Salon NewRell at Salon Plaza Chesterfield - "The Doctor Is IN"

Salon NewRell at Salon Plaza Chesterfield – “The Doctor Is IN”


Salon Plaza Chesterfield Richard Terrell Newman Salon NewRell resized 600Introducing Richard Terrell Newman…

Owner of Salon NewRell at the Salon Plaza Chesterfield Towne Center in Richmond, Virginia: 

“I am a Cosmetologist and Entrepreneur – a hair care consultant. I specialize in healthy hair and teaching clients proper hair care.”

As Salon Professionals, We Are The Doctors of Success –

When you look good you feel good. When you get a compliment it makes you smile. Your hair says a lot about how you feel about yourself. You gain confidence when your hair looks AMAZING. It builds your self-esteem and gives you the feeling that you can overcome any obstacle.

I’ve been at Salon Plaza for 12 years, first at Pocono Crossing and now at Chesterfield Towne Center for about two years.

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The New Place Is Fantastic

The Chesterfield location is modern and professional, with more privacy. It’s not open-air. The walls go to the ceilings and the rooms are enclosed, which means you don’t hear the chatter from other businesses. When you close the pocket doors all of the attention is on your client.

What’s The Big Advantage Of This?

For the client, it means more privacy, a better experience, and a feeling of solitude from their busy day.  It’s often the only time away from their husband, children, and the day’s problems on the job.

My clientele is 95% women. My male clients also like the privacy and the care they receive. I give my male clients more of a precision cut with shears and a little barbering technique.

Salon NewRell’s Unique Brand Experience

What makes me different is my professionalism and time ethic. I’m very conscious of my clients’ time – they get in and get out. I give my clients a peaceful experience. 

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What Do They Say About Me? 

I’m a good listener, without being opinionated. I follow directions about what my clients want and offer advice as their consultant. For instance, if you were my client and your hair was past your shoulders and you came in and said,

“I want to cut all my hair off”

I’d suggest that you start with layers and cut the length gradually. Some women get the idea on a particular day that they want to cut their hair short. Many have told me,

“I’m so happy you didn’t cut off my hair and you gave me a good suggestion. I was in a funk and you made me think twice.”  

Salon Plaza Chesterfield Salon NewRell Before After resized 600That Is Why Mastering The Client Consultation Is So Important

I focus on building relationships with my clients. I keep it private because so many people now are dealing with challenges in their lives. I can be sympathetic with them. Privacy is so important because some people just need the time to exhale.

“You can exhale with me.” 

My clients need that ear. They are spending time with me and they feel comfortable with me. Treat others like you want to be treated. There is a Salon Code of Ethics that I practice. The Privacy Act – it’s most important.

Salon NewRell Is On Facebook

Facebook has done well for me because friends of friends like it. It’s a great way to advertise. People always like to see a new hairstyle. Visit Salon NewRell on Facebook!

Advice To Stylists Thinking Of Becoming A Member Of Salon Plaza Chesterfield

You will love the perks of the business. You can establish your own atmosphere. The way you decorate sets the tone for your clients. It is important to work in a professional environment. Everyone I’ve met has been very nice. We are like a family. I haven’t had any problems at Salon Plaza.

When new Members open their own shop at Salon Plaza Chesterfield, I tell them my studio number and to feel free to stop by. I’ll answer any questions that I can.

A Member complimented me when she first opened her salon. She said,

“When I came here you welcomed me and I really admire that about you. It is comforting when someone reaches out to say you are welcome here.”

If you are thinking about owning your own salon and want to avoid the overhead, maintenance, and having to hire and manage other stylists, come to Salon Plaza Chesterfield and take a tour… 

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