Attract New Salon Clients and Create LOYALTY w/o Spending a Dime

Attract New Salon Clients and Create LOYALTY w/o Spending a Dime

For Salon Pros Who Want to Attract New Clients and Keep Them Longer

attract new salon clientsAre you relying on word-of-mouth to attract new salon clients and keep your calendar booked?

If you want to shift from hoping for word-of-mouth to creating a reliable referral system, click below:

How to TRIPLE Your Referrals

Other than ask for referrals, there are many right ways to attract new clients that costs you only your time. The only wrong way is to expect magic to happen while doing nothing!

Here is the key to getting new clients and keeping them longer:

Know Your Top Clientele

Who are they and what do they really want? Think of your repeat high-end clients. What do they have in common? What do you do that continually pleases them? You can attract new salon clients just like your top clientele. These are the clients who can afford your services and love what you do.

Next, differentiate yourself from the rest. When you decide how you stand out from all the other salons, you will attract new salon clients without competing on price. Once you know why your top clients choose you, turn this into your messaging on your website, social media, and print advertisements.

If you take the time to tell your prospect what makes you stand out, you can promote your services at full price.

Quick Tip to Attract New Salon Clients:

Choose three phrases that describe what you’re really good at. Think of the reviews and compliments your clients give you. What delights them the most? Just as important, what drives you to give your best effort?




Use these three phrases in your advertisements and social media to attract new salon clients. Think these phrases to yourself throughout the day. By focusing your mind this way, you’ll get even better at what you do best. Your clients will notice the difference and come back for more!

 “Treat every customer as if they sign your paycheck — because they do.” ~ Anon.

Salon Plaza SupportWith the challenge of getting new clients in a competitive industry, salon pros can’t afford to lose the ones they’ve earned… it’s just too costly! Your treasured guests do have a lot of choices out there.

One really important thing you can do to create loyalty is to take time to educate your clientele about haircare and styling. You can do this at no cost with social media, and by sending informative emails or texts to existing clients.

In this day and age, it’s amazing but true. Many salon professionals still don’t have a promotional website! But a web presence is important – a must in today’s world to attract new salon clients.

When was the last time YOU looked for a business in a phone book? Of course, everyone searches for what they want online. This means you need to have a website that shows up when someone searches in your area for services like yours,

Trouble is, most business owners don’t have the time or expertise to create their own website.

For sure, it can cost A LOT of money and time to create one from scratch. And very few know how to make it show up in the searches. If you’d like help with this, check out our post on search marketing for salons.

That’s why Salon Plaza gives Members their own personal website that search engines like Google can identify. Giving you a personal, searchable website is only one of the many ways that Salon Plaza helps its Member Salon Owners to grow and prosper.

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