July 24, 2012

9 Tips On How To Design A Salon Business Card


Having an easy to read, eye-catching salon business card is important for salon success.

It lets your clients know how to get in touch with you easily.

Take time to do this important step well.

Open A Salon with a Salon Business Card

Here are 9 tips on what to do to get it right:

1. Salon Name 

Have you decided on the name for your salon? If you haven’t, click here to get tips on how to name a salon.  The largest letters on your salon business card should be your salon name.

2. Salon Logo

What makes a great logo?

Look for a timeless, original image that’s simple and clear. It’s best if it still looks good in black and white and when used very small. If you plan to use it on the Internet, such as with Facebook and Youtube, a logo as tall as it is wide will make a good thumbnail.

At most use two colors. Stay away from trendy visuals, shadows or color gradients. Shapes and forms should be clear and easily understood at a glance.

You don’t need a logo, but if you want one, you can get one designed without spending a lot. To get a logo designed just for you, check out Fiverr.com and search for logo designers. The cost is $5. That’s all!

3. Tagline For Your Salon

Another element on your salon business card is the tagline – a short phrase that says what your business does. More importantly, a good tagline points out the benefits of what you do. Add a touch of personality and attitude.

When designing your salon business cards, consider your salon name, logo, and tagline as one package. They should give a similar message that works together!

If you want to discover how to come up with a great tagline, watch for our new post called Salon Business Taglines – it’s coming soon.

4. Your Name 

Even if you’ve chosen to name your salon your first and last name, it’s a nice personal touch to include it. Your name should be large enough to be noticeable and easily read.

5. Title of the Services You Provide

It’s a good idea to include the kind of service you provide, such as “Hair Stylist” or “Nail Technician” or simply “Beauty Salon Professional”.

6. Address

Be sure to add the street address, the name of the shopping center, city, and state to your salon business card. Zip codes help someone to map the path to your door. Include “Salon Plaza” to make it easier for your clients to spot you.

7. Phone Number(s)

If you have both a landline and a cellphone, you can add both – if you want to be contacted, either way, that is. If you have a preferred contact number, just use that… as long at it takes messages!

Remember to add the area code and use parentheses, hyphens, periods, or spaces to separate numbers and make it easier to read. Which format you choose is a matter of preference, but be consistent.

8. Email Address

Should you include an email address on your salon business card? Only if you want customers to contact you by email. If you do, be sure to check messages frequently so you don’t miss an opportunity to provide service to a valuable client.

Some of our Members offer on-line appointment booking. That’s an option you can consider.

9. Web Page Address

Do you have a website? As Salon Plaza Member, we give you your own personal web page. Be sure to include the web addresses on your business card. It can be listed with or without http://www. before the URL. It’s an essential element to growing your business!

For example:


or just


Also, if you have a Facebook page, add that as well. You can even add a QR code. To discover WHAT they are and WHY you might want one, come back soon – we’ll be blogging about QR Codes For Your Salon soon.

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