July 9, 2014

Best Salon in Baltimore: 7 Tips For A Cosmetologist To Own A Salon


Riskisha White Simply Elegance Salon Baltimore resized 600Best Salon in Baltimore – Simply Elegance Studio at Salon Plaza in Liberty Court

Meet Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month for July – RICKISHA WHITE – Beauty Professional, Consultant, and Educator in Randallstown, MD

Follow in Rickisha’s Footsteps to the best salon and to Fulfill Your DREAM… As an Artist & Salon Owner!

Hi, I’m Rickisha, owner of the Simply Elegance Studio near Baltimore, MD. As an artist and salon owner, my PASSION is to… “Enhance your beauty with Elegance and Style so you may indulge in your beauty experience.”

Your Beauty Starts Within

Simply Elegance Studio Salon provides Healthy Hair Care Services and Makeup Artistry application. I service my clients by appointments only in the most elegant and serene atmosphere. My salon focuses on great customer service, quality styling, and customer appreciation!

As a Beauty Professional Senior Cosmetologist, I’ve owned Simply Elegance Studio since 2007. By owning my own salon, I have transformed my gifts, talents, and skills as a Beauty Professional, Consultant, and Educator. My zeal for this industry has gained me great success and inspired me to share my gifts and knowledge with some of the most amazing and phenomenal women.

If you live in Maryland or Virginia, find out now if being an OWNER could work for you – take a tour of the Salon Plaza nearest you…

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A Little Girl’s Dream

I’ve wanted to do hair since childhood. On school picture day, I’d come with combs and brushes and pins for anyone who wanted me to do their hair. As a teen, I’d do hair for family and friends, and then when my older sister went to college, I’d do her friends’ hair.

At age twelve in Atlanta, Georgia, I got my first exposed to trade shows and hairstyles of platform artists. After that…

I Was on a Mission

After graduating from high school, I wanted to follow my dream to own a successful salon business. I left my home in Kentucky and moved to Baltimore to do my cosmetology training. After graduating, I stayed in this area because I have family here. A few months before graduating from cosmetology school, I assisted in my instructor’s salon. Still in training, that’s how I got off to a fast start.

When Preparation Meets Opportunity, Luck Is There

This was a lucky break because after I got my license, I got to train under senior cosmetologists. As the only newbie, I was their protégé. I watched what the senior stylists were doing. At age 19, I was grateful for the opportunity. I was being groomed to succeed.

Then in 2006, I went to Hollywood, California to pursue a Masters in Make-up Artistry from Elegance International School of Make-Up Artists. The following year I came back to Maryland as a senior cosmetologist and professional makeup artist.

Salon Plaza Riskisha White Simply Elegance Studio Baltimore resized 600

I Started Right in at Salon Plaza

They didn’t think I could afford it because I’d just come back to town, but it worked itself out.

My Secret?

I’m a great communicator. I kept in touch and interacted with my clients, even when I was relocated in California.

Salon Plaza Helped Build My Book

Member Salon Owners get their own personal website for client attraction. And yes, I do get plenty of business off my Salon Plaza site. It has been a good pull.

One day, someone from FOX News called – she found me through my Salon Plaza site. They were looking for salons to feature and liked my photos and bio.

Be Mindful and Considerate

My dream is to excel as a cosmetologist and businesswoman. To balance artistry and business, I earned an Associate Degree in Business Administration. Business school helped me succeed by teaching me how to be well rounded as a small business owner: managing the paperwork, maintain good records, and growing my base with marketing know-how.

Salon Plaza Riskisha White Simply Elegance Salon Baltimore resized 600

On the top of the list?

Customer Service

What makes me stand out as a cosmetologist? Great customer service skills: Offering great hair care tips and providing a relaxing and elegant environment. My customers like the openness and spaciousness of my Salon Plaza Studio.

All the while, I’ve continued my education, staying current and learning the latest and greatest in techniques, products, and styles. Education and training make me stand out from the crowd as a business owner. This has given me the tools all these years to express my passion and love for cosmetology.

Still Very Reasonable – Salon Plaza Offers a Great Opportunity

Here’s my advice to anyone thinking of opening a salon in a Salon Plaza Studio:

1. If you are just starting out, do everything you can to meet people to establish your clientele. Interact. Introduce yourself. Offer a gift certificate. Do promotions.

2. Have an area that you specialize in. Know what sets you apart from the rest and be able to communicate that.

3. The first impression means a lot. Be a canvas for your work.

4. Maintain repeat customers by giving your clients the excellent service they look for. And stay in touch with them between visits with email and social media.

5. Become the Consultant – By keeping informed and educated, you will be able to make suggestions and recommendations. Listen to what they have to say, and be able to tell them what’s good for them and what’s not.

6. Changes are good – Many people are willing to try something different if you present it in the right way. Suggest small changes and help them by giving them the confidence to try. Your goal is to make your clients happy at the end of the day.

7. Give your clients hands-on advice on how to maintain their style in-between appointments. This includes offering retail products. This will benefit you as well – At least 20 to 25% of my profits come from retail sales.

If you do all of this, your business will build itself. Watch it grow over time and fulfill your dream as a beauty professional.

I want to give a special THANK YOU to all customers, friends and family for sharing and partaking in this vision. We love you, we appreciate you, and may God bless you.

If You Live in Maryland or Virginia and

Your DREAM is to Own It…

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