Salon Marketing: Why Should Richmond VA Salon Owners Use Google+?

Salon Marketing: Why Should Richmond VA Salon Owners Use Google+?


Salon Owners Richmond VA use Google+Richmond VA Salon Owners are asking…

“Why in the world do I need Google+? I already use Facebook and Twitter.”

The plain and simple truth is, you need it because it’s GOOGLE!

Google is the #1 search engine in the world. It only makes sense to utilize everything it has to offer. What does Google+ have to offer Richmond VA Salon Owners?

5 Great Reasons Richmond VA Salon Owners Should Use Google+ for Salon Marketing:

  1. Over 300 Million people use Google+
  2. Google+ brings quality LOCAL traffic – which means more customers for you!
  3. More brands get more traffic from Google+ than from other social media sites
  4. You can do video conferencing and picture sharing for free
  5. In case I forgot to mention it, it’s GOOGLE!!!

Because the search giant Google owns it, marketing on Google+ will boost your rankings for your salon webpage. If you are a Richmond VA salon professional, when a potential customer searches on “Richmond VA hair salons” or something like that, your website is more likely to appear on the first page if you have a Google+ account set up properly.

That’s enough reason to make Google+ a no brainier. You should be convinced. Just in case you are not, there are 4 more reasons…

It’s Sheer Size

Not quite as big as Facebook, Google+ does hold its own against Twitter. Many of the top brands that advertise on social media get more followers on Google+ than they do on Twitter.

Richmond VA Salon Owners Target Marketing on Google+Target Marketing

You can target your local audience using Google+ circles. When you start adding people to your network, you will be able to add them to a group or “circle.” You can create groups for different kinds of customers, such as by hair type or by favorite products they use, for example.

You can even create an “Inner Circle” for your long-term, loyal clients!

Whoever you choose to invite into your circles is up to you. The point is to be able to send messages or offers to those specific people, enticing your new prospects or rewarding loyal clients with something special just for them.

Another reason it’s easy and smart to use Google+ is that most social media management systems include Google+. For instance, if you are already using Hoot Suite to manage your Twitter and Facebook accounts, you can also use it for Google+.

Let’s Recap:

Google+ is easy to use. You can post pictures, blog posts and promotions. You can use it to target your local audience. Perhaps best of all, it will help your name and website to rank high when someone searches on Google for local services like yours.

Marketing_Strategy_Google+_For_Salon_OwnersAction Step: How to build your book with Google+

If you haven’t already, sign up for a Gmail account using the name of your salon if you’re the owner, your professional name, or a shortened version of it.

You want people to be able to remember it.

Next, set up your Google+ account. It will prompt you to create your profile. Click on – “create your profile.”

Be sure to provide a real, physical address and an attractive photo. Getting consumer reviews helps with getting found – be sure to ask for them!

Now start building up your network by inviting family, friends, clients and related businesses to +1 you – the more the better.

Now you are ready to use Google+! Get in there and get comfortable. Add it to your social media management tool if you have one. Start posting and watch the magic happen…

Don’t miss the next post – How to use Google+ fast and efficiently to keep your salon chair FULL!

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