Salon Plaza Member Of The Month! Shawn's Hair Salon In Richmond VA

Salon Plaza Member Of The Month! Shawn’s Hair Salon In Richmond VA


Salon Plaza Fountain Square Richmond VA - Shawn's Hair N More

Congratulations to Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month for October

“The beauty of women inside and out inspires me. I have a passion for helping women find their passion. To discover yours, you must know who you are and be comfortable with yourself. I want to see more beauty professionals succeed as business owners. Socialize and have fun, but first and foremost, you must run your salon like a business.  If you keep the most important things high on your list, you won’t fail.”


Hey there, I’m Tishawna Pritchett, Owner of Shawn’s Hair N More at the Salon Plaza in Fountain Square, Richmond Virginia.

I’m pleased and honored to be chosen as Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month for October. 

At Salon Plaza, I’m comfortable fulfilling my dreams and being a professional in the beauty industry. I love owning my own salon. I am my own manager, make my own rules, and set my own hours. I have the independence to run my salon the way I want to.

But it wasn’t always this way. Eight years ago when I was new to Richmond, I did what I had to do to build my clientele. I rented a booth in a spa in a strip mall.

I loved the people I worked with, but there was a lot going on in a full-service salon. I didn’t have the freedom and control to be my own boss. It took me two years to build my clientele up enough to get started with my own salon business.

I chose Salon Plaza for the opportunity to be independent without the overhead of a full salon.

The parking is great, with many surrounding businesses where my clients can shop or eat while they are in the area. When I opened Shawn’s Hair N More in Fountain Square in 2004, 90% of my clients stayed with me.

I had to learn to work in a smaller space and to store things differently. What caught me by surprise was how the small space became a benefit. I am blessed to have loyal clients who like the privacy and one-on-one time with me. They appreciate the education I give them on haircare and the quality services they receive.

The most important thing I would not change about Salon Plaza is being my own manager.

I set my own rules and choose my own hours. I can run the business the way that I want to. As a business owner, I understand that my client is my boss. It is my responsibility to please them. And Salon Plaza provides the flexibility to give my clients what they need and deserve.

I’ve been in the beauty industry since 1992 and with Salon Plaza for 6 years. Originally from South Hill, Virginia, my husband and I moved to Minnesota for a few years, just for a change. We later came back to Virginia and chose Richmond as our home. That’s when I became serious about being in the business. Now I’m a Certified Instructor, healthy haircare specialist, and have a passion for teaching total self-care for women.

salon plaza member of the month richmond va fountain squareThe beauty industry is like the James River – It’s always there, and always changing.

Clients want something new and fresh. That’s why I regularly attend hair shows and events for the fashion and beauty industry. I also provide continuing education workshops for beauty professionals, as well as maintenance and hair care classes for clients.

For young adults who are interested in getting into the business, I provide a mentorship program to help them get started. They learn about cutting and color techniques, haircare systems, and marketing to grow their business. I give them help with their website, brochures, and business cards.

It’s great to be recognized as the Member of the Month. I’m especially excited because Salon Plaza has asked me to be a contributing author for their blog. Look for my posts filled with current trends and important success tips… coming soon!

What I like best about running my business out of a Salon Plaza Studio is my independence in a community. Other dedicated beauty professionals like me have the opportunity to be their own boss and set their own rules.

What Salon Plaza asks of us in return is to be professional, and keep the standards high.

To discover if Salon Plaza Fountain Square in Richmond, VA is the answer to YOUR dreams, contact Tishawna Pritchett, Plaza Leader, at (804) 422-9338 or Julie Badura, Area Leader, at (540) 338-5147.

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