March 28, 2013

Salon Owner Success: 3 Powerful Ways To Build Your Reputation Online


cosmetologists, Build your reputation onlineWho Else Wants To Increase Their Beauty Salon’s Chances Of Getting Found On GOOGLE…

And Build Your Reputation Online? 

It’s EASY if you know how to build your online reputation!

How Do You Do That?

There are a gazillion FREE or nearly free ways… but if you want to invest the least amount of your time for the BIGGEST BANG!

Read on to discover the 3 most powerful reputation-building actions a salon owner or salon booth renter can take.

Use the Web to build your reputation online and attract new clients without breaking the bank by…

  1. Being Searchable on the Web
  2. Building Your Reputation – You’re reading this post now!
  3. Using Mobile Marketing
  4. Leveraging Your Online Reputation

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First, the Online Basics:

Remember to start with Step 1: Be Searchable.

Online reputation building begins after you have chosen your keywords and followed the proper steps for the search engines (SEO). If you haven’t picked a salon name yet, consider choosing a Google Friendly Salon Name.

Once you have chosen your Google Friendly name and become searchable on the web, your next step is to improve your chances of being found in the search results by building your online reputation.

3 Powerful Ways To Build Your Reputation Online:

1. Create Community with Social Networking Sites

Start with social networking to build your reputation online. Become a member of the most popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In. Registering with them is FREE.

Just like with ordinary friendships, to build your reputation you must participate actively and authentically on a regular basis.

For example, uploading lots of content, making friends, commenting on other’s content, and getting others to comment on yours will help your profile rank.

TIP: Use your full name or salon name as your profile name, either as a single word or with hyphens

TIP: Fill out the profiles fully – photos, bio, videos, links, topics, tags – whatever the profile offers.

TIP: Write up a bio with links

Most social media site ask for a “bio” or “profile”. This gives you an easy way to link to your various web pages.

Prepare a stock bio, something like:

YOUR NAME is a hair salon in YOUR CITY, STATE that specializes in (what you do).  The salon’s popular Beauty blog gives beauty tips for people who want to (desired result). Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.

 The underlined words would be live links to your web pages.

2. Share Photos

Publish and share your client and salon pictures and make them public on photo sharing websites like Pinterest, Flickr, and Photo Bucket. Letting your friends see and comment on them will showcase your work and help drive traffic to your website.

In such a visual industry like beauty, photo-sharing is a must-do to build your reputation online.

Be sure to use Keyword rich captions that include your salon name, city, and state.

3. Start a Blog

One of the most powerful ways to promote your salon online is to blog. Start your own blog about your company’s services. Include original CONTENT like stories about your clients and how you helped them. Write about what gets you excited to be a professional beauty service provider.

Each post should have one central idea or topic.

Add your photos to your blog posts! 

When you add a relevant photo, your post will get more attention. Your photos usually tell a story, which is a great idea for a post.

These blog articles can also be shortened and used as posts, comments, and tweets on your social networking sites.

Build Your Reputation Online with Michelle Shaeffer Blog CoachNext, promote your blog in blog directories.

You can also promote your blog and company website by posting comments in other blogs on the same topic.

Be sure to leverage your network.

Use your address book or your list of social media contacts to your advantage – Connect with them on each of your social media sites. Look for new connections, too.

You’ll be surprised how quickly friends, family, and clients will come from all directions to link to your budding online reputation.

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