February 13, 2015

Chevon’s Hair Studio: Beauty Haven for Black Hair Care in Rockville MD


Chevon Prather - Chevon's Hair Studio in Rockville MD black hair careMeet Chevon Prather, Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month for February!

Have YOU been to Chevon’s Hair Studio in Rockville?

Then you know about her heartfelt journey from Shampoo Assistant to Salon Owner…

Way back in 1986 while I was studying for my cosmetology license, I started out as a shampoo assistant at the New Look Hair Studio in Rockville.

Now I am the owner of my own salon specializing in black hair care with a shampoo assistant as my hire. I hope to give her the same great start in the beauty business my first opportunity gave me.

After getting licensed, the owner of New Look started giving me her overflow. That’s how I got the experience and began to build my clientele. After 3 years, she retired, closed her shop, and moved to South Carolina.

Eventually, I found a great place to work in Gaithersburg – Extreme Hair Salon. Six years later, in November 2001, the owner, Donna Cline-Smythe, sold her business because the overhead got to be too much.

Guess where SHE has been for the past 15 years… You got it, Salon Plaza Rockville!

How I Created this Haven for Black Hair Care

After Extreme closed, I was switching salons so much. I needed to find a place to stay as long as I could do hair. A place to call my own.

One day a customer came in for services who was a hairstylist. She had just toured Salon Plaza Rockville and loved it, but wasn’t ready to own her own shop. There was ONE vacancy – Right away I called Salon Plaza, took the tour, and got in. That was 9 years ago.

Come see for yourself…

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What’s it like to own a salon?

Chevon_Prather_client_front black hair carePeace. Joy.

It’s so good to be able to set my own hours, operate the way I want to, and attract the kind of clients I like to work with. I have the FREEDOM and CONTROL to create my own atmosphere, standards, and professionalism.

I do miss having other stylists in with me because we feed off of each other. But you don’t have to deal with a lot of different personalities… that’s why Chevon’s Hair Studio is Peace and Joy –

Not hectic, with all of the good and bad that comes with that!

Since I like new ideas and innovations, I find other ways to get the same buzz – like going to hair shows and styling classes. In the Plaza, we interact together and share new ideas – when we don’t forget to take the time.

The Members Only Coaching Calls with marketing and motivation are a great idea. It’s better to be on LIVE and ask questions, but the calls are recorded if you can’t make it.

My passion is Black Hair Care

I love to show women how to take care of their natural hair. No add-ons. Many of my clients come regularly – every week or every 2 weeks, usually at the same time. We all know each other and get comfortable together.

Even though I’ll have up to 4 in my studio, there’s still a lot of PRIVACY. My clients feel free to talk about black hair care issues – and more.

We talk about our spirit. Everyone engages because we are all going through the same things in life. Coming to my salon is about more than just hair. So much more. It’s about nourishing everything. When you feel good inside, your hair grows well.

As women, we go through so much – our hair is so important to us!

Black Hair Care at Chevon's Hair Studio in Rockville MD

We tend to take care of everyone and everything else, except ourselves. Stress causes a lot of illness. You have to make sure your inside is healthy to make sure your hair is healthy.

Not only that – As women, we have to work harder and be careful with personalities, attitudes and how we present ourselves. It’s a challenge to blend with society while maintaining personal character.

That’s why Chevon’s Hair Studio is a Haven for Women to come in and be themselves – with camaraderie.

I base my business on God. Whoever I am, how well I am, is who I bring in – I attract clients with the same cares and perspectives as I have. It’s important to avoid negativity and keep the atmosphere at a good place.

I’m committed to Salon Plaza

My clients like the 1-1 “catered attention”. They like it, and I like it. I get to know then better. It’s just more personable in a studio salon. I’m here for the duration.

Thinking of opening a black hair care salon in a Salon Plaza Studio?

It’s a great place to be as long as you have experience and a clientele. Be sure you are already established. This is a lifetime decision.

You will be building something for yourself that serves others.

The best way to take care of yourself as a salon professional is to a have a positive outlook and a vision! Be in control – not out of control. If this sounds like a DREAM – and if you think you’re ready, then what are you waiting for? Take a tour, just like I did.

It just might change your life…

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