Instagram for Hair Salons: 6 New Updates Fill Your Book

Instagram for Hair Salons - Best Social Media PlatformDon't Miss This Social Media Trend - Why Instagram for Hair Salons is a MUST!

Do you run a hair salon or are you a salon professional?

Successful salons stay on top of trends, so it’s no surprise that stylists and salon owners and stylists are showcasing their work on this photo-sharing social network. 

Instagram recently made some major improvements that will help boutiques like yours get more clients and build relationships. 

Instagram for hair salon is EASY!

Because it's a phone app, posting on Instagram is at your finger tips. Plus, you can connect with other users by tagging friends in photos and posts. Tagging and #hashtagging allows for a direct approach to staying in touch with clients and letting potential new customers find you.

Fully integrated with Facebook, it's an easy way to draw people in. You can even use direct messaging! Still not convinced that Instagram is perfect you?

500,000,000 Users and Still Growing!

Ever since Facebook bought Instagram, it's been growing in giant leaps, way faster than other visual platforms like Pinterest.

The number of ACTIVE monthly users tops 500 million! That's more than the population of the US, CANADA and MEXICO combined!! If Instagram were its own country, it would be...


Best Hair Salon Laurel: Treating Hair Loss to Regain Natural Beauty

Best Hair Salon Laurel MD Katina McCollumLooking for the Best Hair Salon Laurel MD?

Introducing Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month for August:

Katina McCollum, Hairstylist and Trichology Practitioner

Owner of KATINA'S HAIR STUDIO in Laurel, MD

Katina’s Hair Salon at the Laurel Shopping Center provides the best haircare services in an intimate studio salon. Specializing in treating hair loss, breakage and scalp problems, her professional services are geared towards enhancing natural beauty in peaceful privacy.

Why not come in and get fancy with a customized cut, color, and style? For fast, friendly service that will surely turn heads, book an appointment with the Best Hair Salon Laurel, Katina’s Hair Studio. For an appointment -

Call 301-996-1750

Or Book Online 

Salon Plaza chose Katina to be the Member of the Month for August because of her superb skill level, loving service, and passion for making women feel and look their beautiful best. Here's Katina's story...

Katina’s Inspiring Journey

One challenge well met leads to bigger and better things. In the tenth grade I enrolled in R.O.T.C. and completed the training. R.O.T.C. teamed up with the police department and gave the exams to become a police...


Salon Plaza Potomac Festival Woodbridge: Open a Salon

salon plaza potomac festival woodbridge vaSalon Plaza Potomac Festival in Woodbridge VA: Opening Soon!

"I’ve always wanted to be a salon owner. I choose Salon Plaza because there’s less stress and it’s maintenance free. I lock my door when I leave. It’s easy sailing.”

~ Salon Plaza Potomac Festival Plaza Leader, Yolanda Marquez

Attention Hairstylists, Barbers, Nail Techs, Estheticians:

  • Are you a salon booth renter who is sick and tired of building someone else’s dream?
  • Or a salon owner overwhelmed with the daily stresses and strains of running a traditional salon?

Perhaps It's TIME You Opened The Door To More Freedom, Control and FUN with an Awe-Inspiring Studio Salon of Your Own!

…without all the headaches of hiring and firing, dealing with that leaky faucet, or investing a lot of cash up front.

New Plaza Coming Soon -

Salon Plaza Studios is pleased to announce the opening of our new Salon Plaza Potomac Festival in Woodbridge, VA

Salon Plaza Potomac Festival Woodbridge VAConveniently located off I-95 at the intersection of Potomac Mills Road & Optiz Blvd in Woodbridge, this shopping center...


Best Hair Salon Woodbridge: Hair Abundance by Yolanda

best hair salon woodbridge va yolandaDiscover Yolanda Marquez, Owner of Hair Abundance by Yolanda

Best Hair Salon Woodbridge VA Gets Noticed!

Salon Plaza chose Yolanda Marquez as our outstanding Member of the Month for July because she adds value to all the lives she touches. At Hair Abundance by Yolanda she creates a professional environment where clients feel welcome…

and leave looking and feeling their very best!

How Yolanda Turned Her Life Into A Masterpiece

“In all adversity, you get an equal or better benefit.”

Salon Plaza Woodbridge VA Hair AbundanceAll this prosperity and abundance got started for Yolanda when she read a book that changed her life. These words by Zig Ziglar touched her heart…

"You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want."

As the owner an outstanding hair salon in Woodbridge, Yolanda has a great life, a positive self-image, and high self-esteem.

But it wasn’t always this way. Before she found success as a cosmetologist and salon owner, Yolanda was over 30, had two children and a failed marriage.

She's proof that...


Open A Studio Salon: 7 Simple Steps To More Freedom, Profits & FUN!

studio salon owner salon plaza

Did you know?

The Studio Salon Is The Fastest Growing Concept In Salon Ownership

If YOU are thinking about opening a hair, nail or skin care salon, you've come to the right place. Salon Plaza is all about making it EASY to get started right and run your shop on your own terms.

It just takes these 7 Simple Steps to get your studio salon or spa up and running:

1. Know Your WHY

Are you a salon booth renter who is tired of building someone else's dream... or a salon owner overwhelmed with the daily stresses and strains of running a traditional salon? If that describes you, perhaps it’s time you opened the door to more freedom, control and FUN with a studio salon of your own.

Imagine never having to find, hire or manage stylists, deal with that leaky faucet, or worry about the costs of overhead…

"What I love about Salon Plaza is that it allows me to have my own salon without the overhead. Salon Plaza has helped me grow my clientele, especially with all the walk-ins we get at Liberty Court."

Salon Plaza makes it east to get out from under all...


Healthy Hair Care Specialist & Sunday School Teacher Rises Above Worst Calamity

Salon_Plaza_District_Heights_Katreia_White.jpgMeet Katreia White, Owner of Katreia's Boutique in District Heights MD

Salon Plaza's Member of the Month Extraordinaire! 

We interviewed Katreia about how she got started as a beauty professional, opened a boutique salon and grew it into the uniquely vibrant place of refuge that it is today.

To find out what she knows about LOVE and her calling to rise above, read on...

In Katreia's own words - 

“Loving You AND Your Hair

at Katreia’s Boutique"

As a healthy hair care specialist, I believe great hair care begins with loving yourself. The right hairstyle enhances the beauty of you! 

Equally important is to give you a feeling of uplift and joy.

Not only will you get a great style, your visit will be awesome. It's all about loving you and your hair. 

What Motivates Katreia To Do Hair?

My personality is very creative, upbeat and outgoing. Every since I was 7 years old I always wanted to do hair.

My mom didn’t know how and I had several regrettable experiences. That’s why I started doing my own hair.

I’ve also always wanted to teach –...


Salon Professionals: 15 Posts You Loved MOST in 2015 by Salon Plaza

Salon_Plaza_for_Beauty_Professionals_in_2015.jpgSalon Plaza's Success Blog Gives Beauty Pros the

GOLD of 2015

When January comes it's wise to glance over the past year and see what made a difference for our Members and Visitors like you. At Salon Plaza, we are committed to providing what truly makes a difference to the wealth, health and happiness of our Members. 

Reviewing our top posts opened our eyes to some big insights that we will carry into the New Year. And now you too can polish up your tool box and make 2016 a year that's more fun, profitable and easier than ever!

Attention Salon Owners: The Verdict's OUT

We've looked at the results. Based on the number of views and responses to the articles, here are our 15 most valued post in 2015. They will give you the Success Ideas and the Action Steps to make this year your best ever. 

Come see what we discovered and why:

Social Media for Salons

Social Media was by far the most popular topic. Here are our top 5 articles on email marketing, Google+...


5 Things Hairstylists Should Do TONIGHT For A Better TOMORROW

Hairstylists & Nail Techs...

What Does Your End-of-Day Routine Look Like?

Salon life can get crazy sometimes.Some days, especially right before new year, you're booked to the gills. You're peddling fast as you can just to keep up.

But then, when the New Year swings around, things tend to slow a bit. This is a great time to rethink your routines, habits and rituals.

This is a great time to ask yourself,

"Do your day-to-day choices support your dreams?"

Or are they your single biggest obstacle to creating the easy, fun and PROFITABLE life you desire?

Regular blog visitors know that our goal in this New Year is to help our Members “Build Your Plan for Prosperity for 2016.” Well, my friend, your Plan for Prosperity has a lot to do with how you end and begin your day.

Supportive morning and evening rituals make the “How” of prosperity a little easier and a lot less stressful.

So let me pry into your private life just a bit... you're all about making others look and feel their best. In between dinner, relaxing, and going to sleep -

Hairstylist for Men & Women at Salon Plaza Fountain Square Wins Top Honor!

Natalia_Lancaster_Bella_Vita_Salon_Richmond_VA_owner.jpegCelebrating Salon Plaza’s first Member of the Month of 2016 –

Natalia Lancaster, Owner of Bella Vita Salon at Fountain Square in Richmond, VA

A salon professional for 16 years, Natalia opened her own shop with Salon Plaza in September 2013

We interviewed Natalia to discover what makes her so wonderful.

Over the past few weeks, Salon Plaza has been teaching readers how to establish themselves by drawing from their CORE POWER and using nature's 4 ELEMENTS.

Now let’s see how this works for Natalia.

Natalia’s CORE POWER

"A Beautiful Life, A Beautiful You!"

WHY Do You Own a Salon with Salon Plaza?

I really enjoy having a flexible schedule and being my own boss at Salon Plaza Fountain Square. I absolutely love my clients and the chance they give me to be creative, which is what still drives me to do hair!

WHAT Is Your Unique Specialty?

My passion is color, especially achieving a natural look. I do highlights, all over color, and specialty color.

That’s really my thing. A lot of other...


Why SMART Salon Owners Like YOU Should NEVER Set Goals… until…


Goal Setting for Salon Owners

It’s FRIDAY – The day we commit to writing on our Salon Owner Success Blog…

LUCKY!  We get to post on the very first day of 2016!

Happy New Year!

First and foremost let me thank you for taking the time to visit us here. If you're a regular, then you know we’ve been presenting a whole new way to get more clients, build loyalty and live a fruitful life –

I'm talking about our Income Prosperity Club for Salon Professionals

It's based on your CORE POWER and 4 ELEMENTS

I'm really excited about sharing today's post with you. Honestly, a little bit nervous because I’m really putting myself out on the line here.

Look at that headline...

Don't set goals? What? Really? Who in their right mind would tell a beauty pro NOT to set goals?

This isn't about self-doubt. Nope. My biggest question is…

“Will you commit?”

Will you put these truths to work for you in the way that suits you best?

I know some of you might not have had such great year last year. If you’re...


Social Media for Salons: 7 Steps to Pin for Prosperity In 2016

Salon_Plaza_Members_Use_Pinterest.pngHey Salon Owners and Independent Beauty Pros...

Are you all ready for your most prosperous year EVER? Of course you are.

Use Pinterest Social Media to Make It Happen FAST!

If you've been following this Salon Plaza Success Blog, then you know our goal is to help you have the best year ever in YOUR OWN SALON STUDIO!

If you're curious HOW, take a look at the previous post:


It lays out all the elements for a prosperous salon so you will succeed in your salon business.

Today I am going to focus on one Element in particular – AIR. That's all about marketing yourself on the web. Specifically, how to create great Pins that will get you FOUND and your calendar FULL.

Why Market Your Salon on the Web?

People are always – & I mean ALWAYS – online. Your job is to get their attention in a sea of others trying to do the same thing.

In my earlier post,

I showed you how to set up...


The Beauty Pros’ Guide to Profits with Pinterest

Pinterest Is the BEST Social Media for Beauty Pros & Salon Owners! Here's WHY...

Salon_Marketing_on_Pinterest.pngHey everyone, Nicole reaching out to you...

Can you believe the Holidays are here and in full force? Right now it's the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and of course my husband is watching football, so I thought I would try to get ahead on some work.

Well, it turns out a super helpful Social Media Live Training was happening online. I am so glad I was paying attention and got really inspired to share it with all of you!

Truth: For salon professionals there is no better social media marketing tool than Pinterest. Why? Because of these 3 reasons...

  •  Your work is visual art and Pinterest is 100% visual

  • Not to mention that most of the information we process on a daily basis is visual

  • People who show up on Pinterest are looking to buy what they want and need, which is unusual for social media
That's why...

You'll get more sales from Pinterest than other social media!

Pinterest is even better than Instagram when it comes to getting more bookings for hair salons, barber shops and nail salons.

Now don’t get...