Salon Customer Loyalty: Top 10 To Do’s to Build Your Book

salon customer loyalty 10 to dosWARNING: Salon Customer Loyalty Can Make or Break You!

It really all comes down to why you decided to become a cosmetologist in the first place…

  • Was because you love making people feel good about themselves?
  • Do you enjoy boosting confidence and putting smiles on faces?

All successful cosmetologists know this: Keeping your clients happy depends on way more than your training and talents.

The quality of the relationships you build will make all the difference in how FULL you keep your book.

Top 10 To-Do’s for Building Salon Customer LOYALTY… Guaranteed!

ONE: Keep Your Space Looking Good

A clean and tidy salon makes a positive impression. When a client walks in you don’t want them walking into a mess. Keep the floor swept up after EACH client. No one wants to walk all over someone else’s hair.

Keep your station cleaned and organized. Your product area should be straight and faced. (To “face” something means to pull the product to the front of the shelf with the label facing out so it can be seen clearly.)

Attention to detail shows self-discipline, consistency and consideration.

TWO: Offer “At Home” Comforts

Service is the key here. You probably already do this but it doesn’t hurt to say it again. Have magazines. Despite smart phones, people still like to read a good article or even thumb through the hairstyles that celebrities are sporting.

How about music? Music sets the mood and uplifts spirits. Be sure to play music that suits your clientele. One fun idea is to let them choose the music.

Are you offering them something to drink? Offer them coffee, tea, water, lemonade… A Salon Plaza Studio is the perfect place to personalize how you welcome your clients. If my hairstylist offered me a beverage, I would leave a better tip.

At Salon Plaza you can set your own standards.

THREE: Do a Full Consultation

Salon Customer Loyalty Salon Plaza Eyebrow ServicesWhen you schedule a new client, tack on an extra 10 to 15 minutes to allow yourself some time. Before you start styling, get to know them and what they like. By understanding what your client’s day and personality is like, you will be able to come up with something that she loves that works for her.

Salon customer loyalty depends on feeling understood and appreciated. Having a private salon studio will also help your clients feel more comfortable opening up to you without other clients around to hear your personal conversations.

Discover more about Mastering the Consultation.

FOUR: Be an Educator!

While you are styling them, show them how you do what you are doing. Its annoying for clients to wake up the day after and fail to get the same style they had when they walked out of the salon. In the same way, if you are an esthetician or nail technician you can give your clients some skin care, make up, or nail care tips.

Our community of salon owners is really big on this, and their customers appreciate it!

FIVE: One Mouth, Two Ears

Listen more than you speak. Many people come to the salon to relax and even get away for a bit. Sometimes they just need to talk. Let them talk away. If they prefer not to talk, that’s okay too. Either way, be respectful and honest but not obtrusive or bossy.

Most importantly, don’t talk about other clients or their stories to the client in your chair. Your clients need to trust you. That’s why the privacy of a studio salon is all-important.

salon customer loyatlySIX: Offer Rewards and Incentives

Loyalty, VIP and referral programs give your clients added incentives to come back. Do some field testing to see what works for you. Create programs that offer your clients rewards for coming back or for referring new clients.

Rewards can be a product you give them for free after so many visits, or a discount for a certain number of referrals. It works better when you give a $ dollar amount off instead of a % percentage discount. Be creative.

SEVEN: Show Appreciation

You know you’re good at what you do… but it means little without the continued patronage of your clients. Express to them how grateful you are that they choose to come see you. A simple yet warm,

“Thank you for coming to see me today”

speaks volumes. It is so simple yet super effective. Many of our Salon Plaza Members find that reward programs are another great way to say thank you.

EIGHT: Follow-Up!

Staying in touch can make all the difference to turn a one-timer into a loyal client. A few days after his or her appointment, take time to call (or send them a TEXT message) to see how she’s doing. Is she still loving her new look?

As a studio salon owner, this will show you really care. Especially since the big salons rarely give this same personal care and attention.

NINE: Stay Open to Improvement

salon customer loyalty CheKeshaTry using a suggestion box to get feedback where your clients can confidentially give their opinions.

Really, no matter how skilled you are at doing what you do… no matter how warm or sparkling your personality may be, you occasionally will get that client who has something negative to say. The best way to deal with complaints is to let them get their feelings off their back.

Keep a smile and let them know you are listening and hearing their concerns. Then see what you can do to make amends.

TEN: Aspire to Be the Best You Can Be

This sounds simple but is the most important. Be yourself. If you try to fake your personality then your clients will see it and it may turn them away. Here are a few of our Member’s favorite quotes about being yourself…

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ~ Oscar Wilde

“Be yourself. No one can ever tell you you’re doing it wrong.” ~ James Leo Herlihy

“Be yourself, because an original is worth more than a copy.” ~ Unknown

Salon customer loyalty is easier to create in a private studio salon. Customers really like the convenience and attention. But being your own boss isn’t for every stylist.

How ready are YOU to open up your own Studio Salon with Salon Plaza?

Discover now… take our Salon Owner Success Quiz and find out how you compare with our most successful Members…


Is Salon Plaza YOUR Space for Prosperity?

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Hairstylists Sterling VA: Own A Studio Salon that’s EASY & FUN

Hairstylists SterlingCalling All Barbers, Nail Techs, Estheticians and Hairstylists in Sterling VA…

  • If you are a salon owner and are overwhelmed by the daily stresses and strains of running a big salon
  • Or a booth renter who is tired of having to check in, check out, and work in total chaos…

You Just Found the Way to Change Your Life for GOOD!

Imagine no more headaches of managing other stylists, dealing with that leaky faucet, or having to invest megabucks up front. Now you can get rid of all that stress and practice your craft in a way that’s easy, profitable and FUN!

Studio Salon Vacancy Now Available at Salon Plaza Sterling

Our Sterling Plaza is in the beautiful Sterling Town Center, at the intersection of Leesburg Pike, Route 7 and Route 228 on Drainesville Road. This busy shopping center offers lots of great restaurants and coffee shops. What a relief to be able to buy lunch nearby and not have to get in the car and drive!

We’re now open for a tour. If you’re an independent salon professional looking to start and run your own salon, or a salon owner wanting to simplify your life, come visit us at Salon Plaza Sterling.

Get Your VIP Tour & You Will Discover…

A beautiful, upscale, private salon space with everything you need to be creative and practice your craft: shampoo bowl, styling station and chair, and plenty of storage.  With 24/7 access available, each studio comes with a lock and key entry with security cameras so you and your clients feel safe and secure… any time of day or night!

Fill Your Book

Salon Plaza Sterling is a great location for walk-ins. You’ll also get a personalized website and an exclusive marketing package to promote your studio salon quickly and easily. To see this exciting plaza location up close schedule a tour of Salon Plaza Sterling.

Tour Salon Plaza Sterling

Ours is the absolute easiest way to open a salon and run it your way. Enjoy the FREEDOM to…

  • Set your own atmosphere
  • Control your own schedule
  • Express your creativity
  • Use and sell products of your choice
  • Keep more of the money you earn

And a whole lot more…

You’ll Get to Focus On What Matters Most

Salon Plaza gives you everything you need to pursue your creative passions and control your income:

  • Maintenance, utilities and WiFi are included
  • Save time with the on-site laundry facility
  • Protect yourself with $1 million in Professional Liability Insurance

What could be simpler and more convenient than that?

If This Sounds Too Good to Be True –

Come in and meet our Salon Plaza Sterling Member Salon Owners…

“I came to Salon Plaza because I wanted to have my own business and do my own thing. With my studio salon I work for myself and set my own hours.” ~ Aster Tadase

hairstylists-sterling-aster-tadaseYou’ll meet Aster Tadase, owner of Aster Design. Three years ago, Aster opened her salon in a Salon Plaza Studio. She’s so happy that she already signed for next year. Here’s what she has to say:

“I like the people and the environment. My customers love it. They followed me from where I used to work. Debby the Plaza Leader and Julie the Start-up Specialist are great. I love the place.

People come to me because I do a good job. I respect the customers. I am on time. I take care of them, that’s why they love me. Some clients have been with me for 15 to 18 years – they stay a long time.”

To look your most beautiful best, make an appointment with Aster. Call (703) 678-5162.

Hairstylists Sterling RoryNext meet Dina Hyman, a Paul Mitchell educator who divides her time between teaching and working behind the chair. She specializes in building close relationship with clients.

Sharing Studio 102 is her husband Rory Sevajian. A master barber, he understands the power of the client consultation. He travels all over the country educating hair stylists and to cut men’s hair perfectly.

His attention to detail and amazing straight blade shave keeps their salon in a constant buzz!

When you come for a tour, you’ll also meet the Plaza Leader Debby Gibson, owner of Hair by Debby.

Hairstylists Sterling Debby GibsonDebby’s life is a story about passion. The passion to set her own schedule, leave when she’s done, and never have to ask permission… the PASSION to own her life and be her own boss.

Many years ago Debby worked a huge, thirty-chair salon in Sterling. For six years she played by someone else’s rules.

Then it happened! She opened her own studio salon with Salon Plaza. What a BIG improvement! With just herself and her clients, gone was the drama. She could do what she loves to do — give lots of personal attention, one-to-one, the way each client prefers and deserves.

“Salon Plaza is great if you have kids because you can work around their schedule. Now that my son is in college, I get to see him for parents weekend and other special dates. Best of all…

I never have to ask anybody for permission. When you work in your own studio salon, you are your own boss. ~ Debby Gibson

The advantages are clear to Debby. When I asked her what percent of her current clients followed her to her new location, she said,

“99%, really all came. All pre-booked their appointments.”

To discover if Salon Plaza Sterling is the answer to YOUR prayers, contact Debby Gibson, Plaza Leader, at 703-444-7660 or Julie Badura, Area Leader, at 540-338-5147.

Are You Ready for Salon Plaza’s MAGIC to Go to Work on YOU?

Right now we only have a few vacancies in Sterling and then we’re full. If you don’t act now you may miss out. Take one small step today, and change your life for good.

If YOU are an enterprising barber or hairstylist in Sterling, VA you absolutely MUST come take a tour and meet our community of salon owners.

Tour Salon Plaza Sterling

Be Your Own Boss at Salon Plaza


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StaySharp Barber Studio: Top Full-Service Barber, Herndon

StaySharp Barber Studio Salon Plaza Herndon VAMeet Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month Nate Donigan, owner of StaySharp Barber Studio at Salon Plaza Worldgate in Herndon VA.

Not your ordinary barber…

StaySharp Barber Studio Gives
One-to-One Specialized Service

When it comes to your personal and professional appearance, Nate knows you deserve the best in services and products. At his StaySharp Barber Studio, he cares about how you look and feel.

Offering traditional haircuts and services, Nate specializes in using the newest tools, products and techniques designed to maintain client comfort and satisfaction.

Enjoy the Privacy of Nate’s Studio Barbershop

Working in a private studio setting has many advantages. Each client gets focused, personalized attention tailored to individual needs – exactly the professional service and attention to detail you want and deserve.

Even women come in for that precision-cut look.StaySharp Barber Studio Salon Plaza Herndon VA women


  • Caesars
  • Tapers
  • Fades
  • Baldheads
  • Flat Tops
  • Edge Ups
  • Afros
  • Fro/Faux Hawks


  • Beard and Moustache Trims
  • Outliner / Clipper Shave
  • Straight Razor Shave
  • Hot and Cold Towel Service


  • Beard and Hairline EnhancementsStaySharp Barber Studio Salon Plaza Herndon VA
  • Gray Hair Cover Up
  • Hair Lightening
  • Customized Hair Coloring


Ask about our services that treat and condition your scalp and hair to end excessive dryness, itching or oiliness. By stimulating the hair follicle, these services promote hair growth and a healthier scalp.


  • Before and After Hours
  • Off-Day Service
  • In-Home Hair Care

There’s a lot more to Nate than you might know at first. He’s also Nate Donigan the Photographer, which works really well with being a barber. When you have that special day or want family photos, he’s got you covered.

Located at the Salon Plaza Herndon on 13001 Worldgate Drive, StaySharp is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. The fastest way to secure an appointment is to book online. You can also call Nate at (571) 437-8050.StaySharp Barber Studio Salon Plaza Herndon VA precise

Let’s hear what Nate has to say:

“Being as busy as I am is a gift and a curse – it’s a gift to have so many wonderful clients, and a curse because I hate saying no. Sometimes my book is too full and I have turn people away.

I’ve been cutting hair for 17 years and am pretty well-known around Herndon. My business mainly comes from word-of-mouth.

You can also find me on Instagram or check out my personal website – StaySharp Barber Studio with Nate Donigan.

Yes, I do hair color, too. Mostly gray coverage… “camouflage”. I can do wild stuff too. Young guys like to lighten their hair, like with a Mohawk. I have one young man right now with a blue Hawk.

Always Looking to Learn and Grow

To keep my edge, I attend hair shows, take classes, watch YouTube, and check out other barber’s work on Instagram tutorials. One of the best ways to stay current is to spend time with the other pros at Salon Plaza to get pointers and tips. I learn a lot from the hairstylists.

StaySharp Barber Studio Salon Plaza Herndon VA father sonYou might be wondering, what can barber learn from a stylist? Well, let me tell you. This isn’t your usual barbershop. We are a full service shop, meaning that I do shampoos and I sell hair products. I learn a lot about the best products to use and to sell, the different scissor lengths, and about hair color from Salon Plaza’s top hairstylists.

Two months ago I raised my prices. What happened? More people keep wanting to pay more. My price increase hasn’t pushed anyone away. Which mean, I guess, it was overdue.

Truth is, I understand about families. I give special discounts to fathers and sons when they come in. A whole family with hair to cut gets expensive! Being considerate like that really helps to build a loyal bond with my clients.

And from time to time I offer specials, like getting your 11th cut FREE or $2 off your service if you bring in someone new.

Are You a Barber Who Wants More Freedom?

That’s why I  opened my own barbershop. I wanted the freedom and control that comes with ownership. I get that with Salon Plaza.

There are lots of great hairstylists at Salon Plaza Herndon, but I’m the only barber. If another barber came I would definitely refer clients to him. I’d help him get established and be successful any way I could.

If you are ready to live your own life and have the freedom to call the shots, you owe it to yourself to come in for a tour…

Tour Salon Plaza - StaySharp Barber Studio Salon Plaza Herndon VA

Salon Plaza – Your Space for Prosperity

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Studio Salon Advice: Turn $15 Bucks into $2,000.00 EASY!

Studio Salon Advice: Tour Salon PlazaYou’ve Come to the Right Place If You Want Studio Salon Advice!

Salon Plaza continues their interview with Katina McCollum, our Member of the Month for August. Her studio salon advice can make a big difference for you…

Katina knows how to turn $15 bucks into $2000.00 – consistently and easily! To see her talents as a salon professional, click to discover the Best Hair Salon in Laurel MD.

If you’re thinking about opening a Studio Salon… Or perhaps you own a multi-chair salon now and want to downsize to something with fewer headaches?

Here’s Katina’s Studio Salon Advice for Salon Professionals:

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Instagram for Hair Salons: 6 New Updates Fill Your Book

Instagram for Hair Salons - Best Social Media PlatformDon’t Miss This Social Media Trend – Why Instagram for Hair Salons is a MUST!

Do you run a hair salon or are you a salon professional?

Successful salons stay on top of trends, so it’s no surprise that stylists and salon owners and stylists are showcasing their work on this photo-sharing social network. 

Instagram recently made some major improvements that will help boutiques like yours get more clients and build relationships. 

Instagram for hair salon is EASY!

Because it’s a phone app, posting on Instagram is at your finger tips. Plus, you can connect with other users by tagging friends in photos and posts. Tagging and #hashtagging allows for a direct approach to staying in touch with clients and letting potential new customers find you.

Fully integrated with Facebook, it’s an easy way to draw people in. You can even use direct messaging! Still not convinced that Instagram is perfect you?

500,000,000 Users and Still Growing!

Ever since Facebook bought Instagram, it’s been growing in giant leaps, way faster than other visual platforms like Pinterest.

The number of ACTIVE monthly users tops 500 million! That’s more than the population of the US, CANADA and MEXICO combined!! If Instagram were its own country, it would be the 3rd largest in the world. 


No wonder so many businesses are showcasing their brands on this hot social media platform now:

“A study conducted by Simply Measured earlier this year found 59% of the world’s top brands are now active on Instagram.” ~

With how fast it’s growing, you simply must find a way to use Instagram to your advantage. That’s why Salon Plaza is sharing with you…

6 Ways To Keep Your Book Full Using Instagram

Tip 1: Get Instagram Set Up For Business

Instagram for hair salons and nail spas makes a lot of sense. Start by creating a separate business account just for your salon. This way you can write your bio specifically for your salon and the city where it is located. When potential customers are looking in your area for services that you provide, you want your photos to come up.

As with all social media platforms, be sure to add a link to your salon website and a profile photo that showcases you as a salon professional.

Salon Plaza Members get their own personal webpage – perfect to show your work and connect potential customers directly with you. They might even book an appointment!

Are you ready to make it as a salon owner? Discover now with Salon Plaza’s Success Quiz:

Salon Plaza  - Instagram for Hair Salons Success Quiz

Check out Instagram’s very own “Instagram For Business New Tools” blog post to get set up. Visit the Instagram Business Blog to see how other companies have grown using the Instagram app.

Instagram for Hair Salons Easy Share ButtonTip 2: Connect Instagram with Facebook

If you have been following our blog for a while now than you know that we fully believe that having a Facebook page for your salon is a plus. Now you can link your Facebook business page to your Instagram page.

When you do this you can see who follows you on Facebook and follow them as well. Connecting with Facebook is going to give you a great start for followings on Instagram.

Quick Trick… You can also link your salon’s Twitter account and a few other social media accounts.  When you go to create a new post you can easily share to all of these social media sites all at one time.

This can actually cut your social media marketing time down a lot.

Tip 4: What Should You Post on Instagram?

This should be easy. Being a hairstylist, barber, nail tech or makeup artist is a visual art. Instagram is virtually 100% visual. You can take pictures and create short videos.

a. For your first post, try doing an upbeat introductory video. Introduce yourself and tell viewers what you are good at or why you love doing what you do.

b. One of the best things you can post are before and after photos. This shows prospects your amazing talents.

Quick Trick… You will have to download a separate app onto your phone or tablet in order to create a collage or add text to a photo. The one I like the best is “Photo Editor Pro,” which you can find in the Google Play Store. If you are rocking an iPhone, iPad, or iPod I suggest “PicLab.” “PicLab” is also available for android devices.

c. Next, do posts about your favorite hairstyles and products. For example, you can do “sassy up-dos,” “sparkly nails,” or “beards on point.” Get creative!

d. Change it up every once in a while. Don’t make it all business. Have some fun. Do a selfie post (once-in-a-while!). If you saw something cool while walking into work, snap a pic and post it. Or maybe you saw a great quote? Create a picture quote with one of your photos.

e. Do contest posts and promotional posts. Create an image explaining the contest or promotion in a few words.

Quick Trick… A great app for this is “Quotes Creator,” which can be used on Apple or Android products. I like this one for creating promos because it has backgrounds that you can use and add text to. Be sure to make your contests relevant to your business. For example, unless there’s one right next to your salon, don’t give away a Starbucks gift card. It may help you get follows but it isn’t going to bring people into your salon. Let them win a free service or salon product.

Instagram for Hair Salons Use CaptionsTip 5: Captions Matter on Instagram

The brief description under the photo – the caption – helps customers find you.

a. Try to keep it at just 2 or 3 short descriptive sentences. If you make it to long then Instagram cuts it off and you have to click the “more” button. In marketing you must grab their attention in the first few sentences — or not at all.


Hashtags are how you find everything and how others will find you. When you type in a hashtag, Instagram will even show you how popular it is. If it isn’t very popular you can change it up and try another one.

Hashtag everything that is relevant to your post, especially your location and salon name. Examples: #RichmondVA – #SalonPlaza – #SassyShortDos – #GlamNails.


Tip 6: Keep Your Page Active and Relevant

When you take a little time to interact on social media, it begins to pay off for you.

a. Follow your followers! Cultivate a following by following others.

b. Build your following by engaging with the people you follow. Like and/or comment on their photos.

d. Post once or twice every other day. Share what inspires you or you think will inspire others. Keep in eye on how often you post. You don’t want to overload your follower’s feeds with your posts — They might get aggravated and stop following you.

e. Pay attention to what gets “follows” and what doesn’t. If it isn’t getting attention then try a different idea. Change it up a bit. 

Every Salon Professional needs to be aware of changes that impact them and to stay innovative. That’s the purpose for Salon Plaza’s Success Blog – to help beauty industry pros and salon owners to stay current and improve their skills. We especially focus on how to run your salon or your booth like a business.

Who else wants to check in and see how ready you are to open your own salon?

Take our Salon Owner Success Quiz now…

If you had the key in hand to your own salon… how successful would you be?

Salon Plaza  - Instagram for Hair Salons Success Quiz

Salon Plaza is Your Space for Prosperity!

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Best Hair Salon Laurel: Treating Hair Loss to Regain Natural Beauty

Best Hair Salon Laurel MD Katina McCollumLooking for the Best Hair Salon Laurel MD?

Introducing Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month for August:

Katina McCollum, Hairstylist and Trichology Practitioner

Owner of KATINA’S HAIR STUDIO in Laurel, MD

Katina’s Hair Salon at the Laurel Shopping Center provides the best haircare services in an intimate studio salon. Specializing in treating hair loss, breakage and scalp problems, her professional services are geared towards enhancing natural beauty in peaceful privacy.

Why not come in and get fancy with a customized cut, color, and style? For fast, friendly service that will surely turn heads, book an appointment with the Best Hair Salon Laurel, Katina’s Hair Studio. For an appointment –

Call 301-996-1750

Or Book Online 

Salon Plaza chose Katina to be the Member of the Month for August because of her superb skill level, loving service, and passion for making women feel and look their beautiful best. Here’s Katina’s story…

Katina’s Inspiring Journey

One challenge well met leads to bigger and better things. In the tenth grade I enrolled in R.O.T.C. and completed the training. R.O.T.C. teamed up with the police department and gave the exams to become a police cadet. I did it because it was offered and to challenge myself.

The best part about this was the confidence it gave me. I was excited about passing both the physical and written tests. I noticed people in their late 20s to mid 30s weren’t passing the physical part, so I felt I had accomplished something. This set a high bar for accomplishing in life.

But it wasn’t my passion; I never followed that path. After high school while working as a hotel receptionist I thought…

Why Not Follow My Dream?

Best Hair Salon Laurel MD KatinaSince I was a little girl I’ve always been passionate about doing hair. Going to cosmetology school was definitely a challenge. To get to class I had to commute from Jessup to Baltimore, a half-hour drive every day.

No matter. The confidence I gained from the R.O.T.C. course made me feel that whatever I wanted to do, I could do it. I could push forward and get it done.

After graduating with my cosmetology license, I started working for Trade Secret Salon by Regis in the Laurel Mall. I got a great start there. Being recognized as the top stylist, they would send me to advanced trainings in LA, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Best Hair Salon Laurel

When I first heard about Salon Plaza, it was just an idea in my head. Then I started to notice the mall was in decline. When I found out the Express Store was closing, I immediately went to Salon Plaza and applied.

A few months later I moved to Salon Plaza Laurel and opened my own shop, Katina’s Hair Studio. Almost all of my clients stayed with me – only a few didn’t follow me to my new location.

What Attracted Me To Salon Plaza

The individual private studios drew me there. The idea of being able to work in a more intimate setting with clients is really appealing. Privacy benefits everybody. I take no more than four clients at a time. This mean there’s not so much in and out.

It’s like a little family here.

Best Hair Salon Laurel MD Katina McCollumSome clients are quiet, some are talkative. They know each other because they come in for regular visits. They are my little team. If there’s a new person, they make them feel comfortable. When someone new comes in, they will just engage with them. It all works out.

Hair Loss Specialist

I am a Trichology Practitioner, which makes privacy all the more important. If you are experiencing hair loss, I can look at your scalp through a digital microscope to understand why. I’ll look at your hair also, but it starts with the scalp. Then I come up with a natural approach to regaining your hair.

One of the main causes for hair loss is excessive pulling from weaves and braids. Nutrition also has a lot to do with it. If you don’t have a great diet, you might be anemic or dieting too much. Of course, some hair loss is hereditary or due to illness.

I really enjoy working with people and do everything with love. It’s even on my business card:

“Done with Love”

That’s why my clients tell me Katina’s is the Best Hair Salon Laurel. If you want to look your healthy best, simply make an appointment

Are You a Salon Professional?

If you are a hairstylist, nail tech, esthetician or barber in Virginia or Maryland…

Get ready for a real life-changing opportunity. If you’ve been dreaming of opening up your own shop, why not…

Come In for a Tour!

Salon Plaza Laurel MD Request a Tour

Salon Plaza is YOUR Space for PROSPERITY!


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Salon Plaza Potomac Festival Woodbridge: Open a Salon

salon plaza potomac festival woodbridge vaSalon Plaza Potomac Festival in Woodbridge VA: Opening Soon!

“I’ve always wanted to be a salon owner. I choose Salon Plaza because there’s less stress and it’s maintenance free. I lock my door when I leave. It’s easy sailing.”

~ Salon Plaza Potomac Festival Plaza Leader, Yolanda Marquez

Attention Hairstylists, Barbers, Nail Techs, Estheticians:

  • Are you a salon booth renter who is sick and tired of building someone else’s dream?
  • Or a salon owner overwhelmed with the daily stresses and strains of running a traditional salon?

Perhaps It’s TIME You Opened The Door To More Freedom, Control and FUN with an Awe-Inspiring Studio Salon of Your Own!

…without all the headaches of hiring and firing, dealing with that leaky faucet, or investing a lot of cash up front.

New Plaza Coming Soon –

Salon Plaza Studios is pleased to announce the opening of our new Salon Plaza Potomac Festival in Woodbridge, VA

Salon Plaza Potomac Festival Woodbridge VAConveniently located off I-95 at the intersection of Potomac Mills Road & Optiz Blvd in Woodbridge, this shopping center is filled with businesses and restaurants like Staples, Lifetime Dental Care, Everest College, Outback Steakhouse, and Buffalo Wild Wings. You can seek referrals from David’s Bridal and take classes at the Paul Mitchell School.

Nearby you’ll find the upscale Potomac Mills Shopping Center, which is filled with high-end stores like Aldo, bebe and Coach. Attractions like the AMC Theater and IKEA draw many visitors needing salon services.

Create Your Future at Salon Plaza Potomac Festival

This Plaza will soon be open for business. If you are an independent salon professional wanting to start and run your own salon, or a salon owner looking to simplify your life, come visit us at Salon Plaza Potomac Festival.

Request your inspiring VIP Tour now by calling Yolanda at 571-575-7111

or simply…

Salon Plaza Woodbridge Potomac Request a Tour
Ask How to Get FREE Rent and

Our Generous Referral Fee

Sound too good to be true?

Meet Our Potomac Festival Plaza Leader, Yolanda Marquez:

salon plaza potomac festival woodbrige yolanda marquez“With the new Salon Plaza opening up in Potomac Festival in Woodbridge, I’m so excited I get to be the Plaza Manager. People often come to me for advice.

I love people, honesty. I literally love people. I am an encourager. I love to uplift and bring out the best in people. I truly want to be a blessing and add value to all the lives I touch That means treating people how I’d like to be treated.

Right now my Hair Abundance Salon is at the Festival at Oldbridge. The new location is not far, less than 10 minutes away. And yes, I’ll keep all of my clients –

they would follow me all over, no matter where I work.

What Makes Salon Plaza So Special?

As a salon owner and hairstylist, I feel…

“This is what I get to do, not what I have to do.”

It’s true, I’m in business for my self, but I’m not by myself.

Salon Plaza helps me create a win-win situation. We have a common goal. They make sure we know about the business side of salon ownership. 

Salon Plaza supports me in my success. We create a warm, family environment here with very professional people living the dream. When a client or other stylist enters Hair Abundance, I can make them feel as comfortable as possible.

My salon is clean and welcoming. I’m mindful of their time and cater to the whole person – spirit, soul and body.

best hair salon potomac festival woodbridge va yolandaAt Salon Plaza, I Am Truly Living the American Dream

I’m making good money, more money now that I ever had. I have savings now. Since I’ve started with Salon Plaza, I’ve never not had money in my account. I feel so blessed. 

Salon Plaza has changed my life.

Get ready for Salon Plaza’s MAGIC go to work on YOU!

If you’re a cosmetologist who is dedicated and professional enough to make on your own, give us a call and set up a tour!

We’re pre-leasing at Potomac Mills and we’re filling up fast. If you don’t act now you may miss out. If you want to turn the key in the door of your private studio salon, you need to act now.

“Take one small step today, and change your life for good.”

The decision is yours. Request your VIP Tour now –

Call Yolanda at 571-575-7111 or simply…

Salon Plaza Potomac Festival Woodbridge Request a Tour

Ask How to Get FREE Rent and

Our Generous Referral Fee

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Best Hair Salon Woodbridge: Hair Abundance by Yolanda

best hair salon woodbridge va yolandaDiscover Yolanda Marquez, Owner of Hair Abundance by Yolanda

Best Hair Salon Woodbridge VA Gets Noticed!

Salon Plaza chose Yolanda Marquez as our outstanding Member of the Month for July because she adds value to all the lives she touches. At Hair Abundance by Yolanda she creates a professional environment where clients feel welcome…

and leave looking and feeling their very best!

How Yolanda Turned Her Life Into A Masterpiece

“In all adversity, you get an equal or better benefit.”

Salon Plaza Woodbridge VA Hair AbundanceAll this prosperity and abundance got started for Yolanda when she read a book that changed her life. These words by Zig Ziglar touched her heart…

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

As the owner an outstanding hair salon in Woodbridge, Yolanda has a great life, a positive self-image, and high self-esteem.

But it wasn’t always this way. Before she found success as a cosmetologist and salon owner, Yolanda was over 30, had two children and a failed marriage.

She’s proof that it doesn’t matter what gender, economic status, ethnicity, age… if you have a dream and you work steadily toward your goal, you will get your dream.

Are YOU Ready to OWN IT?

Best Hair Salon Woodbridge Salon Plaza

Here’s Yolanda’s path from despair to owner of the best salon Woodbridge:

Exit Strategy From a Rocky Marriage

“Years ago, I took a big hit from rocky marriage and needed to rebuild my life. At the time I was in school fulfilling my dream to become a schoolteacher. That goal was going to take too long to complete:

I needed to choose a line of work I could do right away to earn my living.

So I asked my school counselor –

“What can I do to get a degree in a year?”

She asked me,

“Have you ever thought of being a hairdresser?

“Not really,” I said. No one I knew from my hometown had ever made a good living at it.

Best Hair Salon Woodbridge VA Yolanda MarquezRunning out of options, I was willing to take a chance at making it happen. I enrolled at Mitchell Hair School with a grant that my counselor helped me to receive. Determined to accomplish my goal, I graduated nine months later – on the Dean’s List!

I had earned a degree and diploma from Fayetteville Tech and a degree from Mitchell’s Hair School. In that short amount of time, I had accomplished a lot.

After graduating I got a job in Fayetteville, near Fort Bragg. Just to get my feet wet, I did a lot of military haircuts for men, staying at it a few months until I could move to Virginia.

Blood Is Thicker than Adversity

Believe it or not, my x-husband’s sister gave me a place to live and helped me with my children to keep expenses low while I got back on my feet. She lives in Woodbridge.

I went to work at a local salon and stayed for three months. But a lot of crazy stuff was happening there – you know how it can get with a bunch of stylists in one space….

Then I heard about Bubbles, which is one of the Ratner Companies. I went to see if they’d hire me. Before they would say yes, I had to do two haircuts and two colors.

Best Hair Salon Woodbridge Hair AbundanceNot knowing anyone nearby, I walked around Walmart offering the best deal ever – a FREE hairdo and color! Two people committed. They came, I did their hair, and I got the job.

I really liked Bubbles – I enjoyed the buzz, the people… totally different from my previous work experiences. Trouble was, to make ends meet I was working 7 days a week and couldn’t go to church on Sundays.

I just wanted to set my own schedule, do my work, and go home.

Despite the challenges, I remained upbeat. I knew one day I would own my own business – but didn’t know how.

Why Salon Plaza Woodbridge

“You mean you’ve been around and I didn’t know about it? Where have you been all my life?”

A girlfriend of mine, Mburo Jalloh, was also hairstylist at Bubbles. We went to a hair show where we met Julie Badura. She’s the Area Leader and Start-Up Specialist for Salon Plaza in Virginia.

Salon Plaza Woodbridge hadn’t even been built yet. I started the interview process to move there. Julie wanted to make sure I could make it on my own. Guess what – my friend Mburo runs her own shop at Salon Plaza Woodbridge, too!

Owner of Best Hair Salon Woodbridge Tells All!

best hair salon woodbrige hair abundance by yolandaHere’s My Truth:

“God got me out of it. He put me around positive people to uplift me until I could make a better life.

I also want to express my gratitude to Ratner Company for developing Salon Plaza so I could reap that greater benefit.”

Now I feel like I have the best hair salon Woodbridge – I get to work creatively with men and women of all hair types. I do color and highlights, cuts and trims, relaxers, perms, wigs and extensions, as well natural hairstyles, treatments and more!

If you want to set your own schedule, create your own atmosphere, and be totally in charge of your life, then THIS may be the answer to your prayers.

“Salon Plaza makes it easy to open a salon and run it profitably.”

Discover if owning a salon is what you’ve been waiting for…

Tour Salon Plaza

Salon Plaza Woodbridge VA Request a Tour

Ask About Our Move-In Specials!

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Open A Studio Salon: 7 Simple Steps To More Freedom, Profits & FUN!

studio salon owner salon plaza

Did you know?

The Studio Salon Is The Fastest Growing Concept In Salon Ownership

If YOU are thinking about opening a hair, nail or skin care salon, you’ve come to the right place. Salon Plaza is all about making it EASY to get started right and run your shop on your own terms.

It just takes these 7 Simple Steps to get your studio salon or spa up and running:

1. Know Your WHY

Are you a salon booth renter who is tired of building someone else’s dream… or a salon owner overwhelmed with the daily stresses and strains of running a traditional salon? If that describes you, perhaps it’s time you opened the door to more freedom, control and FUN with a studio salon of your own.

Imagine never having to find, hire or manage stylists, deal with that leaky faucet, or worry about the costs of overhead…

“What I love about Salon Plaza is that it allows me to have my own salon without the overhead. Salon Plaza has helped me grow my clientele, especially with all the walk-ins we get at Liberty Court.”

Salon Plaza makes it east to get out from under all that stress and practice your craft in a way that’s more profitable and far less risky. Do you have a solid book of business? If you do, and can take them with you, your next step is to…

2. Choose Your Location Wisely

Studio Salon Owner Fannie Cooper Considering all the competition out there, think carefully about where you open your shop. The salon space you choose will be a big factor for your success.

For starters, pick a location that’s convenient for your current clients. Our Plazas are located in shopping centers with lots of available parking and prominent signage.

“My studio is my home away from home — a place I can call my own.”

Salon Plaza’s name recognition will help you grow your base and keep your book full.

3. You Get To Personalize Your Style and Décor

“The beauty industry is the only place I know that gives instant gratification that turns a frown upside down. That’s why I’m so enthusiastic about running my own salon.

At Salon Plaza I like the way everything flows in here. It’s “user friendly”.

As a beauty specialist, you probably have a strong sense of esthetics. Truth is, the best way to build your business is to create a uniquely personal, consistent experience for your clients. You can create a “brand experience” based on your specific skills and unique personality traits. We’re talking about combining the best of who you are and how you serve others into a brand promise that attracts, pleases, and gets recommended.

“When I opened Blow a Salon in Virginia Beach, nearly all of my clients followed me here. Why? Because in my studio salon, I can give them an individualized, one-on-one experience. My clients appreciate this.”Studio Salon Owner Lance Van Auken 

~ Lance Van Auken, owner of BLOW A SALON in Virginia Beach

Studio salons offer you the advantage of being able to give personal attention, one-to-one, the way each client wants and deserves. You’ll attract more clients who are a good fit – and keep them loyal to you. This matters, because the only thing no one else can ever do is… BE YOU!

Curious about what all this means for you? Then click here to set up a tour…

Salon Plaza Request a Tour

4. Choose Your Services, Prices and Hours

The salon services you offer, the prices you set and the hours you choose are all part of creating your brand experience. Developing your personal brand is a fun and exciting way to express who you are as a salon professional and as a person. Here’s what Fannie Cooper has to say about that…

“My motto is,

‘A Full Service Hair Salon Where You Let Yourself Be Pampered.’

I want my customers to feel fabulously pampered when they leave me, with a style that fits their face. Done by me, Fannie. It stays real personal that way.” 

~ Fannie Cooper, owner of FABULOUS FACES in Oxon Hill, MD

You’ll also want to set up your business banking and phone. Talk with your Plaza Start-Up Specialist for guidance on opening a business checking account, choosing a credit card company and phone service. Here’s something that’s probably on your mind already – what should you name your salon?

5. Choose Your Salon Name

If you are wondering about how to choose the best salon name, here’s a tip. Make sure it reflects something unique about your brand experience. That way your salon name will help you to attract the kind of clients who are right for you. You might consider what Galiana did…Studio Salon Owner Name a Salon

“I love what I do, and I want to use my own name. It helped me to keep my clients when I moved into my Salon Plaza studio. They know it’s still me in my new salon with the same great services.

Having my name on the door means I am in control of my image. Everything I do comes back to me. Customers can easily find me. Plus, it challenges me as a business owner to build and protect my name.”

Once you have your salon name, you’ll need to get your business licenses. The licenses you will need vary from city to city. But don’t worry! Our New Salon Owner Start-Up Packet makes step this simple and straightforward.

Here’s another cool benefit – your Salon Plaza Membership includes $1 million in Professional Liability Insurance to help you sleep well at night.

6. Choose Your Products

You’ll need products to use and product to sell. When it comes to buying inventory, how will you get the best price? As the owner of a studio salon, you can sell your favorite products and get to keep 100% of the profits.

One of the fastest and best ways to grow your revenues and keep your clients longer is to sell products. That’s because the right products enhance your work and help you to attract new clients. Weeks after their appointment, your clients’ hair will still be FREE ADVERTISING for you. Plus, with lasting results you’re more likely to get recommended.

7. Get The Word Out – You’ll Be Open Soon!

Studio Salon Owner Natalia Lancaster Bella Vita Salon Richmond VAIf you only get new clients by word of mouth, you’re missing out on a lot of new business. You may have tried other ways, like advertising in the local newspaper or maybe even Groupon. You don’t need to limit yourself like this. At Salon Plaza, we give you a personal website and show you how to grow your salon business with social media.

Only 2 things keep you from doing what our Members are already doing to quickly grow their book:

Knowing WHAT to do and HOW to do it.

At Salon Plaza, we help you to follow step-by-step methods already PROVEN to work. Our members feel supported by our Prosperity Club – weekly business building tips to get your marketing set right up, keep your phone ringing, and your chair as full as you want it to be.

“I like the support. You have your own studio and get to be your own boss. Salon Plaza has a ton of perks. What are YOU waiting for?”

~ Natalia Lancaster, owner of BELLA VITA SALON at Fountain Square in Richmond, VA

Ready, Set… GO!

Who else is seeking the opportunity to Own It! COULD IT BE YOU? Joining our community of salon professionals makes salon ownership more affordable and far less risky! You’ll be in business FOR yourself, never BY yourself. But don’t take my word for it… go see for yourself.

To take a VIP tour of the Salon Plaza Studios nearest you, click here:


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Healthy Hair Care Specialist & Sunday School Teacher Rises Above Worst Calamity

Salon_Plaza_District_Heights_Katreia_White.jpgMeet Katreia White, Owner of Katreia’s Boutique in District Heights MD

Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month Extraordinaire! 

We interviewed Katreia about how she got started as a beauty professional, opened a boutique salon and grew it into the uniquely vibrant place of refuge that it is today.

To find out what she knows about LOVE and her calling to rise above, read on…

In Katreia’s own words – 

“Loving You AND Your Hair

at Katreia’s Boutique”

As a healthy hair care specialist, I believe great hair care begins with loving yourself. The right hairstyle enhances the beauty of you! 

Equally important is to give you a feeling of uplift and joy.

Not only will you get a great style, your visit will be awesome. It’s all about loving you and your hair. 

What Motivates Katreia To Do Hair?

My personality is very creative, upbeat and outgoing. Every since I was 7 years old I always wanted to do hair.

My mom didn’t know how and I had several regrettable experiences. That’s why I started doing my own hair.

I’ve also always wanted to teach – I get to do both now. I teach Sunday school every other Sunday with elementary school children from ages 4 to 10. 

And I teach my clients about healthy hair. I love to transform damaged hair into hair that’s full of life.

Katreia’s Top 5 Healthy Hair Tips for an Awesome YOU!

1. Make sure you have a regular trim – Your hair will grow longer, thicker and healthier

2. Condition your hair properly – I recommend the Nairobi product line. They have natural beauty products that give my clients exceptional results

3. Avoid putting too much heat in your hair – A blow drier or straightener is hard on your hair. Try rotating hairstyles by putting your hair in rollers or a weave

4. Protect your hair at night – Materials like cotton will pull on your hair. Properly wrap your hair or use a silk pillowcase while you sleep

5. Be stress free! Stress damages your hair. Be sure to eat healthy, get enough rest, and reduce mental and emotional stress.

What I recommend for you to keep your stress down is to meditate, pray and exercise. Also, eliminate negative people and things out of your life.

How I Relax, Wind Down and Get Ready for the Next Day:

Instead of watching TV, I talk with friends and family on the phone. I journal and I read a lot, mostly self-help or self-motivation. Once in a while I pick up a good storybook.

For fun right now I’m reading an entertaining story with a lot of electricity and vitality. It’s Mary Monroe’s “The Upper Room.”

Salon_Plaza_District_Heights_Katreia_White_client.jpgTwo books I Can Recommend To You:

  1. The Secret To True Happiness by Joyce Meyer
  2. The Science Of Being Great by Wallace Wattle

I got licensed in 1999 and was working as an assistant at the time. I always wanted to own my own shop.

I am happy with what I have now. Being a salon owner makes me think creatively about all the different things I can do.

“Yes, I always believed I’d own my own salon.”

The first time I heard about Salon Plaza, a client suggested it to me. I toured two Plazas in Maryland – Largo and District Heights – and chose District Heights because it’s close to the metro.

This makes it convenient for my clients. 

Want to Tour a Salon Plaza? Simply Click Here:

Request A Tour

I’ve been here a little over 8 years now and like it a lot better than renting an open space booth. That’s because I enjoy the privacy, being able to control my atmosphere and set my hours.

Some clients are dealing with problems like alopecia. We have the option to shut the door for total privacy.

“Love being able to be creative in my in my own space.”

It has been wonderful. I’ve met wonderful people and built geat relationships with other salon professinals, even though I work in my own studio. I would recommend Salon Plaza to any salon professional who wants to own a shop. 

If you want to see if salon ownership is right for you… or if you already own a open space salon and want to simplify your life, then just click below:

Request A Tour

On a Personal Note:

One of the things I appreciate about Salon Plaza is how supportive they were during the biggest trauma in my life. They truly looked at me as a person and handled things well when my husband died suddenly 5 years ago.

Salon_Plaza_District_Heights_Katreia_White_jacket-1.jpgIf you’re ready to step up and own it, here’s my advice:

  1. Build a steady clientele to keep up with your lease
  2. Be your own person. Watch out for comparing yourself to other stylists.
  3. Perfect and be confident in what you do
  4. Keep an open mind and be considerate toward others
  5. Offer different specials during the week and year
  6. Give a little gift – something simple like a thank you note to a client goes a long way to show your appreciation
  7. Be creative in your atmosphere and how you set the tone

For Valentine’s day, I decorated the room with hearts, potpourri, and hot chocolate – it’s so sweet, so nice. This holiday of love can be a lonely time for some, so I just open it up for everybody.

I specialize in weaves, color, haircuts, dread maintenance, styling and more! Call me for your exciting beginning towards a fabulous transformation both inside and out…

Visit me in District Heights MD at Katreia’s Boutique – 




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