September 15, 2014

10 Secrets to Success For Independent Hairstylists or Salon Owners


Salon Plaza Independent Hairstylists OwnersSalon Plaza Member Advice For Independent Hairstylists & Salon Owners

What Wanda Berry, Owner of BLACK HAIR IS in Oxon Hill has to say about PROSPERING as an independent hairstylist and salon owner.

Independent hairstylists, being your own boss sounds great – In practice, it takes a shift in thinking and action. Ownership comes with responsibilities.

Great customer service, excellent skills, and the ability to get more clients are the basics to running a business – even if right now you rent a booth.

You can own your own shop if you get the skills you need – beyond what you learned in cosmetology school.

Here are my Top 10 Secrets To Success in the Beauty Industry –

1. Own It

Always remember you are a self-employed independent hairstylist. Keep your schedule. You can’t be late or ignore clients. You own a business and run it as such.

2. Got Clients?

If you are a booth renter thinking of owning, don’t step out there with one or two clients. If you have a stable client base, your survival chances will be much greater.

3. Your Fees

How many clients you need depends on your rates. For example, in an 8-hour workday, you should have at least 5 clients scheduled. In places like Oxon Hill, getting $45 – $65 per visit on average is about right.

Salon Plaza 10 Secrets to Success Confidence4. Cheap Isn’t Always Better

Under-pricing doesn’t work – this is a big no-no. You might feel that just because other stylists are working nearby, you should cut your prices. But if you cut your prices, you will be working hard, not smart.

So don’t undermine yourself. When you have confidence in your skills and provide good service, you’ll keep your clients.

5. Individualize Your Service

You can’t treat one client like the next. Pay attention to their moods. Treat each customer differently, because each one has a different personality.

6. Be a Consultant 

Pay attention to their hair. Take time to explain to them what’s going on with their hair and what they need. If they have damage from chemicals, don’t try to cover up the problem. Take the attitude, “together we can improve your hair.”

Don’t give them products just because they want it or to be trendy. If something isn’t good for their hair, let them know. Be their trusted adviser.

7. Keep a Professional Atmosphere

Always remember: This is a client. Dress right, even though you own your own business.

8. Keep Your Boundaries

Be mindful of your boundaries with clients. It’s easy to forget that our clients are clients and become too gossipy. If you are gossiping about another client, the one hearing you will think you talk about her behind her back.

Your clients are there for hair care, so don’t spend a lot of time talking about other things.

Salon Plaza Independent Hairstylists Owners9. Let Go

Clients come and go, don’t take it personally. They may try new things but often come back. Be sure to welcome them when they do. Make your clients feel special, take a true interest in their hair care needs, and they’ll always come back to you.

10. Learn to Promote Yourself

Follow my lead and market yourself to get more clients with business cards and fliers. Get on sponsored bus trips to events and hair shows. Choose to do things that constantly keep you connected with people in other industries who can become a source of business.

Talented hairstylists get out of this business, even when it’s their passion because they’re not making enough money. But a lot of time it’s because they haven’t fully applied themselves.

You must be motivated and truly an independent hairstylist. You can’t depend on anyone else for your total success. You’ll have up times and down times – be patient! The main thing in this profession is…

Don’t Give Up!

Learn To Promote Yourself as a booth renter or owner, even if you run a traditional, multi-chair salon – or just work in one…

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