September 30, 2015

Cosmetologists: 7 Days To Closer Relationships With Your Clients


build closer relationships cosmetologists_salon_plaza_be_as_you_lookAttention Cosmetologists:

What can a 13th Century Persian poet tell salon owners and salon booth renters about how to build closer relationships with clients?

As it turns out:


A poet of love and joy, Rumi is the most popular poet in the USA. His stanzas have been set to music and performed worldwide.

His poetry expresses what it feels like to be alive, helping us to understand our own search for connection and joy.

Build Lasting Closer Relationships

One consistent quality of our most successful salon owners is their ability to be a source of hope, warmth, and connection for their clients.

To see what I mean, check out these prosperous Salon Plaza Members who develop loving, closer relationships with their clients…

“A good job is not enough. You have to be a sweetheart too. People need the extra touch. When they sit in my chair for the very first time, I tell them, you are not a client, you are my brother/sister. People really love it.”

Diana, owner of Diana’s Hair Design in Rockville, MD

“The first time I see them, they are my client… next time my friend. And when they keep coming back, they are family.”

~ Kathy Rowley, owner of Salon GoldnLOX in Sterling VA

We build habits over time

Last weekend I went to a workshop and discovered “The 7 Advices of Rumi”. This poem can be read as 7 mini-meditations. Try focusing on one line each day.

Read through the stanzas and feel their foundation in love:

  • What does the phrase mean to you?
  • How can it help you build better relationships with clients?

Try LIVING one line all day for a week, and then start again. Soon you will see their positive effect on your psyche. You will become a source of comfort and inspiration for your friends, family, and clients… way beyond the skilled salon services you already provide.

Here are the 7 Advices of Rumi – and my humble effort at suggesting what they might mean, along with how to apply them to build lasting closer relationships…

“7 Advices of Rumi”

cosmetologists_salon_plaza_be_like_the_river build closer relationshipsMonday: In generosity and helping others, be like the river

A river flows in one direction and does not ask for reciprocation. Yet, it is renewed. On Monday, focus on giving from the overflow.

Ask yourself, what does this client need to feel happy, supported, and seen? Let attentiveness to others be your guide today.

Tuesday: In compassion and grace, be like the sun

Unlike the moon, the sun creates its own source of light. For today, set your intention to be a source of warmth, kindness, and cheer.

If it’s a sunny day, spend a few minutes soaking up rays of warmth. During the day, remind yourself of how the sun spreads light in all directions.

Your inner warmth and grace will spread out to your clients, giving feelings of joy, goodwill and help build closer relationships.

Wednesday: In concealing others’ faults, be like the night

We all have faults. Indeed, most qualities have both their positive and their difficult side, so what appears as a fault to one may be experienced as a strength by another.

It’s best not to talk of others’ shortcomings for many reasons – it will bring you down, and affect the mood of the listener. They might wonder what you say behind their back!

Instead of examining others’ faults, focus on one positive quality. If the client is talking negatively, imagine the night putting a blanket of peace on the conversation. Rather than feed the negativity, instead, say something hopeful and kind.

Thursday: In anger and fury, be like the dead

For a moment I hesitated on this one – should I change the phrase to “be like those who sleep”?

Truth is, when we pass on, we can’t take our anger and furry with us. We let it go. Some problems must be addressed, but letting go of anger will give you a clearer mind to create a better situation. Guide your actions with perspective: This too shall pass.

closer relationships - in tolerance be like the sea

Friday: In modesty and humility, be like the earth

The earth supports life. Generations upon countless generations. Millions of lives including all species… and yet, the earth remains humbly beneath our feet. When your pride rises up, send it to the earth as fertilizer.

Your humility will give your clients a moment to shine.

Saturday: In tolerance be like the sea

As a practicing cosmetologist, you will encounter all kinds of people and hear endless stories about others.

On the sea, there’s plenty of room for all. Remain buoyant by letting go of judgment. Let your heart become a vast container of differences and distinctions. All of that appears the same near the horizon.

Sunday: Either exist as you are, or be as you look

This is a good one for Sunday. When you put on nice clothes for Church, you make the effort to be your best self.

Similarly, when a minister puts on his attire to stand in front of his or her congregation, he must raise himself up to fulfill his role.

Today, focus on matching your appearance to who you are on the inside. At the same time, elevate your thoughts and actions to match your appearance. Remain genuine and yet dress to express your best self.

In this way, you will grow into the promise  of who you really are by choosing to look your best on this day of rest.

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P.S. If you’re curious about the poet Rumi and want to know more – here’s an article about Rumi.


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