May 22, 2014

Attention Hairstylists: 5 Proven Ways To Fill Your Book… FAST!


Hair stylists salon owners marketing tipsAttention Hairstylists and Salon Owners Who Want (NEED?!) To Get More Business – Even If You’re On A Shoestring Budget!

You can fill your book by 1) Attracting new clients and by 2) Marketing to your existing client base. Both approaches work – but only if you get really good at communicating the right message to the right people.

How Busy Do You Want To Be?

You can serve anyone who calls or walks into your salon, but when it comes to investing your dollars and time – that’s a different story.

Truth is, your resources are limited.

That’s why you must laser-focus your marketing messages to your “target audience” – your most likely prospects who would make great clients.

Good News:

Even better, you don’t need to spend hours on Facebook or mail a mass of postcards to a purchased list, hoping someone will respond. You might not know how yet, but your next revenue surge is there for the asking… with the right effort.

5 Ways To Fill Your Book – FAST!

1. Stand out with Your “Unique Selling Promise” – USP

After years of help salon pros succeed, we know that your first step is to craft a clear message that describes what your clients want that only you can provide. This compelling message is your foundation to attract new clients and build loyal relationships.

Here’s how to discover your USP:

To attract more clients FAST, you must know who your “ideal clients” are.Hair stylists salon owners marketing tips

    • Which clients can you best serve?
    • Who needs what you offer?
    • Right now, who buys your services?
    • Do you enjoy serving them?
    • And who can pay your fees?

These people are your “target market” – Your ideal clients who are seeking what only YOU can provide. Once you know who want to keep as clients, you must stand for something in their eyes.

    • What challenges do you overcome for your clients?
    • What are the concerns, fears, and desires of the people you want to serve?
    • Describe the specific, valuable, life-benefiting results you give your clients.
    • How do you help them feel happier, gain confidence and get more out of life?

Click to get help discovering who you are FOR and what you are ABOUT – Your powerful message to become the chosen provider for the people you can serve best.

2. The Hidden Power of Your Business Card

This next step will help you to develop relationships with your target audience. They’ll feel like they personally received a special offer from you!

First, get your salon business cards printed with a tagline that expresses your USP. Then when you approach someone, use a conversational form of your USP – For instance, if your tagline is:

“Make the switch to natural beauty.”

Your USP might be –

“I help women make the switch from chemically processed hair to allow their natural beauty to shine through.”

Now here’s the hidden power – Just before handing the potential new client your card, turn it over and on the backside, write a special offer. Be sure to sign it as they look on! Here’s what to say when you hand a new prospect your business card.

Hair stylists salon owners marketing tips

3. Use Facebook For FREE and FEE

Using Facebook can help you to connect with your target audience, if you know how to do it right. Keep your prospects interested and connected for FREE by updating your page with related, engaging, helpful posts. Use your USP as a guide for what to write about.

FEE-based Facebook ads will connect you with new prospects outside of your current followers.

4. Your Client Hot List

Although it might seem like a new idea to “market” to your existing clients, it’s a costly mistake to only focus on getting new clients to come in. As a savvy cosmetologist, you must discover how to stay in touch with your regulars and show that you appreciate them between visits.

Ask your clients if they would like to be on your HOT LIST to receive specials. Keep in touch with email, twitter, text… in the way that they prefer.

One great way to keep your chair full is to give a discount to clients who can come in on short notice. When you have a cancellation or an open spot – you text or call them, whichever they would prefer. They get the services they need for a little less, and your chair stays full.

You both come out ahead!

5. Create Excitement with Invitations

Who else love to receive an invitation? When you get one in the mail, don’t you open it up right away? One way to stay in touch between visits is to send out an invitation. Right away this gives a feeling of appreciation and mystery – NOT EVERYONE is invited!

Invitations contain 3 main pieces and a proven strategy – find out how you as a salon owner or independent stylist can use invitations to keep your book FULL.

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