Hairstylists in Richmond VA: Blast Past Any Obstacles In Your Way

Hairstylists in Richmond VA: Blast Past Any Obstacles In Your Way


Attention Hairstylists in Richmond VA:

hairstylists in Richmond VA, own a successful salon“Expect challenges and plan in advance how you will overcome them.”

With every goal, you will face obstacles. The key to overcoming any obstacle that stands in your way is to identify it in advance and decide how you will blast past it.

As a talented salon professional…

What is it that you dream about most?

Whether you rent a booth or own your own salon, you will face challenges to fulfilling your goals. If salon ownership is your dream, there’s plenty that could stand in your way to becoming a success…

Which of these 5 factors could stop you in your tracks?

1. Your Salon Space 

Your location is a major factor to your success. Will your space have enough parking available? Clients enjoy a salon that is attractive and clean, safe and secure. Additionally, you must consider the costs to run and maintain your salon.

2. Your Clients

You can’t have a business without clients, of course. The number of returning clients, the flow of new clients, and the average revenue per appointment each impact your profitability.

How frequently do your new clients become returning clients? How often do they recommend and refer you? If you fail to find out how to improve these factors, they will become obstacles to your success.

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3. Your Skills and Experience

Although it’s not the only factor, your level of expertise certainly matters. But if you were really good at skills that few wanted, you’d be left “behind the 8 ball”. You must find out what is in demand and improve your ability to deliver the services your clients want most.

Funny how business success always comes back to “marketing”. Finding out what your clients want is called market research. It’s not academic – it’s easy. Ask your clients and other beauty professionals what’s hot right now. Stay in the flow of what’s going on in your industry and with your clients’ hopes, dreams, and fears.

Your commitment to staying in the know will help you succeed.

Hairstylists in Richmond VA find success4. Your Products

Balance the quality of the products you use and their cost per use with what you charge for your services. You can use the best products and provide the best service ONLY if your prices are on the high side.

If you choose to keep your prices low, you must cut back on the time you spend with clients or on the quality of products you use.

How you position yourself is your choice. However, keep in mind your profit margin is what makes your business stay in business. Selling products have many benefits for you as a beauty professional beyond the extra income they provide.

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5. Your Vision and Plan

The famous basketball player, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, said:

“I try to do the right thing at the right time.
They may just be little things, but usually they
make the difference between winning and losing.”

Having a plan of action will make or break you in your career as a beauty industry professional. Can you communicate your value to your prospects and clients? Do you have a vision and plan that is clear, specific, actionable and keeps you on track?

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