Salon Plaza Rockville: Meet Diana - Owner of Diana's Hair Design

Salon Plaza Rockville: Meet Diana – Owner of Diana’s Hair Design


Salon Plaza Rockville Diana's Hair Design Congressional NorthIntroducing DIANA, owner of Diana’s Hair Design at Congressional Plaza in Rockville, MD

Salon Plaza chose Diana as the Member of the Month for September! She has been a Member at Salon Plaza Rockville since it opened.

“Diana, I always feel refreshed, like a new man, after every haircut! After 10 years I still look forward to getting my hair cut by you.”

~ Stephen L.

Here’s her story…

“In 1990 I got my cosmetology license. Why?

Because I love people. I love to make people look beautiful. My favorite services to do are color and perm.

When a woman becomes my client, I will often cut hair for her husband and children. In this way, I serve everyone – men, women, children.

Before coming to Salon Plaza Rockville in 2001, I rented a booth at another salon in Rockville. I liked my work but wanted more freedom and to be able to set my own hours. That’s why, as soon as Salon Plaza Rockville opened at Congressional North Shopping Center in Rockville, I became a Member. The cost to lease there was about the same as renting a booth at the other place.

I named my salon Diana’s Hair Design. I keep the design of my salon clean and simple. Salon Plaza Rockville provides an excellent environment to work in – everything you’ll need. They helped me get a fast start to success.

How did my life change? Now I have more clients. They are truly mine, like family. What’s more, I get to set my own hours. If I don’t have a customer early in the morning, I come in later. This gives me a lot of flexibility.

Since I opened my salon at Salon Plaza Rockville, I have brought 5 people over – all my friends who are cosmetologists. I would simply ask them,

“Why are you working for someone else?”

You know what they say now? After you work in your own studio at Salon Plaza, you can’t work for anyone else. Once you’re here, you won’t want to go anywhere else. And yes, I know all about that.

It’s the FREEDOM

Salon Plaza Rockville Dianas Hair DesignAnd you know the saying, with FREEDOM comes RESPONSIBILITY. Now it’s totally up to ME to run my business and keep my book full. Life goes on – my young clients go off to college, and older clients pass away.

That’s why as a salon owner you always have to bring in new clients. I try one way and if it doesn’t work, I try another way. Over the years, I’ve tried many, many ways to market myself.

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REFERRALS: First, I tried advertising in the local newspaper, but that didn’t work. So now I invite my clients to bring a friend. I say to them…

“For each friend you bring in, I will give you a free haircut.”

Who doesn’t want a free haircut? I get lots of referrals.

RELATIONSHIPS: After that, the most important thing to do is to turn first-time visitors into long-time clients. I often can do that – not just because I do a really good job helping them look their best.

A good job is not enough. You have to be a sweetheart too. People need the extra touch.Salon Plaza Rockville Dianas Hair Design A little extra sweetness. When they sit in my chair for the very first time, I tell them, you are not a client, you are my brother/sister. People really love it.

Try that. Mean it and show it with your actions, and customers will stay with you like glue.

RECOGNITION: After finishing their service, I ask my clients, “Can I take your picture?” Then I put their picture on the wall in my salon. People look at the hairstyle of others and get ideas. Some people think they are from a magazine! They feel,

“I am so special, she takes my picture and puts it on the wall.” 

My clients come in and feel very happy like they are a model. They feel proud of themselves. I do a lot to help my clients feel great on the inside.

REACH OUT: My personal website with Salon Plaza also helps to bring in new clients. Check out Diana’s Hair Design – you’ll find lots of photos of my clients. You can see even more photos on Facebook. I recommend it to showcase your work.

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BE REASONABLE: Another secret – I don’t raise prices very often because too many will run. With the economy as tight as it is right now, cost is important to the customer. Other stylists who raise their prices need more clients all the time. But over the years, I only raise prices a little.

Salon Plaza Rockville, Diana's Hair Design

“As a business person, I have to dress and look sharp. I used to go to an expensive salon in D.C., but my friend introduced me to Diana 8 years ago and I have never gone to anyone else. She is just THAT good (and affordable). Thanks Diana!!!!!”

~ Mike F.

How do I manage that? It’s because I signed up as a Member with Salon Plaza for 5 years, which keeps my lease lower. That’s why I don’t have to raise my prices.

My long-term lease also proves I am completely confident that I want to stay right here with Salon Plaza for a long, long time.

RESTORE: You must care for self, not only the customer. After work, I love to garden. I grow some flowers and mostly organic vegetables – tomatoes, squash, cucumbers… a lot of things. Sometimes we have bear come in the streets in Maryland – I spend so much time gardening, my husband teases me that a bear will come get me!

Truth is, I care about health. I intend to be healthy and stay long with doing hair. Some of my friends don’t work anymore because too many problems like arthritis have come up. Thank God, I am healthy. You have to be healthy to do this work.”

Who Else Want More FREEDOM and CONTROL?

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