Woodbridge Hairstylists: Keep Your Love with a Studio Salon

Woodbridge Hairstylist Tammy McNelis Salon PlazaAttention Woodbridge Hairstylists:

You CAN Keep Your LOVE ALIVE for Doing Hair!

Here’s how…

Hi, my name is Tammy NcNelis, a Woodbridge hairstylist and owner of Best Kept Secrets, my private studio salon.

It’s true, I’m so fortunate because I just LOVE what I do.

Let me share with you how I went from finding my life’s mission as a hairdresser, to almost losing my zest for hair, and the one important change I made to love it more than ever…

An Impossible Dream?

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Hairdresser Tammy McNelis and Her “Best Kept Secrets”

A Big CONGRATULATIONS to Hairdresser Tammy McNelis

Salon Plaza Woodbridge Hairdresser Tammy McNelis

Owner of “Best Kept Secrets” Hair Salon in Woodbridge, VA

Tammy’s upbeat, loving dedication to her guests and fellow Salon Plaza Members makes her an obvious choice as Member of the Month.

“Smile. It increases your face value.”

– Truvy, Steel Magnolias

Let’s hear Tammy tell her story about how she transformed her life and found the ultimate “Steel Magnolias” paradise right here in Salon Plaza Woodbridge.

To me, Doing Hair Isn’t a ‘Job’

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New Salons OPEN – Salon Plaza Potomac Festival Woodbridge

Salon Plaza Potomac invites salon pros to…

Toss the drama. Take control. Live your Dream and have FUN doing it!

Salon Plaza PotomacOur mission is to empower the desire for Freedom, Growth and Ownership. Our private, fully-equipped studios make it EASY and affordable for salon professionals to own a salon overnight.

Today’s ‘Suite’ Spot of Ownership

Are you a salon owner who is sick and tired of

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Style Profiles Salon Owner Gets Chosen as Top Hairstylist

Style Profiles Salon Salon Plaza Teresa PricePlease help us to congratulate… 

Teresa Price, Owner of Style Profiles in Largo, MD

Teresa’s Style Profiles Salon specializes in healthy hair – improving the health, look and length of her clients’ hair.

And as you can see… her clients agree!

“I guess you know what you are doing. My hair has never grown so long. People keep telling me how healthy my hair looks now.”

– Azure, Largo MD

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Melvena Rawls – Supreme Styling Studio Woodbridge – Wins Award!

Salon Plaza Melvena Rawls Supreme Style StudioVisit Melvena Rawls at Supreme Styling Studio

Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month

Congratulations to Melvena Rawls, owner of Supreme Styling Studio at Dillingham Square in Woodbridge, VA. Here’s why we chose Melvena to be Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month for February:

Melvena’s imagination, creativity and love of doing hair distinguishes her from other hairstylists. Starting to do hair in high school, she went to cosmetology school soon after. Licensed for 17 years, she has owned a salon with Salon Plaza for 4 years.

Let’s discover why her clients love her so much:

“She’s really good. She listens.”

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Salon Blog – 5 Reasons Why Salon Pros Should Own a Blog

Salon Blog for Beauty Pros - own a blogQuestion for Salon Professionals:

Do You Build Your Brand With A Salon Blog?

Let me guess… Not yet?

Salon Plaza has been blogging since April 2102. Check out our very first post – Is Your Location Helping or Hurting You?

Our Salon Owner Success Blog goes hand-in-hind with supporting Salon Professionals like you to gain independence, fill your book, and be all you dreamed of being when you entered the beauty industry.

That’s why…

Salon Plaza will help YOU get started with your very own Brand-Building, Appointment-Getting Professional Salon Blog!

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Hairstylist Kara Yarn: Hair Growth Expert at Salon Plaza Glen Burnie

Hairstylist Kara Yarn at Salon Plaza Glen BurnieCongratulations to Hairstylist Kara Yarn

Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month for January

“You are not just a number in my chair. You really do matter.” 

~ Hairstylist Kara Yarn, owner of Sapphire’s International Salon, Glen Burnie, MD

Salon Plaza applauds Kara’s honest dedication to serving her clients, and marvels at her adventurous spirit! A Specialist in Hair Growth, what she offers is not just service of hands, but service of self.

To schedule an appointment with hairstylist Kara Yarn, click here

Dreams Do Come True

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Salon Professionals: 4 Powerful Steps to Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

Salon Professionals Vision PlanKick-Ass Plan For Salon Professionals in 2017:

Discover 4 powerful steps to make this your best year yet!

Top salon professionals will step powerfully into the New Year armed with a clear vision and a month-by-month plan to get there.

And YOU?

Let me share with you the VISION planning process a dear friend of mine has shared with thousands of salon owners and entrepreneurs around the world. These are dedicated professionals like you who have made the decision to build their business with more clarity, less overwhelm and a lot more success.

Salon Professionals Top SecretYour Secret Weapon

This simple 4 Step Vision Accelerator is your secret weapon for creating an all-out breakthrough in your career as a salon professional. When you follow this process fully, you’ll gain

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5 Salon Marketing Ideas for Up-and-Coming Studio Salons in 2017

salon marketing ideas - join Salon PlazaOur Best Studio Salon Marketing Ideas

Why are these 5 salon marketing ideas so helpful?

Being a stylist or salon owner is a tough job that means so much more than to just do hair. You are an entrepreneur, bookkeeper, therapist, mentor, salesperson, and more.

A traditional salon with lots of booths to rent is the really hardest way to make a go of it. Hiring and firing, keeping on top of maintenance, and dealing with that daily drama can be One Big Headache!

Is there an easier way?

You Bet!

We’ve discovered the Suite’ Spot of Salon Ownership!

Salon Plaza makes running a salon simple with our ready-to-go studio salons in our community of salon pros just like you. We keep you up-to-date on the best ways to grow your book and run it like a business. You’ll get the chance to make more money while keeping control over your work environment.

One way we help studio salon owners succeed is to show you how to attract new clients and grow your book that are proven to work. Here are some of our best salon marketing ideas for the coming year:

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Best Nail Care Sterling: Lena’s Nails Awarded for Top Quality Service

nail-care-sterling-logo_shopCongratulations to Lena Nguyen, Owner of Lena’s Nails & Skin Care

Looking for the Best Nail Care in Sterling, VA?

Nail Care Sterling Best Ever

Salon Plaza Chooses LENA as Our November Member of the Month!

It’s easy to see why – her loving dedication to her clients, sensitivity to service, and insistence on using the highest quality products makes her the perfect choice.

A lovely, honest, warm and intelligent salon owner who takes pride in her work, Lena strives to ensure that her clients are happy with the results. When you visit Lena’s Nails, you’ll get pampered with

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