Salon Plaza Members Plan for Prosperity in 2016 [Insider Secrets]

Salon Plaza Members Plan for Prosperity in 2016 [Insider Secrets]


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How Salon Plaza Helps Salon Plaza Members Plan to Rise to the Top as Beauty Pros

Salon Plaza Members plan how to set themselves up to make 6 Figures with our new Income Prosperity Plan for 2016. It only takes 2 pages!

Here’s the overview:


Now I can’t give you all of the Insider Secrets if you’re not a Member… But I CAN link you to previous posts that reveal a lot about what we’re guiding our Members to do.

Disclaimer: If you DON’T want to do better next year than this one, then don’t bother to read on


A Salon Plaza Members Plan Begins Here. You’ll need to know your CORE and your 4 ELEMENTS:

Define Your CORE

A: Your WHY

What drives you? What do you really want? If you have enough REASONS… you can do anything! Reasons come first, answers come second. Reasons can change your life.

Two main reasons for doing well:

  1. Personal reasons – recognition, respect, joy, satisfaction of winning
  2. Helping others – we do for others what we won’t do for ourselves

The bigger your WHY, the easier the HOW. To get you thinking about your WHY, check out…

B: Your WHAT

What do you intend to accomplish this year with your Salon Plaza members plan? What do you wish to do with your career and your life?

For a little inspiration and to see what others are doing, visit…

And when the going gets tough, as it always will, you must stay organized and motivated:

C: Your WHO

Next, get clear on WHO you serve. While you can serve anyone who walks through your door, it’s hard to make a PLAN to grow your business and market yourself that way.

Truly, you must decide who are your ‘ideal clients’, the ones you MOST like to serve or have the skills to serve best. For help with this ESSENTIAL question (tough as it is), check out

Element 1: EARTHSalon Plaza Member Success Story.jpg

A: Skills

You already know that continuing to develop your skills is essential. You must stay current and improve your service.

These posts will help you do that –

B: Space

Is your salon space helping you or hurting you? Get these tips on how to create the environment that works best for you and your clients –

These 7 Secrets will help you develop your SKILLS and your salon SPACE…

Get 7 Secrets Now!Discover how to create your Space for Prosperity

Element 2: FIRE

What will help you to build loyal relationships with your clients? You must develop your passionate PROMISE and be able to remain dedicated in your purpose.

These posts will help you stand out from the rest –

A. Personality:

B. Passion:

Element 3: WATER

salon_plaza_referral_program.jpgA. Ask for Referrals:

Referrals are the life-blood for the Salon Plaza members plan and most salon professionals. And yet, many don’t ask for referrals. Why is that? Find out here:

B. Give Rewards:

People like to be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. You must create a system that works and is easy to put in place. Try this…

Element 4: AIR

Here we’re talking about using the Internet wisely to bring in new clients and book more appointments with existing clients. To make it work without wasting your time and money, it takes two parts:

A. Show up:

For starters, on the Web, you have to get found when your prospects and customers are looking for you. Here’s how to do that…

B. Reach out:Salon Plaza Facebook Attraction Magnet

The second benefit of being on the Internet and using email is that you can reach out to prospects and stay connected. These posts will give you the know-how:

I have an idea that might work for you. I’ll ask Salon Plaza if they will let me make this available to you as an Honorary Member. It won’t be FREE like it is for our Salon Owner Members.

I can’t promise that

And yet, as a regular reader of our Salon Plaza Success Blog, I want to help you to live your dreams, make a better life, and prosper in 2016. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, why not take our Salon Owner Success Quiz and see where you stand –

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