Best Hair Salon Laurel: Treating Hair Loss to Regain Natural Beauty

Best Hair Salon Laurel: Treating Hair Loss to Regain Natural Beauty

Best Hair Salon Laurel MD Katina McCollumLooking for the Best Hair Salon Laurel MD?

Introducing Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month for August:

Katina McCollum, Hairstylist and Trichology Practitioner

Owner of KATINA’S HAIR STUDIO in Laurel, MD

Katina’s Hair Salon at the Laurel Shopping Center provides the best hair care services in an intimate studio salon. Specializing in treating hair loss, breakage and scalp problems, her professional services are geared towards enhancing natural beauty in peaceful privacy.

Why not come in and get fancy with a customized cut, color, and style? For fast, friendly service that will surely turn heads, book an appointment with the Best Hair Salon Laurel, Katina’s Hair Studio. For an appointment –

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Salon Plaza chose Katina to be the Member of the Month for August because of her superb skill level, loving service, and passion for making women feel and look their beautiful best. Here’s Katina’s story…

Katina’s Inspiring Journey

One challenge well met leads to bigger and better things. In the tenth grade I enrolled in R.O.T.C. and completed the training. R.O.T.C. teamed up with the police department and gave the exams to become a police cadet. I did it because it was offered and to challenge myself.

The best part about this was the confidence it gave me. I was excited about passing both the physical and written tests. I noticed people in their late 20’s to mid 30’s weren’t passing the physical part, so I felt I had accomplished something. This set a high bar for accomplishing in life.

But it wasn’t my passion; I never followed that path. After high school while working as a hotel receptionist I thought…

Why Not Follow My Dream?

Best Hair Salon Laurel MD KatinaSince I was a little girl I’ve always been passionate about doing hair. Going to cosmetology school was definitely a challenge. To get to class I had to commute from Jessup to Baltimore, a half-hour drive every day.

No matter. The confidence I gained from the R.O.T.C. course made me feel that whatever I wanted to do, I could do it. I could push forward and get it done.

After graduating with my cosmetology license, I started working for Trade Secret Salon by Regis in the Laurel Mall. I got a great start there. Being recognized as the top stylist, they would send me to advanced training’s in LA, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Best Hair Salon Laurel

When I first heard about Salon Plaza, it was just an idea in my head. Then I started to notice the mall was in decline. When I found out the Express Store was closing, I immediately went to Salon Plaza and applied.

A few months later I moved to Salon Plaza Laurel and opened my own shop, Katina’s Hair Studio. Almost all of my clients stayed with me – only a few didn’t follow me to my new location.

What Attracted Me To Salon Plaza

The individual private studios drew me there. The idea of being able to work in a more intimate setting with clients is really appealing. Privacy benefits everybody. I take no more than four clients at a time. This mean there’s not so much in and out.

It’s like a little family here.

Best Hair Salon Laurel MD Katina McCollumSome clients are quiet, some are talkative. They know each other because they come in for regular visits. They are my little team. If there’s a new person, they make them feel comfortable. When someone new comes in, they will just engage with them. It all works out.

Hair Loss Specialist

I am a Trichology Practitioner, which makes privacy all the more important. If you are experiencing hair loss, I can look at your scalp through a digital microscope to understand why. I’ll look at your hair also, but it starts with the scalp. Then I come up with a natural approach to regaining your hair.

One of the main causes for hair loss is excessive pulling from weaves and braids. Nutrition also has a lot to do with it. If you don’t have a great diet, you might be anemic or dieting too much. Of course, some hair loss is hereditary or due to illness.

I really enjoy working with people and do everything with love. It’s even on my business card:

“Done with Love”

That’s why my clients tell me Katina’s is the Best Hair Salon Laurel. If you want to look your healthy best, simply make an appointment.

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