LaShantra “Shawn” Royster

Adonai's Creative Design

2970 Belcrest Center Dr., #202, Suite 6
Hyattsville Maryland 20782
(443) 995-9651

My name is LaShantra Royster, also known as Shawn and I have been in business 15 years and I am a licensed cosmetologists . I have been a participant and supporter of the Golden Scissors Award as well as being featured in several issues of Sophisticate’s Black Hair magazine. I love HAIR. Hair is amazing and you can pretty much tell about a client’s lifestyle by their hair, whether or not they are eating right, drinking enough water and whether they are on any medication.
I’m into hair care so relaxed or natural, pressed, braided or unbeweaveable…i do it all. I am a Christian based and operated salon. God gave me the name “Adonai which means….Master, Lord and I am his Servant. Since I am here to serve and edify the body. I love to be apart of the beauty of mankind. It is my pleasure and purpose to uplift and beautify the body, because what’s on the inside comes outside and out of the hair… and because God knows every hair on your head which are numbered, now I am charged that whatsoever my hand find to do, I will do it with my all. The Lord has truly blessed me with gifted hands.
I am here to serve however I can and to make your appearance even more appealing.
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