing Facebook Tracking Pixel helps you get the most out of your Facebook ads by connecting your page with your website. Pixel also lets you create Custom Conversions that will let you know if your ads are converting well.

Now that’s a lot of insight that you can use to your advertising advantage!

Facebook Advertising Tip #5: Use Facebook Live

Why be camera shy!

Even a 30 second video ad increases your chances of attracting more business. Facebook Live videos are prioritized in the News Feed so even clients who haven’t visited your page in months will receive a notification of your video and be suddenly reminded of your unique service and skills.

Try hosting a reoccurring show where you interview clients, record testimonies, or test out new products. Remember to monitor all comments and be engaging with viewers on camera AND online.

Salon Plaza Supports it Members!

It is Salon Plaza’s MISSION to empower your desire to gain all the freedom, prosperity and control that you desire in your daily life. Using at least one of these Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips will be a powerful step to making 2018 your BEST YEAR YET.

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