Sterling Salon Plaza: New Life of FREEDOM and INCOME GROWTH!

Sterling Salon Plaza Debby GibsonOnly for SALON PROS with a SOLID BOOK and the WILL to SUCCEED

Debby Gibson here, Plaza Leader for the Sterling Salon Plaza and owner of HAIR BY DEBBY.

What’s up?

If you’re a salon pro who wants to enjoy more freedom, control and income growth, you’ve found the right place. With Salon Plaza, you get to open your own studio salon without all of the upfront investment and risk of a traditional salon.

And when you become a new Member, we help you get off to a fast start. Because you CAN live life on your own terms – the life you dreamed of when you became a salon professional.

How so?

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Rudy Matthews: Master Hairstylist and Photographer

Hair by Rudy hairstyle photo shoot

Who Else Wants To Get An Updated LOOK and PHOTO SHOOT All-in-One Day?

Help us to congratulate…

Rudy Matthews, owner of HAIR by RUDY and Rudy Matthews Photography in Laurel MD

A dual entrepreneur with multiple talents, Rudy is Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month!

A full service salon, HAIR by RUDY is chic and modern while being warm and welcoming. A trendsetter in style and design, Rudy is savvy with all textures and looks. Rudy will work with you to create a design unique to you, then indulge you in

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Groupon Laser Specialist in Woodbridge: Eva Pritchard is FLAWLESS!

Groupon Laser Specialist Woodbridge Eva Pritchard

From Employee to Business Owner:

How’d She Do It?

“I knew it was going to be successful”

Salon Plaza interviewed Eva Pritchard, owner of FLAWLESS Laser Clinic and Skin Care, to share her success story as a business owner and laser specialist.

Click to see the first part of the interview where Eva describes how she became a groupon laser specialist in Woodbridge.

Salon Plaza: Once you opened your clinic, how did you build your clientele?

Eva: Right from the start, I knew it was going to be successful. Being a manager and doing the marketing, I just know what to do. And it helps that my loyal clients followed me here. I have clientele from everywhere who come to me from my old job.

In addition to this, my big advantage is

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FLAWLESS Advanced Laser Clinic: Love the Skin You’re In!

Attention: For Women Who Want to Feel Confident in Their Flawless Skin

Salon Plaza Potomac Flawless Advanced Laser & Skin Care ClinicHelp us to congratulate Eva Pritchard, owner of FLAWLESS Advanced Laser & Skin Care Clinic. Salon Plaza recognizes Eva as the MEMBER OF THE MONTH for October!

FLAWLESS Advanced Laser & Skin Care’s Mission:

“Our goal is to help you achieve that healthy, beautiful, smooth, silky and soft skin, so that you can feel more confidently beautiful. At FLAWLESS Advanced Laser & Skin Care, we strive to help you achieve the skin you deserve and love the skin you are in!”

With the best and most advanced technology at affordable prices, FLAWLESS Advanced Laser utilizes the most effective treatments, combined with years of experience and skills, to exceed quality and service expectations.

They provide a full range of services, including laser hair removal, anti-aging laser, spider vein laser treatment, laser facials, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and aesthetics.

FLAWLESS offers FREE consultations!

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Salon Plaza Hairstylist Tonya Sparkle Dupree: Short Hair & Bold Color!

Tonya Dupree Sparkle District HeightsIntroducing Hairstylist Tonya Sparkle Dupree:

Specializing in Short Hairstyles and Bold Color!

What happens when a Salon Plaza Member builds a thriving business, communicates well with others and is a supportive team player? Not only does she attract a lot of admirers, she gets recognized as our Member of the Month!

Please help us to congratulate Hairstylist Tonya Sparkle Dupree, owner of Sparkels Hair Design LLC at Salon Plaza in the Penn Station Shopping Center in District Heights, MD.

Keep reading and you’ll discover the steps she took to change her sometimes hectic life into one of peace and serenity that reflects her own style…

Step 1: Follow Your Passion 

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Balayage and the Science of Hair with April Baxter

The Science of Hair

“I wish I were a magician and I could do whatever you wanted me to do with color. But I have to work within the laws of chemistry to get the look you want – and we might not get there in one appointment.”

Not only does the owner of ‘The Square’ Hair Salon, April Baxter know her stuff when it comes to hair – she can talk about it, too. Big on the science of hair, she does everything for a reason, not just with the hope that it will turn out right.

An American Board Certified Colorist and a Redken Certified Colorist, she approaches hair through chemistry. With a ton of further education, she understands WHY she’s does what she does to get a desired look, not just what to do.

You’re So Wonderful

People are shocked. They are literally shocked.

“OMG, you did exactly what I asked. No one else does that.”

That’s my job, why wouldn’t I?

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April Baxter: Hairstylist Owner with Super Referral Program at ‘The Square’

April Baxter Hairstylist The Square Hair SalonPlease Help Salon Plaza to Congratulate April Baxter

Hairstylist and Owner of ‘The Square’ Hair Salon in Fredericksburg

An American Board Certified Colorist and Redken Certified Colorist, Salon Plaza has just awarded April Baxter as the Member of the Month for July. This October, she will have owned her Studio Salon with Salon Plaza for 5 years.

Here’s April’s story on how she chose Salon Plaza and became one of our most prosperous Member Salon Owners.

Second Baby Means Big Changes

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Salon Owner Prosperity: 7 Things You Never Learned in School

Salon Owner Prosperity with Salon PlazaWhat You Never Learned in School About Salon Ownership

Let’s face it – As a salon professional, you’re an artist. You’re all about making others look and feel great. But if you want salon owner prosperity to knock on your door, you’ll have a lot more to think about that isn’t taught in school.

If you dream about opening a great salon that keeps clients and gives you freedom, prosperity and control, then you simply MUST pay attention to these 7 things you never learned in school about salon ownership. They just may be your MISSING KEYS to building a more passionate life.

Salon Plaza’s mission is to empower your desire for growth, freedom and ownership.

So let’s get started!

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Master Barber Alfie – Owner of Alfie’s Master Barber Spa Wins Award!

Master Barber Alfie Powell Salon Plaza LaurelTop Award Goes to Master Barber Alfie Powell:

Courageous, Resourceful, Determined

Congratulations to Master Barber Alfie Powell, owner of ALFIE’S MASTER BARBER SPA at Salon Plaza Laurel. As you’ll see in this inspiring story, her life truly reflects courage, independence and determination:

Meet Alfie, Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month

When I was a self-employed hairstylist, I survived four stokes and a heart transplant. Due to a combination of genetic factors and family-related stress, I gradually lost use of my heart – one valve closed, then another. Meaning, my heart could no longer pump blood properly.

The resulting strokes left me partially paralyzed in my right hand, putting an end to my career as a hairstylist. I was afraid I’d never be able to work independently again.

Then a great miracle happened!

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Woodbridge Hairstylists: Keep Your Love with a Studio Salon

Woodbridge Hairstylist Tammy McNelis Salon PlazaAttention Woodbridge Hairstylists:

You CAN Keep Your LOVE ALIVE for Doing Hair!

Here’s how…

Hi, my name is Tammy NcNelis, a Woodbridge hairstylist and owner of Best Kept Secrets, my private studio salon.

It’s true, I’m so fortunate because I just LOVE what I do.

Let me share with you how I went from finding my life’s mission as a hairdresser, to almost losing my zest for hair, and the one important change I made to love it more than ever…

An Impossible Dream?

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