Best Plan for Beauty Professionals: Gratitude & Trust Go Hand-in-Hand

Best Plan for Beauty Professionals: Gratitude & Trust Go Hand-in-Hand


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You CAN Plan for Prosperity in 2016

Have you noticed?

Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, much talk about gratitude fills the airwaves. You don’t have to look far for words of “encouragement” (often with $$$ attached) to feel the gratitude, love it, and buy it.

As if happiness could be bought.

Yes, appreciating what nurtures and sustains you in your life is a good thing. Many of our Members of the Month live by trust and gratitude –

Do YOU do what these successful beauty professionals and salon owners do?


As you start your day,
thanking God (or the universe) for all people and good things around you is wise.
But let’s have a little perspective here

For too many businesses, there is never any real thought given to the action of gratitude. They talk as if just saying the word bestows a powerful gift of magic and wonderment.

And they rarely deliver beyond the sizzle

Being true to their word is a vague concept without real meaning. So we get lots of empty promises like “the customer is king” and “you’re the boss”. It all SOUNDS great, but it’s just a lot of tiresome babble when not put into action.

In your own beauty industry career, it’s time to get real

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Beauty Professionals, instead of crafting your promise to your prospects and customers by mimicking the worn-out babble of big business – be real, tell the truth, and don’t make promises you can’t fulfill.

Never look outside of yourself for your “mission”. Instead, understand what a USP or “Unique Selling Promise” is. And discover how to craft one that truly reflects and defines you and your services.

When you make a promise to your customers, make sure you have the ability to fulfill on that promise in the future. That creates trust and an excellent reputation you can live by.

Gratitude & Trust Go Hand-In-Hand

If you decide you want to shine at customer service, then DO IT. Don’t talk about it. Don’t put off your customers with fake sincerity and impossible promises. Get really good at caring for your customers. Truly. The word will get out, for sure.

Think about it, and about your personal regard for gratitude. When someone goes the extra mile for YOU, how to you show your appreciation? Is it just with words? Or are you willing to give a little extra in return? To befriend the person?

What goes around, comes around. When someone goes the extra mile for you when you really need it, is your main expression of gratitude to say it over and over? And once you’re off on your way, the person who helped you drops off like a distant memory? Then that’s what will come back to you as a beauty professional.

A nice tip gets oodles more mileage than mere gushy praise.

Stretching the truth, even when it comes to gratitude, is akin to lying. The small lies in life set up the big ones, making trust tough to come by. You know, these days trust isn’t automatic, for good reason. Trust is and always will be earned, one act at a time.

You can’t just say you’re trustworthy and have it mean anything. Never try to upscale your reputation with promises you can’t fulfill. Don’t “pretend” — Action counts. Your prospects and customers will let you know what your reputation is, soon enough.

Salon Plaza's 52 Keys To Beauty Professionals Prosperity In this crowded, competitive beauty industry, there’s always a way for you to stand out from the rest. Find your CORE POWER. That’s where your customers’ wants and needs truly merge with what you are best at giving.

Stop for a moment to consider… how do you SHOW your gratitude to your customers?

Does it actually, really make a difference in their lives? Do they FEEL it? When they come into your salon, how do they benefit?

When you talk the talk of customer appreciation, make sure it’s not just a bunch of pretty sounding words. Real gratitude moves hearts and is connected at the hip with action.

To all our consistent readers of this Salon Plaza Success Blog, please accept my heartfelt THANKS for being a regular visitor. 

And if you just stumbled on this post today…

Thank YOU for beginning this incredible journey to prosperity and happiness with us. There’s A LOT here to gain from.

Next up: The 4 Elements to DECIDE on a better future – And carry it through in 2016. 

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