3 Ways To Find More Money In Your Salon Business – FAST!

3 Ways To Find More Money In Your Salon Business – FAST!


Salon Plaza Marketing Money Tips - Salon BusinessSalon Business Owners – How To Find Extra Cash – FAST!

Coming across unexpected cash is always a wonderful find. Just the other day my college-age daughter found $97 she didn’t know she had. While $97 isn’t a lot of money, she certainly was glad to receive it.

What Would YOU Do With A Little Extra Cash from Your Salon Business?

An instant cash bonus from your salon business can pay for an event you’ve been wanting to attend but thought you couldn’t afford. Or that cute dress you’ve been eyeing. A real income surge could take the edge off your financial worries. Or you could reinvest it in your business and make your unexpected cash grow even more.

Good News For Just About Every Cosmetologist –

You might not realize this, but your extra income surge is there for the asking. There’s no need to hit the pavement to drum up new clients, or spend hours on Facebook hoping someone will find you and call for an appointment. If you’ve been giving good service and building relationships with your clients, this extra income is right there waiting for you.

All you need to do is ask…

3 Ways To Earn Extra Cash From Your Salon Business– FAST!

1. The Reason Why Promotion

When you’ve built good relationships with your clients, it’s easy to get them to come in for an extra visit – If you give a reason why.

The reason could be anything you can imagine, as long as you give one. The word “because” is powerful. Come up with a special occasion like…

  • “because it’s my Salon’s first year anniversary”
  • “because my mother just turned 60”
  • “because my son just graduated from high school”
  • “because Daylight Savings Time means you save too!”

Be as serious, creative or humorous as you’d like… as long as you give a reason why you’ll be delighted with the response.

2. Promote Yourself During “Off Seasons”

Salon Plaza Marketing Money Tips - Salon BusinessWhen things are slow, most salon business owners spend less time and money marketing to ‘cut costs’.

If that sounds familiar, think again.

A slow season gives you the perfect excuse for offering a promotion. Be sure to create urgency by limiting your special offer to a specific time period.

As a salon business owner or independent stylist, here’s a slow-season promotion you can use:

“Spring has Sprung! Who else is feeling the urge to freshen up their look? If you are, March is the right month to come in for a New You Upgrade Service. Why? Because between Valentines Day and Easter the beauty industry is traditionally slow – that’s why I’m willing to offer my loyal clients like you a special discount and FREE treatment that will get you out of the cold and ready to welcome the warmth of Spring.”

3. Appreciation Gift

This method is guaranteed to get clients into your salon – Offer a free gift to your existing customers. No strings attached – they just come inside your Studio and receive their gift.

Based on the rule of reciprocity, clients who receive a special gift out of the blue generally, will return the favor by paying for a service. This works especially well if you sell products. While in your salon, they are likely to purchase a hair care product that you have in plain view.

What could you give away? Nail polish is popular. Also, check out your Dollar Store, Target, Ikea, etc., and look for something appealing that tells a story. The item doesn’t need to be related to beauty.

For example, at Ikea I recently saw a scrub brush for dishes with a suction cup on the bottom for only a few dollars. It’s a colorful novelty and really handy. Your promotion might say something like this:

“While shopping at Ikea the other day, I saw the most practical kitchen gadget that I couldn’t live without. I though you might like one too, so I picked up a few extra. This will make your clean up after meals fast and easy – I promise!
Because you are a loyal client, you’ve already won one of these gifts. And there’s absolutely no purchase necessary. All you have to do is stop in this Saturday between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and bring this announcement to claim your gift.”

NOTE: The gift will play on their curiosity – “one of these…”

Salon Plaza Marketing Money Tips - Salon Business

How To Let Your Clients Know

To tell your clients all about your new promotion, you have several opportunities. If you’ve been collecting emails, send an email. Or you could text their mobile phone. If you have their address, send a postcard or personal letter.

You could post it on your salon business website or social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. In this online context you could say – “Current Clients Only”, or choose to make the offer available to all.

The “MORAL” Of The Story:

If you need some cash fast, give a reason for your existing clients to come in for a visit… Soon you’ll find money you didn’t know you had!

Your Turn:

What have you done in the past to create a cash surge? Take a minute to tell us in the comments below, and your story could be featured in a blog post!

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