Best Hair Salon Woodbridge: Hair Abundance by Yolanda

Best Hair Salon Woodbridge: Hair Abundance by Yolanda

best hair salon woodbridge va yolandaDiscover Yolanda Marquez, Owner of Hair Abundance by Yolanda

Best Hair Salon Woodbridge VA Gets Noticed!

Salon Plaza chose Yolanda Marquez as our outstanding Member of the Month for July because she adds value to all the lives she touches. At Hair Abundance by Yolanda she creates a professional environment where clients feel welcome…

and leave looking and feeling their very best!

How Yolanda Turned Her Life Into A Masterpiece

“In all adversity, you get an equal or better benefit.”

Salon Plaza Woodbridge VA Hair AbundanceAll this prosperity and abundance got started for Yolanda when she read a book that changed her life. These words by Zig Ziglar touched her heart…

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

As the owner an outstanding hair salon in Woodbridge, Yolanda has a great life, a positive self-image, and high self-esteem.

But it wasn’t always this way. Before she found success as a cosmetologist and salon owner, Yolanda was over 30, had two children and a failed marriage.

She’s proof that it doesn’t matter what gender, economic status, ethnicity, age… if you have a dream and you work steadily toward your goal, you will get your dream.

Are YOU Ready to OWN IT?

Best Hair Salon Woodbridge Salon Plaza

Here’s Yolanda’s path from despair to owner of the best salon Woodbridge:

Exit Strategy From a Rocky Marriage

“Years ago, I took a big hit from rocky marriage and needed to rebuild my life. At the time I was in school fulfilling my dream to become a schoolteacher. That goal was going to take too long to complete:

I needed to choose a line of work I could do right away to earn my living.

So I asked my school counselor –

“What can I do to get a degree in a year?”

She asked me,

“Have you ever thought of being a hairdresser?

“Not really,” I said. No one I knew from my hometown had ever made a good living at it.

Best Hair Salon Woodbridge VA Yolanda MarquezRunning out of options, I was willing to take a chance at making it happen. I enrolled at Mitchell Hair School with a grant that my counselor helped me to receive. Determined to accomplish my goal, I graduated nine months later – on the Dean’s List!

I had earned a degree and diploma from Fayetteville Tech and a degree from Mitchell’s Hair School. In that short amount of time, I had accomplished a lot.

After graduating I got a job in Fayetteville, near Fort Bragg. Just to get my feet wet, I did a lot of military haircuts for men, staying at it a few months until I could move to Virginia.

Blood Is Thicker than Adversity

Believe it or not, my x-husband’s sister gave me a place to live and helped me with my children to keep expenses low while I got back on my feet. She lives in Woodbridge.

I went to work at a local salon and stayed for three months. But a lot of crazy stuff was happening there – you know how it can get with a bunch of stylists in one space….

Then I heard about Bubbles, which is one of the Ratner Companies. I went to see if they’d hire me. Before they would say yes, I had to do two haircuts and two colors.

Best Hair Salon Woodbridge Hair AbundanceNot knowing anyone nearby, I walked around Walmart offering the best deal ever – a FREE hairdo and color! Two people committed. They came, I did their hair, and I got the job.

I really liked Bubbles – I enjoyed the buzz, the people… totally different from my previous work experiences. Trouble was, to make ends meet I was working 7 days a week and couldn’t go to church on Sundays.

I just wanted to set my own schedule, do my work, and go home.

Despite the challenges, I remained upbeat. I knew one day I would own my own business – but didn’t know how.

Why Salon Plaza Woodbridge

“You mean you’ve been around and I didn’t know about it? Where have you been all my life?”

A girlfriend of mine, Mburo Jalloh, was also hairstylist at Bubbles. We went to a hair show where we met Julie Badura. She’s the Area Leader and Start-Up Specialist for Salon Plaza in Virginia.

Salon Plaza Woodbridge hadn’t even been built yet. I started the interview process to move there. Julie wanted to make sure I could make it on my own. Guess what – my friend Mburo runs her own shop at Salon Plaza Woodbridge, too!

Owner of Best Hair Salon Woodbridge Tells All!

best hair salon woodbrige hair abundance by yolandaHere’s My Truth:

“God got me out of it. He put me around positive people to uplift me until I could make a better life.

I also want to express my gratitude to Ratner Company for developing Salon Plaza so I could reap that greater benefit.”

Now I feel like I have the best hair salon Woodbridge – I get to work creatively with men and women of all hair types. I do color and highlights, cuts and trims, relaxers, perms, wigs and extensions, as well natural hairstyles, treatments and more!

If you want to set your own schedule, create your own atmosphere, and be totally in charge of your life, then THIS may be the answer to your prayers.

“Salon Plaza makes it easy to open a salon and run it profitably.”

Discover if owning a salon is what you’ve been waiting for…

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