August 16, 2013

Ask Salon Plaza: How Can Salons Use Invitations To Get Attention?

Salon plaza salon business invitation mailer 2Who Doesn’t Like To Receive An Invitation?

If you got one in the mail, wouldn’t you open it up right away and see what it was all about?

Attention Independent Salon Professionals:

Salon Plaza Members have been building their business like crazy by using “The Invitation Mailer”. In the right circumstances, it can give independent salon professionals amazing results.

Designed to look like an actual invitation to an event, the mailer is made up of 3 pieces. Salon owners can use it to invite a specific group of clients or prospects to participate in an event, to get a new product demonstration, or to take advantage of a special offer.

It has the feeling of mystique and exclusivity – NOT EVERYONE is invited!

How To Get Started:

First, think of something special you can invite people to. Perhaps you learned a new service or are selling a new product. Or maybe it’s time you honored your best clients with a gathering. Has something special happened in your life, like having a new baby or your first born graduating from high school? You need a REASON to invite people.

Now come up with an OFFER– to preview a new product, or receive a bonus gift, or something else your clients would value.

Send your “invitation” to a select group on your list. Such as, only to your regular clients who you know would like the service, or to new clients after their first visit. Or you could use this to reactivate former clients.

TIP: Choosing the intended group first will help you to craft your message and offer.

What Makes Up The Invitation Mailer?

salon plaza business invitation mailerThe Envelope:

1. Use high quality paper that looks like an invitation to a party.

2. Include your return address, but leave off your name or business name.

3. Use an acutal first class postage stamp – a seasonal one, or something pretty.

4. Address by hand, or use a handwritten style font.

5. As an added touch, seal the back with a gold sticker with the letters “RSVP”

salon plaza business invitation mailer

The Card:

1. Use words like: “You are cordially invited to attend”

2. Mention that “only a select few have been invited”

3. Include a “use by” date

The Letter:

1. Print on stationery-size sheets that match the envelop

2. Explain your reason and offer 

3. Play up the exclusivity – make them feel special!

4. Emphasize the benefits – “What’s In It For Me” 

5. Use a classy tone and avoid sounding salesy

6. Provide instructions for responding

Focus On Getting A Phone Call – Not On Making A Sale

The main purpose of the Invitation Mailer is to get phone calls. Use curiosity to your advantage by not mentioning the price. If you intrique them enough, they will call you.

Once you get them on the phone, you will get a chance to build your relationship with them and overcome any hesitation to book an appointment.

When Should You Use One?

Have you ever thought of honoring your best customers with a party? Do you teach classes? Did you just learn a new technique or have a new product to sell? The only limit is your imagination.

If you want to impress your clients so they will be willing to pay what your service or product is worth, this is a great way to set the stage for your superior services. This mailer will also communicate the brand experience that only you can provide.

Your Attraction Magnet

The invitation mailer is target marketing at its best. It will get the right client or prospect to repond. Send it to a specific list of names that meet certain criteria, such as your regular clients who you know would like the offer.

Another group could be established clients who haven’t been in for a while. This is a great way to encourage them to come back. Or for new clients who have been in once, you can send this package to them to build the relationship and tell them about your other services.  

Be sure to clarify in your own mind the purpose and the offer. Then you will know who will most likely respond favorably.

As with every marketing effort, keep track of the money you spend and the revenues your gain – your marketing metrics“.


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