June 27, 2014

Salon Marketing: Top 5 Ways To Grow with More Clients, Sales & Profits


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Who else wants to grow their salon business by attracting more clients, sales, and profits – especially when you’re too busy to spend time on your salon marketing?

Before I tell you my top 5 ways, let me ask you a question…

“What distinguishes having a JOB from OWNING A BUSINESS?”

Answer: Keeping a list of prospects and clients updated and automated!

Note: Some salon owners and independent hairstylists still rely on a handwritten list. If you’re “old school” and getting automated just isn’t your way of doing things, then discover the 3 things you must do to get salon customers for life!

With today’s technology, your real advantage is to keep your list current and accessible in an electronic format.

To accomplish this, you will need a contact management system that lets you keep track of your clients’ purchases and your prospects’ interests. In fact, without a database of leads, current clients, and the ones you haven’t seen for awhile…

You really don’t own a business!

Your client list will make these 5 powerful, simple strategies work for YOUR hair salon – new or well-established – and in any location. This is a goal worth setting!

Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Salon Business:

1. Get more referrals

When a happy client recommends you to one of their friends and family members, they are much more likely to become a client. Although almost all salons agree that their #1 source of clients comes from referrals – most have no system in place to get them!

Instead, they rely on hope, chance, and a feeling of “should”.

This is a real mistake and an easy one to fix. With the right method to follow, creating a referral PROGRAM is simple and fast.  Stay connected with this Salon Owner Succes Blog – I’ll be giving the recipe for a great referral system in my next post.

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Once you set up this program, you’ll get leads forever!

2. Attract more leads and turn them into prospects

Everyone wants more clients, but first you must get more leads and warm them up as prospects.

The difference between a lead and a prospect is the quality of the relationships you develop – how well they know, like and trust you… and how likely they are to come in for their first appointment.

A great way to get a more lead and warm them up is to answer some of their most pressing problems. The solutions you create will become your “lead magnets” when you turn them into articles, stories, and videos for press releases, blog or facebook posts, and tweets.

3. Make new offers

Salon Owner success tipsYour success or failure as a salon owner isn’t as dependent on how many names you have on your list but on the quality of your relationships. Just like with friendships, you must develop relationships with the people on your list over time.

Once you have their names in your database, regularly keep in touch with them. When clients have a good experience at your salon, they will want another. What additional product or service can you offer them to compliment those they already enjoy?

To keep your offers timely and appropriate, group your clients by the services they regularly choose. To keep them “looking their best,” invite them by email to make an appointment for new beauty services or product they haven’t tried recently or at all… yet!

The right contact management system will keep track of your clients’ purchases and your prospects’ interests. Then you can send each person the tips and offers they will want and value the most.

Once you get this set up in your contact management system, it all happens automatically!

4. Package your beauty knowledge

Put together your best tips and know-how about hair care in a presentation. You can present these to live audiences, such as at a hair show. Or you can host a teleseminar or a webinar online.

This helps you boost your business as easy as A – B – C:

A. Build a name for yourself as the go-to person in your community for specific hair care needs
B. Attract new prospects who already have a sense of what you can do for them
C. Get more referrals – your clients can tell them about your presentation and encourage them to check it out for themselves

describe the image5. Attract and cultivate high-end clients

A few ready-to-spend clients with the income to support their wishes can completely transform your salon business – fast!

These high-end clients are like diamonds.

Not only do they spend money on your products and services, they usually have friends and family who also what and need your expertise.

Take time to keep notes of conversations with prospects and clients. A good contact management system allows you to do this easily. When you chat with someone and can remember the details they shared with you earlier, it shows you care.

If you are serious about salon marketing and growing your business, focus on these 5 disciplines the most. I use the word “discipline” because that is what you must do as a business owner – focus your mind and actions on what will give you the biggest return for your time and effort.

And the best part is…

When you get as busy as you want to be, with your calendar full a few weeks out, your contact management system will keep on marketing for you. That’s the best way to end the swing between feast and famine for weeks or months at a time.

If you’re looking to get organized, increase sales and save time, a contact management system like Aweber may be just what you need.

Check it out and get ready to automate your salon marketing and thrive!

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