August 31, 2014

Cosmetologists in Maryland & Virginia: Are you ready to open a salon?


Cosmetologists in Maryland and Virginia are passionate about salon ownership!If you’re like MOST cosmetologists in Maryland and Virginia…

You are PASSIONATE about opening your own shop:

  • You long for the freedom and accomplishment that comes with ownership
  • You enjoy personal one-to-one relationships with your clients
  • PLUS… you want to make more money for your family and live the lifestyle you choose.

How can you do all that… in today’s economy?

There is a way!

Salon Plaza offers experienced cosmetologists; hairstylists, barbers, nail techs and estheticians a profitable way to own a salon that WORKS… WITHOUT all the cash up front, uncertainty and drama!

Could this be the answer to your dreams?

If you are thinking about getting started as cosmetologists with Salon Plaza, you must get past certain career milestones before you can be seen as one of our “most likely to succeed” new Members.

First, of course, is getting your cosmetology license. We do have a few Plazas in Maryland that can accommodate braiders without a license, but for the most part, you’ll need an active cosmetologist’s license before you get started with us.

The next step is to build your clientele

Cosmetologist in Virginia Kristan Young own Just KristansThe amazing thing is, we’ve had experienced cosmetologists who come from out of state and move near one of our locations. They get started in one of our studios with ZERO clientele – and succeed!

And we’ve had cosmetologists succeed right out of school. Visit Kristan Young, owner of JUST KRISTAN’S in Virginia Beach.

But this is unusual – and not recommended

You can do it IF you have a lot of drive and know how to market yourself to quickly get new clients. It’s just a risky way to go about it.

The surest way to succeed is by having a solid book and a high per visit sale.

That is to say, before getting started, your numbers matter. It’s best to have these practical matters, the brass tacks of your business, in place.

Take a reality check – Find out if you have what it takes to succeed as an Owner-Member with Salon Plaza:

Are You Ready To Own A Salon? Take The Quiz Now!

It’s not about brains, beauty, or luck

Got beauty skills and enough clientele?  Wait!

A whole other side of running your own shop is equally important, if not more so.

You know, it’s a lot easier to OPEN a salon than to run it SUCCESSFULLY

Cosmetologists own a salon in Virginia and Maryland with Salon PlazaAs a cosmetologist, you’re an artist. Your goal is to make your clients look and feel their best. Let’s face it – as a salon owner, a whole new set of skills come into play. That’s especially true today…

Considering all the costs and competition out there!

Prospering as a business owner is all about mastering the mindset and actions that separate those who succeed from the rest. Not knowing the basics about business is the reason why some excellent practitioners really struggle to build and run their own shop… profitably!

First, the bad news: Did you know,
95% of all salons that don’t make it fail because of a lack of business skills?

And the good news?

These skills are learnable.  What’s more, if you have enough clientele who will follow you to your new place, you can grow your mindset as you grow your business.

At Salon Plaza, we help our members get on the path to success with the right mindset and action steps. For a story about someone who got business training and the difference it made to her success…

Cosmetologist in Maryland Rickisha White Simply Elegance Salon BaltimoreCheck out – Rickisha White, owner of SIMPLY ELEGANCE STUDIO near Baltimore, MD.

If you opened your own place today, would you succeed?

Take Our FREE Salon Owner Success Quiz & See for Yourself

This success quiz is specially designed to find out if YOU are ready to be in the drivers seat. To have all the freedom, control, and success of owning a top beauty salon.

Ownership isn’t right for everyone. Is it right for you? Find out now… Go ahead. It’s fun, easy, eye-opening… and only takes 3 minutes.

And best of all… it’s FREE!

Are You Ready To Own A Salon? Take The Quiz Now!

Salon Plaza – Your Space For Prosperity!


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