September 22, 2021

Make It Yours, Next Level with Amy Hazen

Amy Hazen is one of 11 beauty salon owners from across the nation chosen for this year’s Suite Elite Featured Member program. A hair stylist for almost 30 years, Hazen began her journey with the Westborough location of MY SALON Suite in 2019 when she was in search of a turn-key space to rent and open her own salon. Since then, she has found great success in catering to her clients’ needs in a space that boasts a strong referral network. “MY SALON Suite has provided one of the best experiences I’ve had as a stylist in my career,” said Hazen. “I enjoy having the freedom to create my own schedule, which allows me to explore additional interests and promotes a work-life balance that is truly rare in this field!” 

At Hazen Hair Studio, clients step into a beautiful, minimalist suite with clean lines and a bright feature wall surrounded by natural light. As a 2021 Featured Member and aligning with this year’s theme of Make It Yours: Next Level, Hazen received a suite upgrade based on expert advice and practical recommendations shared during an exclusive virtual session with celebrity organization and design experts – the hosts from the popular Netflix series “The Home Edit” – and a nationally renowned interior designer – Eric Winnick of E. Lawrence Design. An on-the-ground team brought her vision to life, wowing her with a big reveal of her new, Next Level suite – complete with a feature wall centered on beautiful artwork, updated lighting and paint colors, a stylish chair, and new storage options to show off merchandise. Hazen and her fellow winners will enjoy additional special experiences, rewards, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to elevate their businesses throughout 2021, including: A session with a graphic designer who will provide them with a package of newly designed branding materials. Professional videography and photography teams who will travel to each suite to capture before, during, and final reveal footage of each winner’s fabulous new suite. A donation in each winner’s name will also be made to MY SALON Suite’s philanthropic partner, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

“I’m thrilled Amy has found such freedom and success with MY SALON Suite,” said Ken McAllister, MY SALON Suite’s CEO and President. “The talent and determination of this group of Featured Members did not wane during such a challenging year – they embraced their strengths and proved to all of us that anything is possible. I look forward to witnessing Amy’s continued growth with MY SALON Suite!” After over 600 suite members sought consideration for the 2021 Featured Member campaign, more than 60 candidates completed an application asking them to share their personal journeys with MY SALON Suite, how they’ve worked to achieve success, and what improvements they would make if given the opportunity to renovate their suites. A panel of judges next narrowed down the winners to 11 extraordinary business owners who represent a wide range of specialties, personalities, and geographies.

After Amy’s suite upgrade, we sat down with her to hear about what it has done for her business. 

  • Tell us about the entire process and what you loved about it.

“When I was told I was going to be a Featured Member, I had absolutely no idea and I know that usually the campaign is picked sooner. I had been asking Ed and Amy (MY SALON Suite of Westborough Franchise Owners) about whether or not anyone had been picked. I was super stoked! I didn’t know what it was going to entail this year. When I saw the Home Edit book and the box, I knew it was going to be different. For being a seasoned hairdresser, I felt honored. The day I was told I was going to be a Featured Member was amazing, I had no idea what they had in store for me. Then when I had the Home Edit call… it was incredible. A few of the things they said hit home for me. ‘Build from the bottom up instead of the top down.’ That is one big thing I learned from the Home Edit call. Receiving input around the towel organization and how I was utilizing my space was also good to get, because I was not optimizing my space. I had 8 shelves previously for product and during the upgrade we were able to take all the products and put it on 3 shelves. My retail products were too high and now eye level and can be picked up and I am selling more! I loved the rainbow organization with the products. It was fun to be a part of it with everyone there and learning from people who are experts. I have 132 square feet. To utilize that is to be in a comfortable spot to work. I felt closed in before but now I feel open, airy and relaxed. I feel calmer in my space and everything is easier to get to. 



The designer Eric was really cool. I said ‘I love orange, yellow and green but I also wanted somewhere to have a clean background. I wanted a mid-century vibe. I want clients to sit in the chair and focus on them and not everything around them.’ I wanted minimalism. I said I struggle with too much stuff on the walls. I want one picture that I never have to change and that’s what I got. I think he captured that. I was beyond surprised. When I saw the PDF I thought it was so perfect! I wanted someone else’s vision to make it work. My shelves are amazing. I have a little nook area and now I have a space to relax and eat. The pop of one color on my wall looks gorgeous, it looks taller again and feels so open. I feel like it is perfect for my clients!” 


  • What are your favorite parts about your suite now? 

“The shelves are my number one favorite part. My products are contained in one spot now and at eye level. I have one spot to relax. That corner- I love that corner! The whole suite is now my favorite spot. I have a brand now- I didn’t have that before. I love the turn tables. I love that we were able to make my suite about the client and not me. I love my light too! You sit in the chair and you see the light and pop of color in the mirror”. 



  • What have your clients said? 

“They all love that it feels more open and airy. They all love my new lighting. They are all loving it and super excited for me. People ask “do you have a new product line? Putting it in rainbow made it more defined and eye level. Everyone likes that my curtain is gone, it feels more open.”


  • How has it made you feel more creative in your space? 

“I feel more creative because I have more space. I am more organized and can get around easier; I feel like I can work better. I am more focused.”

  • What does it mean to be a Suite Elite Featured Member? 

“Prior to being at MY SALON Suite, I was in a lull in my career. I wasn’t sure if I should move forward or backward. As a hairdresser, I knew I needed to move forward and make a change. Coming to MY SALON Suite re-energized me, I felt part of a community. 22 other individuals inspire me everyday. I thought it would be so amazing to represent such an awesome place where I was able to build my business in. All of you guys are amazing.. I love how everyone believes in me, supports me and wants me to be better. It’s such an honor and such a great franchise! Ed and Amy (Franchise owners at MY SALON Suite of Westborough) have helped my career skyrocket! I am just so thankful!”

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