Hair Salon in District Heights MD - Specializing in Natural Hair Care

Hair Salon in District Heights MD – Specializing in Natural Hair Care


Hi, I’m Lisa Pettway… Independent owner of a Salon Plaza Hair Salon in District Heights, MD.Hairstylist District Heights Lisa Pettway - hair salon owner district heights

About four years ago, just a few days before the inauguration of President Obama, I opened my hair salon in District Heights, MD, Follicles Hair Studio, in Penn Station.

At my hair salon in District Heights, I specialize in professional natural hair care – my clients especially like my weaves, locs, cornrows and two strand twist pin-ups.


A licensed cosmetologist for 18 years, I studied in Manhattan at the Learning Institute of Beauty Science. By getting serious about my cosmetology career and attending beauty school, cutting and styling hair was no longer just a hobby…

It became my passion.

Being a hairstylist and hair salon owner in District Heights is something I could do all day every day. I protect my license because I put so much work into getting it. There’s a lot more to being a stylist than just sitting in the chair getting your hair done. Cosmetology is a science.

It’s psychology. It’s clinical. It’s critical.

I believe in professional hair care. My clients are important and their hair care is essential to their well-being. I named my beauty salon “Follicles” because that’s where hair growth begins.

On top of all of the education, workshops, tradeshows, and learning the latest technologies — the key factor to being successful is interpersonal skills, which I’ve learned to master. They are vital. The most important thing you can do as a beauty professional is to learn to communicate with your clients on a professional and a compassionate level.

That’s what makes my clientele come back to me. That’s the difference. 

In a large salon, clients can be just tickets without a name. I don’t like that. I want to be able to communicate and have a rapport with my clients.

Prior to owning my own hair salon in district heights, the places I’ve worked were very nice. But I had to move on because salon owners would sell their salon or change their hours. Ending my workday at 5:00 was too early. My clients work and need the evening hours. Besides, this is my source of income and I want to be able to control my schedule.

That’s why I chose to open a salon and run it out of a Salon Plaza Studio.

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At Salon Plaza, I can be open from 7 am to midnight, 7 days a week. This gives me complete flexibility and control to set my hours in a way that works for my clients and myself. Even though I moved to another town, my clients travel the extra distance to stay with me.

When I first looked at Salon Plaza, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be seeing other hairstyles and interacting with other stylists. But it’s not like that at all. I can still see my coworkers and learn different techniques.

It doesn’t feel like “just 4 walls.”

I’m still part of a community with 49 other Studios at the District Heights Plaza. We still get the salon feel in here. Salon Plaza gives me what an open salon gave me, and a whole lot more.

My clients like the intimacy and quaintness of Follicles Hair Studio where I create a warm, private setting for conversation. The fact is, some clients have hair issues and don’t want others looking at their problems. In my own studio, I can set up a private session, just like they prefer and deserve.

Since moving to Salon Plaza, I have never been without electricity, water, or maintenance assistance. They keep it clean. Middle-aged clients want air conditioning in the summer and wonderful heating in the winter. If I need something maintenance comes right away. I’ve never had a problem.

Salon Plaza has given me all the resources I need to run a thriving hair salon in District Heights.

What keeps me at Salon Plaza are the flexible hours and all the resources they provide — hair dryer, shampoo bowl, hot water, and so much more. They’ve just renovated my District Heights Plaza and gave us new cabinets. I will always work with Salon Plaza.

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Note to Fellow Hairstylists –

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First and foremost, I have chosen to put God first and to use all of the gifts He has given me.

We are in a difficult economic period right now. Keep yourself marketable by continuing your education through trade shows, and workshops. Learn from other experienced stylists.

Stay current with the latest techniques and technologies. There is a right and a wrong way: Learn the right professional way and protect your license that you worked hard to get. Take the time and invest in your business.

Make sure you have a great inventory for all hair types. Be knowledgeable and diverse, and never have to turn anyone away. Find out the base prices of different hairstyles and chemical services. Keep your prices affordable, depending on demographics and location.

Most importantly, work on your interpersonal skills and build a rapport with your clientele. Learn to communicate with your clients on a professional and a compassionate level. That’s what keeps your clients coming back to you.

I want my fellow hairstylists to know that limiting oneself is not an option, learning never ends. Staying truthful and honest leads to great success and rewarding productivity.

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