Hairstylist in Hyattsville Enjoys PRIVACY In Her Space For Prosperity

Hairstylist in Hyattsville Enjoys PRIVACY In Her Space For Prosperity


hairstylist in hyattsville md open a salon salon plazaIntroducing Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month for March – Hairstylist in Hyattsville and Salon Owner…

Michelle Renee, Owner of Elegant Styles Salon in Hyattsville MD

We chose Michelle, a salon owner, and hairstylist in Hyattsville, because of her irresistibly positive attitude, her professionalism, and her supportive spirit with other Salon Owner Members – A real team player, she’s helping to build our community of salon owners.  Here’s her story of how she become a salon owner…

“What I love most about Salon Plaza is having privacy in my business. When I worked in a traditional salon, my business was everyone’s business and everyone’s business was in mine.”

Before opening my own shop, I worked in another owner’s space for eight years, part-time.

My full-time job was as a resident property manager. That situation ended about the same time the salon I was working in went out of business.

That’s when I knew I had to make a change.

Some people are born with a knack to do hair, and I was blessed with that knack. As a part time licensed cosmetologist I had enough clients to be doing hair full time. So that’s when I decided to focus on my career as a beauty industry professional.

I took a look at Salon Plaza in Hyattsville, which was located in a shopping area right next to my previous salon. But it was different than I was used to, with higher rent to pay, so I passed on the opportunity.

Instead, I rented a booth at a nearby standard salon for less money –

But I only lasted there for 3 days.

I can’t tell you all the crazy things that happened. The atmosphere was totally chaotic and completely unprofessional. There was no place to store anything. Other stylists would use my hair products that I’d paid for with my own earnings. The owner wasn’t on top of purchasing and would run out of necessities.

How inconvenient for the customers!

As my husband reminded me, “Cheaper isn’t always better.”

That’s when I went back to Salon Plaza Hyattsville MD. They still had the vacancy, so I took the plunge. I did what I’ve always wanted to do and opened my own salon, naming it Elegant Styles Salon.

I LOVE Salon Plaza.

It’s been three years now that I have been a salon owner and hairstylist in Hyattsville with Salon Plaza and I’ve never looked back.

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A Word to the Wise:

Your business is what you make of it. You set the atmosphere. What you project into your salon matters. If you put negative out, you’ll get negative back.

Positive out, positive back.

Remember that your salon is the place for your clients to unburden themselves. In a way you could say, we’re the “trash can.”  They just unload. None of my clients feel the same way when they leave as they did when they came in.   I take them to the sink and give them a therapeutic shampoo –

And that’s all she wrote.

It’s not about being a perfectionist.  It’s about serving your clients and leaving them happier than when they came in.

5 Ways to Create a Great Atmosphere at Your Salon:

  1. The Number One Main Thing Is Customer Service.  If you know how to have a great attitude and good customer skills, you’ll keep your clients. Be nice to people even if you’re having a bad day at home.
  2. You are in a visual industry! The look of your salon matters. How you decorate and the colors you choose will affect your atmosphere.
  3. Talk with new clients who call for their first appointment as if you had met them already – as if you know them. Let them know you are looking forward to them coming in.
  4. Get their info… When they call in for the first time, always ask for their name and contact information.
  5. Establish mutual respect by asking them to give you 24 hours notice, or for a next day appointment, a few hours notice, if they need to cancel.

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  4. Tips to find and HIRE HAIRSTYLISTS – and keep them!
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  7. Plus, how to be Super Successful RUNNING your own salon

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