Why SMART Salon Owners Like YOU Should NEVER Set Goals... until...

Why SMART Salon Owners Like YOU Should NEVER Set Goals… until…


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Goal Setting for Smart Salon Owners

It’s FRIDAY – The day we commit to writing on our Salon Owner Success Blog…

LUCKY!  We get to post on the very first day of 2016!

Happy New Year!

First and foremost let me thank you for taking the time to visit us here. If you’re a regular, then you know we’ve been presenting a whole new way to get more clients, build loyalty and live a fruitful life –

I’m talking about our Income Prosperity Club for Salon Professionals

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I’m really excited about sharing today’s post with you. Honestly, a little bit nervous because I’m really putting myself out on the line here.

Look at that headline…

Don’t set goals? What? Really? Who in their right mind would tell a beauty pro NOT to set goals?

This isn’t about self-doubt. Nope. My biggest question is…

“Will you commit?”

Will you put these truths to work for you in the way that suits you best?

I know some of you might not have had such great year last year. If you’re struggling right now, we’ve all been there. And if you’re looking for a miracle, well, then… this just might do it for you.

This Is the Way Smart Salon Owners Create the Life They Truly Desire

For smart salon owners, hair stylists, nail techs, barbers, and estheticians who are:

Smart Salon Owners Chevon_Prather.jpg1. Doing well and wanting to do even better

2. Struggling and want to make life more fun, easy and profitable

3. Being who you truly are – the most important of all

If your life is anything like mine, then it’s been drummed into your head to set goals. And many of you have heard about setting specific, measurable SMART goals.

Heads up!

That’s what this is NOT about

Truth is, setting specific goals may not be so “smart” after all. It can do more harm than good.


Because the world is changing around you. How can you predict the most important things to do in advance?

Cosmetologists who get too caught up with their goals tend to fail to respond to what’s happening around them. A soft economy, new traffic patterns, changing trends… anyhow, these are outside your control.

Another reason why setting goals in the usual sense is a bad idea –

We do our best when we feel good about ourselves. If you set specific goals, when you don’t reach them you might feel like you’ve let yourself down.

Slipping up on a goal causes stress and limits your happiness.

This can DECREASE your motivation!

On the other hand, what if you set goals that are too easy? Then what? It could really hold you back from all you can be. Defining goals can define your limits.

One thing I know from talking with our Members of the Month year after year, successful salon owners commit to growing as individuals in society. They look at what they can do day-by-day to make small improvements that will add up over time.

Rather than define your limits by setting rigid goals, the wisest thing to do is to commit to becoming your best self. Besides, what we value most in our lives can’t be measured.

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Here’s the lasting way to create your BEST YEAR EVER:

Live by Value-Based Intention

These 3 Simple Steps Have the Power to Transform You – 

1. Name Your Valuessmart salon owners cosmetologists_salon_plaza_be_as_you_look.jpg

First, make a list of what is most important to you. Think of your relationships, health, financial security and spiritual life.

Ask yourself:

  • “What Is important to me in my life?”
  • “What are my real values?”

Meaning… values specific to your life purpose, such as being a great Mom or Dad, staying healthy, and being financially secure.

For an example, let’s use Salon Plaza’s Mission:

“Delight Members in a way that creates loyalty.”

This is something we’ve thought a lot about. For us, it’s one of our dig-down-deep values.

Now it’s your turn: Name what you fundamentally value most.

2. Define Your Values

Once you’ve named your values, the next step is to define them – in WRITING. There’s a magic power to writing something down that I can’t quite explain. It’s a way of making the invisible (your thoughts) visible.

For each value on your list, write down your definition in terms of DOING:

  • “What actions can you take that prove you are living intentionally?”
  • “How do you know when you are living this value?”

Example: Delighting Members in a way that creates loyalty means to provide everything an independent salon professional needs to open and run their shop successfully…

… superior equipment at a great location, support to get started, and continuing education, including:

  • Marketing know-how like you find on this blog
  • Our weekly tips delivered to our Member’s inbox

Our efforts to serve our Members go way beyond just helping them fill their book. That’s important, and yet, we’re about more than that. We’re all about helping you TRANSFORM your life this year and all the years going forward.

3. Live Your Values

How awesome would it be to live every day according to what is most important to you? To live by intention?

The third step for smart salon owners is to create routines or “rituals” to make absolutely sure that you live your values by design. A ritual is a group of habits that you consistently do at the same time of day and in the same way.

With so much going on in our lives, our willpower only goes so far. Then it tends to fizzle out. That’s another reason to create rituals that keep you living according to your deepest intentions.

Ask yourself:

  • “What 3 actions must I take to live my most important values?”

Go through your list one-by-one. What you’re doing here is creating daily, weekly and monthly rituals (or routines) that automatically cause you to live your values.

Aim for starting one new purpose-based ritual each month. At the end of the year, you’ll have 12 new ways to support yourself to create your most beautiful life.

Three rituals to support Salon Plaza’s Mission:

  • Emailing our Members an Insiders Secret every Monday
  • Posting on our blog every Friday
  • Celebrating one Member of the Month each month

Whether you are a Salon Plaza Member or not, we’ve prepared something for you to guide you each week in your quest to become your best self – Our 52 Keys to Salon Owner Success.

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Rituals for Smart Salon Owners to Consider:

Think about all that’s said above. Then act upon it. Design your value-based rituals and start living them. If some of these ideas are new and strange to you, then bring into your life only the parts that feel right.

What resonates with you? Let us know in the comments below.

And remember to get one tip each week in your inbox  – 52 Keys to Your Success!”

smart salon owners Get 52 Keys to Salon Success Now!Start Creating YOUR Space for Prosperity... for FREE!