February 17, 2021

Suite Elite: 5,000 Member Celebration

Last week, we celebrated a milestone; The Suite Elite is officially 5,000 Members strong across the United States and Canada! 

Check out our celebration video! #Elite5000

We love helping to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. We call our Members the Suite Elite because they represent the most confident, fun-loving professionals in the industry. We invited you all to celebrate with us by sharing the following information and you did not disappoint! 


Below are just some of your answers:


The first thing I did when I moved in was:


@hairbyelizabetharthur: “Plan my next two months in advice. Reached out to my clientele.”


@trumansbarbershop: “Popped a bottle of champagne!”


@hairgodheather: “Did a happy dance ‘cause I’m my own boss!”


@kelbydimaapi: “Took videos and pics of my pretty new studio suite!”


@adrihairz: “Started decorating immediately!”


@dyehard_jaim: “Breathe a sigh of relief! And then made the big announcement that I was on my own and ready to slay!”


@foxandmanesalon: “Sit in my chair and take it all in.”


@honestbird: Thank my incredible friends for helping me get set up and decorated!”


What I love most about my suite is:


@hairbyelizabetharthur: “I love having privacy with my clientele. I’ve learned things about my clients that I never knew! I’m free to be me and create an atmosphere that best meets my clients’ needs.”


@trumansbarbershop: “The privacy for my clients.”


@hairgodheather: “Having a beautiful space to provide the best service to my clients.”


@kelbydimaapi: Being able to have control of my own space, vibe and hours.”


@adrihairz: “I love the privacy and atmosphere I’ve created for my clients.”


@dyehard_jaim: “It is my own space, my own business but I am surrounded by the most talented and amazing people every day.”


@foxandmanesalon: My plants and that it’s decorated to inspire me.”


@honestbird: “Making a cozy environment for my lovely clients having fun suitemates across the hall! Love my neighbors!”


My advice for future Suite Elite Members is:


@hairbyelizabetharthur: “Do not let the fear of failing prevent you from making your dreams come true. Plan ahead financially and once you achieve this goal, there is no going back! Love MY SALON Suite!”


@trumansbarbershop: “Just be brave!”


@hairgodheather: “Take a leap of faith and go for it!”


@kelbydimaapi: “Make it your own. Enjoy what you’ve got in front of you and make the best out of your business as your own brand.”


@adrihairz: “Just go for it! You got this! You will succeed- you will not regret it!”


@dyehard_jaim: “Don’t let the fear of the unknown take over! You never know what you are capable of until you take the leap and try.”


@foxandmanesalon: “It’s a scary leap, but just put your all into it.”


@honestbird: “It’s always worth it to do the hard and scary thing.”

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