November 6, 2014

Eyebrow Threading & Skin Care Wheaton MD: Bimala Thapa at Salon Plaza


Bimala_Thapa_My_Eyebrow_Threading_Wheaton_MDIntroducing Bimala Thapa, Owner of My Eyebrow Threading and Skin Care Wheaton MD

We chose Bimala to be Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month for November because of her caring professionalism.

Here’s Bimala’s journey from Nepalese housewife to Maryland salon owner:

Born in Nepal, I started out 19 years ago providing India’s ancient art of eyebrow threading

Then I became a licensed esthetician. I like to do my client’s faces because when they are happy…

I feel happy, too!

Both my husband and I are from Nepal. We got lucky and got a Visa in a lottery system. We were so glad because we always wanted to come here. We have one son, 17 years old, who lives here, too.

My husband helps me to plan and explore business opportunities. Soon I am going to start one more shop in the Federal Plaza in Rockville, MD.

How I Found Salon Plaza

After moving here, I was working from my home as a licensed esthetician doing skin care and eyebrow threading in Wheaton MD. Two years ago a neighbor told me about the new Salon Plaza in town. I’ve been here ever since.

It’s not easy. But compare to other places, I like it a lot.

Having my own place is the best!

Curious about opening your own shop in Maryland or Virginia? Then what are you waiting for?

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Life in Nepal

Eyebrow_threading_and_skin_care_Bimala_Thapa_NepalNepal is very different from here. I went to school, then college and got my skin care license. Even so, I didn’t have my own business in Nepal. I was basically a housewife. Back home, cooking and cleaning, I spent a lot of time inside the home.

I have a totally different life here. I work at my salon almost every day and have my own money to spend. I don’t have to ask if I want to buy something. My husband is happy about that too. To be in this country I have to work. I am happy here.

As women, we need the freedom

Salon Plaza gives me the freedom I need. I love that. Whatever we want we can have.

I like the people I work with very much. They are all good. My customers are also good. Almost all of the Plaza Members are my customers. We work hard to take care of our customers and pay the bills.

Sometimes I go to visit my family in Nepal. My mom, sister brother still live there. I help support my mom. I am glad to live here now.

5 Skin Care Tips for Healthy Skin

As a working woman, it makes you feel good to eat right, dress nice – and take care of your skin. Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices go together. They slow aging and keep your skin healthy and clear.

Start with These 5 Healthy Steps:

Bimala_Thapa_My_Eyebrow_Threading_in_Wheaton_MD1. Smile more!

Lots of stress can make your skin more sensitive and lead to skin problems like acne. Shorten your to-do list and take the time to do what you really enjoy, at least a little every day.

2. Eat healthy food

We eat healthy for our inside. In the same way, we must eat healthy for our skin on the outside. Eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. Get enough vitamin C to keep your skin looking its best.

3. Cleanse and moisturize daily

Wash your face before you go to sleep to get rid of the grime from the day. Hot water and harsh soaps are hard on your skin. Use warm water and mild cleansers. Gently pat your skin dry with a towel, and use a moisturizer daily that fits your skin type.

4. Protect yourself from the sun

Too much sun causes wrinkles and other skin problems. You could also get skin cancer. During the day it is very important to protect your skin with a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. You can also wear a hat.

5. Let yourself enjoy the benefits of a facial

A professional facial is what we need for skin therapy. Pores get clogged and we must minimize that. Choose an experienced esthetician who understands your skin type and will give you caring service.

My Advice for Salon Owners:

  1. Smile. Always think positive. This is very important for success.
  2. Clients come in for eyebrow threading and then want facials also. They get good service and then bring their family. Word of mouth and referrals help!
  3. Yelp helps also. Be sure to remind your happy clients to give you good reviews.
  4. Salon Plaza gives you a website that can help you get new clients.
  5. Keep good relationships with other stylists and they will refer clients who need your services.

Ready for the FREEDOM Salon Ownership Gives YOU?

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