Salon Plaza Members Build Their Reputations with Personal Websites in These 7 Steps

Attention Salon Plaza Members:

How FRESH and COMPELLING is Your Personal Website Looking RIGHT NOW?

Salon Plaza Members website Angie Boyd-Gathers

As a skilled salon pro, salon owner and Member of Salon Plaza, chances are you’ve already created your personal website.

That’s GREAT because your Salon Plaza website gives you the opportunity to show off your talents, build your reputation and connect with new clients.

Question is, are you using this promotional opportunity to your fullest advantage? And do you really make an irresistible first impression?

Salon Plaza Supports Member Success

Luckily, there’s an easy way for Salon Plaza Members to get their personal sites looking super savvy and up-to-date. When you become a Member, Salon Plaza helps you get off to a fast start so you can live a life of FREEDOM, POWER and GROWTH on your terms.

That’s why we’ve put together these 7 steps to build your reputation online!

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Stevie Wonders Coaching for Aspiring Hairstylists and Barbers in District Heights

“Your talent will take you to the top, but only your character will keep you there.”

– Stevie Wonders Coaching

Stevie Wonders CoachingIntroducing Stevie Wonders Coaching for aspiring hairstylists and barbers:

Owner and operator of Miracles Beauty and Barber Salon in Salon Plaza District Heights, Stevie “Wonders” Dickens is a Washington, DC native with over 30 years of experience in styling, barbering and running successful businesses.

Knowing the importance of community involvement, Stevie offers a coaching and apprenticeship program for hairstylists and barbers who dream of owning their own shop someday.

Let’s hear from Stevie Wonders himself…

Nothing Short of a Miracle!

No matter who the person is, celebrity or otherwise, my mission remains the same. I strive to improve one’s quality of life, one Wonder at a time. My intention is to be a role model to men, women and young adults. I coach my clients to believe in themselves.

Never underestimating where a person is at,

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Hair Salons Lake Ridge VA | Hair and Skin Care at Salon Plaza Dillingham Square

Your Look is Your Power!

Hair Salons Lake Ridge: Get Your Most Influential Look EVER! with one of our Member Salon Owners at Salon Plaza Dillingham Square. No matter where you go, your hair is a beautiful way to express yourself. That’s why all of our independent salon professionals are ready to meet their guests with excellent listening skills and creative expertise.

At Salon Plaza, our Members work their magic out of their privately owned luxury studios. With our wide selection of talented stylists, colorists and makeup artists, it’s no wonder clients leave satisfied and uplifted every time!

Meet Our Member Salon Owners:

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Hair Replacement at “Miracles Beauty and Barber Salon” in District Heights MD

Stevie Wonders Hair Replacement Miracles Beauty and Barber SalonStevie Wonders: Member of the Month!

Master Barber and Hair Replacement Specialist at Salon Plaza

Congratulations to Stevie Wonders Dickens, Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month. Owner and operator of Miracles Beauty and Barber Salon in District Heights, he has truly earned the name “Stevie Wonders.”

His entrepreneurial spirit and ability to create and innovate is nothing short of miraculous.

Specializing in non-surgical hair replacement, Stevie Wonders is a Master Barber with over 30 years of experience. Not only is he certified in custom man unit and custom beard unit, he creatively takes the latest innovative techniques to the next level. In short, he creates miracles.

How Stevie Wonders Earns His Name

Let’s hear from Stevie:

Stevie Wonders Hair Replacement Miracles Beauty and Barber Salon

Lending all my innovation, creativity and heart, I love serving people. As a young man, I was an artist who loved to draw. I thought to myself,

“What would be better than cherishing people by doing hair?”

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52 Ways Salon Plaza Supports Its Salon Owner Members

Does Salon Plaza Support Its Members’ Growth toward more Freedom, Control and Prosperity?



Salon Plaza supports it Members the way you’d expect… and Salon Plaza gives support in amazing ways that go well beyond the ordinary.

First, the “usual” ways

Salon Plaza Supports Members - luxury studio salonSalon Plaza Members feel supported in their private luxury studio salon – each with its own private entrance secured by a lock and key.

Equally important, our Members get to stay on top of the latest and greatest trends with Salon Plaza-sponsored continuing education classes.

That alone would be enough for you to live your most creative life as an aspiring salon professional.

And to REALLY GROW as a Studio Salon Owner?

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Hair Salons Sterling MD | Hair, Makeup, Skin Care at Salon Plaza Sterling

Who Else Is Seeking Their Best Look Ever?

Hair Salons Sterling Salon Plaza

Hair Salons Sterling: Get Your Best Look and Personal Care EVER! with one of our Member Salon Owners at Salon Plaza Sterling. For sure, all of our independent salon professionals are creative experts at their craft.

At Salon Plaza, each Member owns and runs their own private luxury studio salon. Having served their clients for decades, it’s easy to see why they have enthusiastic testimonials from many WOW’ed guests.

Meet Our Member Salon Owners:

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Rachelle Rodriguez, Owner of Rock Paper Scissors Salon, Receives Highest Praise

Help Us Congratulate Hair Designer Rachelle Rodriguez, 5-STAR Hair Salon Owner at Salon Plaza Sterling VA

Rachelle Rodriquez hair designer 5 star review

Let’s hear from Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month, Rachelle Rodriquez –

Rachelle Rodriguez hair designer

My four sisters found out early how much I love to do hair. I used to experiment on them! The good news for them (and me!) is that I was good at it.

At Chantilly High School I studied cosmetology (that was an easy A) and got my license in cosmetology. While going to college with a soccer scholarship, I tore my knee and had to come up with Plan B.

“You’re good, you need to make a career out of this.”

– Mr. White, Chantilly High School

Thank you, Mr. White, for encouraging me to make a career out in the beauty industry. Mr. White, who still teaches at Chantilly High School, is my biggest influence in the cosmetology world. Like a second father to me, he still meets with me for lunch and gives me business tips.

Why Build Someone Else’s Dream?

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Top 5 Instagram Marketing Techniques for Salon Pros in 2018

Dear Salon Pros:Instagram Marketing Techniques

Are you up to date on the hottest Instagram marketing techniques?

As a professional with a strong online presence, you probably already know that Instagram for hair salons is FUN and EASY.

But with over 700 million users, Instagram has had to update its platform to improve the user experience.

This means it all comes down to user engagement, which is perfect for you because you are ALL ABOUT engaging with your clients.

You CAN keep your love of hair and your salon business alive using Instagram. To support you, Salon Plaza put together these top Instagram marketing techniques to help make 2018 your best year yet.

Let’s get started!

Technique #1: Create Your Instagram Story

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For Salon Pros: How to Create a Killer Facebook Ad that Works!

Killer facebook ad salon plazaFacebook Ad Advice For Salon Pros Who Are Ready to Take the Plunge

If you are an independent salon professional with a strong online presence, then you may have already tried to create a killer Facebook ad to fill your book. For sure, if it doesn’t draw attention, get clicked and lead to more bookings, what’s the point in spending money on advertising?

On the other hand, if you’ve been holding back on getting started, we’re here to show you what works… so you can create a winning Facebook ad the first time you try it.

If you want to get more clients using Facebook, then your ad had better WORK. Not already an expert on how to create a Killer Facebook Ad? Then get ready. In about ten minutes YOU will be!

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5 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips for Salon Pros in 2018

Attention Salon Pros on Facebook:

Are you up-to-date on the hottest client-attracting Facebook advertising tips and techniques? Well, in about ten minutes, you WILL BE!

This blog post is for you if you are a salon professional who already has your Facebook page set up. Truth is, Facebook changes so fast that staying on top of their latest and greatest advertising techniques is a real challenge. That’s why Salon Plaza has put together these 5 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips for Salon Pros.

Let’s begin!

Facebook Advertising Tip #1: Your Expertise is in the Ads

Facebook advertising tips for Salon Pros

Behind many successful salon pros are a few highly effective Facebook ads. These ads make it easy for you to attract new clients and build relationships with your loyal base. We recommend creating regular News Feed Ads that are visually pleasing and demonstrate a clear objective.

To get your intended audience to notice and click on your ads, include your:

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