Salon Guerrilla Marketing: Create A Brand Experience Only YOU Can Deliver

Salon Guerrilla Marketing: Create A Brand Experience Only YOU Can Deliver

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Some prosperous salon owners got that way because they are good at being “all things to all people.” They learn every technique in the book and know how to work on every kind of hair.

That’s one approach to growing a business. And over time, say 20 years, it’s doable!

Is There A Better Way?

Truth is, the best way to build your business no matter how many clients you already have is to create a uniquely personal, consistent experience for the clients who come into your salon.

What are your specific skills and unique personality traits? How you can combine the best of who you are, and how you serve others, into a brand experience that attracts, pleases, and gets shared?

The ONLY thing NO ONE ELSE can ever do is be YOU!

Developing a personal brand is fun, exciting and a great way to express who you are. You’ll also attract more clients who are a good fit – and keep them loyal to you.

What is a “brand”? It is a defined customer experience that is consistently maintained and communicated. There are two parts to defining your brand experinece: 

Personal Identity: Your style, flair for life and sense beauty must be reflected in your brand. Your salon can and should feel like an extension of yourself.

Client Preferences: What your best clients want most from you. 

Discover Your Personal Brand

Let’s get started with a few crucial elements in your unique brand identity. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy to write down your responses. 

1. What sets you apart from other beauty professionals? Think about your personal style and how you interact with others.

2. What are your special talents that can help others look their best?

3. Do you have a niche interest that would develop your personal brand?

4. Who are your most likely clients? This is your target market. What characteristics do they have in common? What do they want from you? If you’re not sure, ask them!

5. What kind of atmosphere would express these specific qualities? 

6. What big to-dos and little touches can you do EVERY TIME, consistently without fail, to create anticipation and expectation that never lets your clients down?

***7. Super important – HOW DO OTHERS SEE YOU?richmond va haïr stylist

What do you consistently hear others say about you? What do they like best about your service? Who are you in their eyes?

We’ll get more into that in a future blog post. For now, re-read any testimonials and reviews you’ve gotten, and think about the compliments you’ve received. What are people saying about you?

Take Control Of Your Business

Guerrilla marketers gave up trying to be “all things to all people” a long time ago in favor of a targeted, brand experience. So can you.

Define your personal identity and brand, and design your salon atmostphere, service, and market image around it. This is a wonderful opportunity to get your space to look exactly the way you want it. 

If you make the effort to develop your own consistent, personal brand, you will become a shining gem among the stylists that haven’t thought this through. Your clients will take notice of the distinct and pleasing experience they receive whenever they visit, making your salon business more memorable, desirable and marketable.

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How To Put Personal Branding Into Practice

Once you have designed your brand experience, start collecting items that will help your salon physically embody your concept. Also focus on nurturing the talents that set you apart. If you are exceptionally good at complicated hair cuts, then get even better. If you specialize in dramatic-stage makeup, then continue playing up that skill.

Creating a brand identity is the best way to let clients know what you are all about. Think about your personal brand whenever you:

  • Shop for new supplies
  • Talk to people on the street
  • Meet new clients
  • Help a client decide what they want for a new look
  • Take time for yourself

You can use an inspiration board to work on the brand image you want to project. Decide what you’re best at, how people perceive you, and the detailed service you want to be know for. 

Make It A Habit!

Next week we’ll talk about how to COMMUNICATE your carefully crafted brand experience.

You Are In The Business Of Marketing Your Services! 

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On your way to mastering your personal brand, stay inspired and stay motivated!