7 Salon Plaza Members Reveal Morning Secrets For Life, Truth & Freedom

7 Salon Plaza Members Reveal Morning Secrets For Life, Truth & Freedom


Morning is an important time of day.  How you spend your morning tells you what kind of day you’re likely to have.

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive—to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love—then make that day count!”

~ Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Salon Plaza Exclusive:

7 Prosperous Members Reveal Their Morning Secrets To How They Super-Charge Each Morning For A Day That Counts…

Salon Plaza Richmond VA Fountain Sq Tishawna Prichett 2Tishawna Pritchett, Shawns Hair N More, Fountain Square, Richmond VA:

Quiet time with God is the way I start my day. This includes prayer and meditation and then writing in my journal, where I pour out everything… Goals, my prayer list, frustrations, and successes.

Then my plan is to work out. I wish I was motivated to this more. Time is always my excuse but I have to do better. I always feel better when I do!

Next, I get my family ready for the day. Sometimes breakfast is just an apple or yogurt, but getting something down in the morning is important. My family prays together before heading off.

When I get to work 30 minutes before the first client I check messages and return calls. I go over my schedule for the day to check that I have everything I need… and make sure salon is clean, fresh, and inviting.  Now I’m ready for the work day! These are my morning secrets to success.

~ Tishawna Pritchett, Hair Stylist, Licensed Instructor, Educator

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Salon Plaza Virginia Beach Kristan Young

Kristan Young, Just Kristan’s, Virginia Beach, VA

Here’s my morning routine –

I like to wake up at least an hour before the rest of my family so I can have some quiet time for myself.  I make a cup of coffee and sit and read my Bible and just hang out with God for a while.

Whenever I give the first hour of my day to Him, the rest of it just seems to fall into place.

After I get myself and my son out the door, I head over to Salon Plaza where I quickly glance over my schedule, turn on some upbeat music and start pumping out some beautiful hair!

~ Kristan Young, Hair Stylist

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Salon Plaza Fountain Sq Richmond VA Kinda Hamm

Kinda Hamm, Heavenly Hair, Fountain Square, Richmond, VA:

First I pray and thank God for allowing me to see another day and get it right today.

Then I head to the gym and exercise for 30 to 45 minutes. Next, I’m off to shower, then to work to service my wonderful clients.

God lead me to Salon Plaza and guided me on choosing the name for my salon, Heavenly Hair.

Since God led me here, I knew it would work out. If I made an effort and did my best work, He would send clients to me. Read all about how it turned out! 

~ Ms. Kinda Hamm, Healthy Hair Care Specialist

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Salon Plaza Largo MD Shante HarrisShante’ Harris, Hair Xtraordinaire, Largo, MD:

The one thing I like to do before beginning my day is to plan the night before. I always start off my mornings with a new scripture, breakfast, and my (good ole faithful) cup of coffee.

I believe that reading a scripture helps to give me another thought process for my day. Remember, we always have things going on.

BUT if we read something positive that changes our thinking, when the going gets tough we can reflect on the words we read in that quiet time.

~ Shante’ Harris, Freelance Hairstylist

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Salon Plaza Norfolk VA Erica DraytonErica Drayton, EBJ Studios, Norfolk, VA:

My routine is I take 2 vitamins in the morning. I walk for at least 30 minutes around my neighborhood (while talking to god). Then I drink a smoothie for breakfast that has bananas, strawberries mixed with almond milk.

I also speak/pray how I want my day to go.

A fabulous hairstyle is a given. What I give my clients is much greater. I’m concerned about the health of their hair, promoting hair growth, and getting their hair back to its right condition.

I work on building relationships.

~ Erica Drayton, Hair Stylist, Educator, Natural Hair Care

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Salon Plaza Oxon Hill MD Fannie CooperFannie Cooper, Fabulous Faces by Fannie, Oxon Hill, MD:

I do all the morning secrets that you list in your post; Salon Plaza Prosperity Secrets: 7 Things Successful Salon Owners Do Before 8 AM.

I start my day with prayer and count my many blessings. Then I make sure I drink plenty of water and eat a good breakfast. I plan out my day and focus on what absolutely must get done that day.

When you are in business for yourself you must make time for SELF first, so that you are ready and willing to do your best.

May God be the Glory.

~ Fannie Cooper, Hair Stylist, Educator, Natural Hair Care

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Salon Plaza Richmond VA White Oak Shadonna Jordan

Shadonna Jordan, Salon of Elegance, White Oak Plaza, Richmond, VA:

My Day starts at 5 am every day of the week. I love to wake up refreshed and in control of how the rest of my day will flow.

Nothing is better than a morning prayer thanking God for waking me up in the morning to achieve greatness as I walk the path that I was chosen to travel.

Here are my TO DO’s for a successful day: Dress appropriately and be on time. Keep the atmosphere upbeat and the salon tidy.

The key is to have a solid work ethic and stay current: enhance your skill, stay up on the trends, and take refresher courses. Always be learning!

And remember… there’s life beyond the chair! Look for my book “BEYOND THE CHAIR” – Coming Soon!

~ Shadonna Jordan, Hair Stylist, Barber, Platform Artist

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Now, it’s YOUR turn… Comment with your morning secrets that get your day off to a GREAT START!

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