Salon Business: How To Craft & Promote Your Unique Selling Promise

Salon Business: How To Craft & Promote Your Unique Selling Promise


salon plaza unique selling promise USP resized 600Your Unique Selling Promise Is Incredibly Important –

Here’s Our Advice On How To Craft Your Unique Selling Promise (USP) & Use It Daily!

Think of the companies who have firmly established their unique selling promise in your memory, such as Nike – Just Do It. Your USP will help persuade prospects to choose you instead of another cosmetologist.

If you don’t know what your unique selling promise is yet, this post will help you capture your unique difference. Then you’ll discover how to quickly and easily put it to work for you. Let’s get started by reviewing how strong a USP can be.

Try this little test…

See if you can match these companies to their USPs:

salon plaza unique selling promise resized 600

“Be Different Or Die”

In today’s competitive beauty industry, you must find a way to stand out from the rest – or your salon will struggle and could fail. Unless you carve out a one-and-only niche for yourself, your salon business will be just one more shop in the marketplace.

A “niche” is a word we often use when talking about your target market. It means finding a specific group of people who share similar characteristics – such as teachers who need early hours, or people with hair loss.

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How Do You Create A Powerful Unique Selling Promise?

“U” – Your Ultimate Advantage:

Salon Plaza Business Advice - Your USPWhat is the Ultimate Advantage your clients receive by choosing you over anyone else? What can you offer that no one else does (or very few, especially locally)?

Discovering this takes thinking about you and your salon differently.

The one thing no one else can duplicate is YOU. What is your story? How did you get to where you are today? And how does that shape your work and relationships as a stylist?

Here are two stories of salon owners who carved out a distinct niche:

Hairstylist In Virginia Beach Creates Her Own Space For Prosperity

Salon Owner In Virginia Beach Reveals How To Build Client Loyalty

What’s YOUR story?

“S” – Your Sensational Offer

The next part of your USP is a Sensational Offer. Make sure you’re offering something they can’t turn down. Consider the value your client brings to you visit after visit, year after year. What can you offer that gets them in your chair the first time?

Find out what this stylist did to get her new salon off to a stellar start:

How Commissioned Waldorf Stylist Tripled Her Income-Secrets Revealed!

Salons with offers like that know that over time, they will develop a profitable relationship that lasts for years. Give them an offer that makes you stand out from your competition. What can you give away that no one else does?

This will be the eye-catcher that attracts new clients like a magnet.

“P” – Your Powerful Promise

Salon Plaza Business Advice - Powerful PromiseThe third part of the USP is the Powerful Promise. Look for an outrageous thought that will catch people’s attention.

Talk to your clients.

Why do they choose you? What do they most like about you? What else do they want from you?

What is the one thing they would NOT change about coming to your salon?

Make a list all of that you discover, and decide which is most compelling.

Your “Opportunity Gap”

You can secure your niche if you hit an Opportunity Gap. What do your ideal clients need that they can’t easily find? It’s worth spending time to discover what that is and then figure out how you’re going to deliver it to them. Make that part of your powerful promise.

Once You Have It, Promote Your USP!

If you already know your USP, what can you do with it?

One of the most common mistakes business owners make is to forget to add their USP to their marketing materials, online communications, and in person-to-person conversations. Don’t let that be you!

Now create your USP and start using it! 

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