January 15, 2016

5 Things Hairstylists Should Do TONIGHT For A Better TOMORROW


Hairstylists & Nail Techs…

5_Things_To_Do_TONIGHT_For_A Better TOMORROW
What Does Your End-of-Day Routine Look Like?

Salon life can get crazy sometimes. Some days, especially right before the new year, you’re booked to the gills. You’re peddling fast as you can just to keep up.

But then, when the New Year swings around, things tend to slow a bit. This is a great time to rethink your routines, habits, and rituals.

This is a great time to ask yourself,

“Do your day-to-day choices support your dreams of a better tomorrow?”

Or are they your single biggest obstacle to creating the easy, fun and PROFITABLE life you desire?

Regular blog visitors know that our goal in this New Year is to help our Members “Build Your Plan for Prosperity for 2016.” Well, my friend, your Plan for Prosperity has a lot to do with how you end and begin your day. Doing it right will help you have a better tomorrow.

Supportive morning and evening rituals make the “How” of prosperity a little easier and a lot less stressful.

So let me pry into your private life just a bit… you’re all about making others look and feel their best. In between dinner, relaxing, and going to sleep –

  • What do you do after your last client of the day has left for home?  
  • What actions do you consistently take to prepare yourself for the next day?

Read on for the…

Top 5 Thing Salon Plaza Members Do the Night Before for a Better Tomorrow… 

Kathy Rowley – Salon GoldnLOX, Sterling VA 

Kathy_Rowley_Salon_Plaza_Sterling.jpeg Better TomorrowA week ahead of time, I email my clients and remind each about their appointment, one-by-one to keep it personal. Then I check to see their response,

Those who respond YES, I email them “Thank You.”

If they cancel I offer times to reschedule. If I have any openings for the next day, I fill them by contacting people who haven’t been in for awhile.

You know, time is money. This way…

“I never have a blank space on my calendar.”

Cynthia B – Badazz Hair Studio, Woodbridge VA

Salon_Plaza_Woodbridge_VA_Cynthia_Badazz_Hair_Studio.png Better Tomorrow

First, I make sure everything is clean, exactly done, and set up for a better tomorrow. I look at my calendar and see who’s coming tomorrow.

I have a lot of regular clients who need the same thing each time – the same color, for example. So I pull things out I will need for the day.

This benefits both me and my clients. When they come in, they know I’ve anticipated their needs. I can focus on greeting them without being rushed. The traffic can be heavy near my salon.

If they’re running a few minutes late, I’ve saved some time up front. That’s why I consistently set up and prepare the night before. Little things like this add up over time.

“It’s all about timing, professionalism and serving my clientele.”

Charlene Cotsoradis – Studio 7, Rosedale MDSalon_Plaza_Rosedale_MD_Hairstylist_Charlene_Cotsoradis.png better tomorrow

Organization is the key. The night before I send out reminders by text or email to my clients who have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow.

Things happen that change daily in people’s lives. For confirmed appointments, I make sure I have everyone’s formulas written down for the next day.

“Reminding them keeps me and my clients on track.”

CheKesha Roland – Hair Kouture at Fountain Square, Richmond VA 

CheKesha.png better tomorrowThe night before, I review my schedule and make sure I have the products I need. I’m talking about products to use and products to sell.

Selling products have become a significant part of my income. That’s because a hairstylist friend of mine taught me that it’s not about me selling the product.

“It’s about the client looking their best between appointments.”

Using professional quality products in-between appointments can be part of their healthy hair regimen. But they can’t buy professional products like I can. I know it’s a bit pricey, so I make sure they are getting the best product for the money.

Like a doctor, I see what’s going to work best to get their hair healthier. Their off-the-shelf products might be the source of problems like breakage and shedding.I prescribe the right product, tell them the benefits and eliminate the source of the problem.

That way I can minimize the question,

“What did they put in their hair to cause the damage?”

They are much happier. All the while, I get to establish myself as the expert keeping them looking their best.

Zanada Fox – FOXZ Hair & Eyebrow Wax, Bowie MD 

Salon_Plaza_Bowie_MD_Zanada_Fox.png Better TomorrowAt night I need to unwind after working all day (you know how it is). I take the time to read my Bible and meditate. I say a prayer for my clients for everything to be just the way they want it. And that they will be happy and well.

“Every night I pray that

He anoints my hands and I will give good service.

Because it’s all about service.”

What Are YOUR Nighttime Rituals?

These are the 5 most important ways our studio salon owners get ready at night for a better tomorrow. We would love to hear from YOU…

“What are your bedtime and morning habits, routines, and rituals?” Let us know in the comments below.

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